Title: Agonizing Sin

Author: Angel LeeAnn

Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe)

Summary: Logan makes a horrendous mistake that he fears Marie will never be able to forgive.

Disclaimer: If they belonged to me then I would be rich.

NOTES: I know, I know. I only have two months left before I'm gone, but I couldn't get this out of my head. It was begging to be written. This'll probably end up being a one-shot deal.


Wolverine was a soldier. Cage-fighter. Loner. He didn't need anyone. He didn't feel compelled to cling to other people. He was aloof and gruff with a constant cigar clenched between his teeth; and his eyes narrowed sharply in suspicion and distrust. He held back the deeper emotions and only allowed the world to see his fury and strength. He was a man who hated to show weakness. Tonight, though, one would have never believed that this powerful Wolverine was the same man as the one collapsed on his knees by the bed.

He was crying.

Logan was kneeling on the floor at her feet, his pleading, sorrowful eyes gazing at her through his guilt and anguish. She stared at him expressionlessly…uncaring…She didn't want these tears of his. She didn't want his regret or his self-loathing. She didn't want even the memory of his smile.

He shakily reached up a hand and she flinched, her scathing glare tearing into his flesh. Just the thought of him touching her was revolting. If possible, he crumpled even more and she found a sick pleasure in his misery. Yet, his suffering was dull compared to the utter torture his stabbing words had caused to her now dying heart. She felt robbed of her right to scream and rant, but her silence was hurting him more than any outburst could. So she remained silent.

"I'm," his broken voice cracked and she simply glowered at him harder. "I…I am so…sorry, Marie." He bowed his head in shame, his breaths trembling out from his quivering lips. "I…I wish I could…I…" he peered back up at her, searching for some sign of warmth…some flickering of the love that used to shine brightly in her eyes.

"You can't," she seethed.

He squeezed his eyes shut, fighting back the new wave of fresh tears. "I know," he murmured wretchedly. "I know."

Marie abruptly stood up; knocking him over as she brushed stiffly passed him. She gazed out into the foggy night sky. The moon, once so enchanting, now looked isolated among all the stars. "I can't forgive you." She turned, her empty eyes staring blankly at his dejected self still sitting on the floor. "I don't want to forgive you," she hissed, contempt dripping from every word.


"I hate you," she growled, barely above a whisper.

And in that instant, Logan knew he had lost her forever. Defeated, he crawled to his feet, keeping his eyes downcast as he shuffled from the room. At the door, he took one final look at her and was stung by the pure abhorrence pouring out of her. "I love you," he quietly said before closing the door, and shutting himself out of her life.


Ending Notes: A little bit more on the angst side than what I usual write. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.