The Neutron Brothers Part I: The Birth

Jimmy was working on some crap in his lab. Then his sensers went off because something was in his room. "Jimbo u there?" his dad asked.
"Hi dad." Jimmy said thru some speakers.
"WHAT o you're in your lab can you come to the downstairs we have something to tell you."
"Sorry but I'm very busy now dad."
"Come on Jimbo it's very important."
"OK FINE." Jimmy said. He pushed his stuff over and went into the house. His mom and dad looked very happy so happy but he was bad they interupted him he hated that.
"Sorry Jimmy I know how you hate coming up from your lab but we have wonderful news!" Jimmy's mom said.
"Wonderful news??? What is it???" Jimmy said. He thought it might be like he won another prize or something. Or was excepted into a great genius school or would be given a big amount of money for saving the world and other people.
"Your mom is well......"
"O Jimmy I'm pregnant!!! You're going to have a little baby brother!!"
"What?????????" Jimmy said.
"That's right there's going to be another Neutron boy in the house. Isn't this great Jimbo?"
"But mom I don't want a little brother!!! I tried it before and it didn't work!!!!" Jimmy said.
"Well that was a robot and this is a real baby. You'll love him Jimmy." Jimmy's mom said.
"He's on his way and there's nothing we can do. I thought you wuld be more mature than this Jimmy." Jimmy's mom said.
"Sorry mom." Jimmy said. But he wasn't really sorry. There was nothing he wanted more than to not have a brother. What if his brother was a genius like him then he wouldn't be special anymore. His brother might even be smarter than him then no one would care about jimmy at all. Jimmy cried a little.
Even though Jimmy cried and hated his brother still came. On the worst day ever for him to come. It was Jimmy's ninth birthday. He was going to havea big fun party with his best friend and all the people from school but his mom went into laber. Everyone went to the hospital.
"O great just what we need another big head Neutron to mess up the entire planet for us." Cindy said.
Jimmy frowned. His dad came out and was happy and asked Jimmy if he wanted to see the baby. Jimmy said yes and went to where his mom was. She held a baby he was so tiny. He had a little bit of brown hair that curled. Jimmy was shocked because he was so small. Even his head is small not big at all like Jimmys. Jimmys head was even big as a baby. So this one was probably not a genius like him. Jimmy felt better but still mad that now he had to share his family with a stupid brother.
"Isn't he beutiful?" Judy said.
"Yah I guess." Jimmy said.
"His name is Jacob." Hugh said.
"Yes our sweet little Jakey." Jimmy's mom looked so lovingly at Jacob and Jimmy was jealous so much.
When they took home Jacob he would cry and cry a lot. His parents would feed him and change him and sing to him and give him all their attention and before they could give any to Jimmy they would go to sleep. And then the stupid baby kept Jimmy up all night. He couldn't stand it he had to do something so he made a medicine that he thought would stop him from crying. It also might make him never be able to talk forever but jimmy didn't care about that he thought it might not be a bad thing. He was about to give it to him when his mom walked in.
"JIMMY what are you doing?"
"I am giving him a medicine to make him stop crying."
"That might poison him he's just a little baby Jimmy!!!! How could you!!!!!!!! That is a terrible thing you were going to do."
"But mom"
"Don't you give Jakey anything ever again!!!"
Jimmy walked away and he cried. Then after a while came his tenth birthday it was also Jakey's first. He invited everyone from school like last time but his mom invited his family too. So a lot of people were there. But everyone even Sheen and Carl were paying attention to Jakey and not him!!! Jimmy was so mad. He looked at where Jakey was. Jakey smiled and Jimmy thought it looked like a stupid smile. He wanted to smack Jakey to make him stop smiling such stupid smiles. If he smacked him he would cry and not smile. He looked at the people around him. Even cindy his crush was looking at Jakey and smiling and laughing!!!!!
Jakey was starting to stand up. "Look!! He's walking!" Hugh said.
"O my smart boy!! Over here!!!" Judy held out her arms to Jakey.
But Jakey just drooled and walked over to Sheen. "Babamamimablaaaaahahhhh!!!!!" he said.
"What?" Sheen said. "Oh he wants the cookie!!!!!" Sheen gave Jakey the cookie he had and everyone laughed.
"His first step he is so smart!!" Judy said.
Jimmy couldn't believe it. When he was 1 he already knew how to talk in English and Spanish too but all Jakey did was babel and drool and everyone thought he was so great.
Cindy picked up Jakey while he was drooling on his cookie. "You're so adorable Jakey!!" Cindy said. She liked Jakey's cute curls and sparkling blue eyes. He looked like his brother Jimmy her crush. Sometimes she liked to think about her and Jimmy getting married she hoped that they would have a kid as cute and sweet as Jakey but maybe a little smarter. Jakey drooled on her dress and she put him down. She saw Jimmy looking at them with a scowl. She thought he must be jealous everyone was paying attention to Jakey maybe she should pay attention to him too so she stuck her tung out at him.
Jakey kept growing older and older and so did Jimmy. When Jakey was three and Jimmy was 12 Jakey was starting pre school and Jimmy junior high. But they were more worried about where to send Jakey to preschool than where to send him for junior high!!!! Jimmy was so mad he was a genius and needed to go to a good school who cared about what drool farm Jakey went to!!! Not him.
During dinner Jimmy said something. "Mom dad why the hell do you care about Jakey's dumb fuck school."
"James Issac Neutron u watch your language."
"Sorry but why aren't you more worried about my school!!! Jakey is the dumass and Jimmy is the genius!!!!"
"You're just going to the next public school. I thought you would want to go to stay with your friends like Sheen and Carl." Judy said.
Jimmy didn't say anything because she was right.
Jakey ran by really fast. He was chasing after their cat Kizzy. They had a cat because Jakey loved them. Jimmy was mad when they did because they didn't consider that he hated them and so did Goddard!!!
"Kizzy fuzzy yuvy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jakey screamed. He jumped on Kizzy and then laughed.
"That's my boy! He can really run. I bet he'll have a talent for that when he's older." Hugh said.
O great thought Jimmy. Jakey would be the jock winning stupid things like football games and then his parents wouldn't even care when he won the greatest genius ever award. "it doesn't matter what retard place Jakey goes to for pre school."
"Jimmy! How can you say that about your brother!!" Jakey has a speech problem he needs all the help he can we have to pick a good preschool to help his problem." Judy said.
Jimmy knew Jakey's problem was his fault. When Jakey was a baby and cried too much he gave him a drop of the medicine his mother said not to. It kept him quiet for a whole day but then it started up again. Then he went to the doctor and the medicine had some lasting side effect his mother never suspected him.
"Yuv immy." Jakey said and hugged his brother. He was trying to say he loved Jimmy. Jimmy was disgusted because Jakey had a runny nose and couldn't even said Jimmy right and pushed Jakey on the ground. Jakey was surprised and started to cry.
His parents didn't see that Jimmy made him cry they just saw Jakey crying and hugged him to make him feel better. Jimmy was so mad. Then Jakey forgot about crying very quickly and went to run around and Hugh talked about how fast Jakey could run again. Jimmy was so mad. Running didn't take any brains at all. Then Jimmy smiled he had a idea. "Hey Jakey." Jimmy said and he smiled a very big fake smile.
"Immy immy!!!!!" Jakey said. He reached to his big brother and smiled.
"Want to play with me?" Jimmy asked.
"Pay Immy!!" Jakey said and smiled more stupid smile and even let go of the stupid cat Jimmy was happy to see.
"Let's go down to the lab." Jimmy said.
"Be careful down there!!!" Judy said. She knew Jimmy experimented with very dangerous stuff down there.
"Don't worry mom we'll just get some toys from there then play outside." Jimmy said.
"Great idea Jimmy. Do you think you can watch him for a while. I'm going to go to the store and your father wants to come along." Judy smiled she was happy her boys were getting along.
But Jimmy had other plans. "Sure mom." he said. He took Jakey down into the lab and started mesuring him. Jakey smiled like it was a game. He loved his brother Jimmy and was happy Jimmy was paying attention to him for once. So he even smiled for the boring "game" and looked at all the flashing lights in his lab.
Then Jimmy put him on a machine. This would keep his problem under control.
Jakey smiled at Jimmy. Jimmy smiled back at him. Jakey was so happy. But then he felt something very painful and screamed and then cried. Jimmy put something in front of his mouth and Jakey passed out. He pressed a buttom and Jakey was thrown out of his lab and onto the pavent. Jimmy smiled thinking no one would know about what really happened to the dumass. He put some fake tears in his eyes and then brought out a pogo stick and went up to the outside again. His parents drove up in the car. "Mom!!!! Dad!!!!!" Jimmy cried.
"O no!!!" Judy said.
"JAKEY!!! What happened???"
"It was my pogo stick. I was just showing him how it worked. I told him not to touch it but he grabbed it from me and he bounced way to high and"
"Poor Jakey!!! My sweet little boy!!!" Judy cried. Jakey was awake and crying too. He didn't say anything at all because his legs hurt to much.
Jakey was brought to the hospital. The doctors put his broken legs in casts. He would never walk again the doctors said. Never run again never be a big sports star Jimmy thought smiling but then he looked sad agin for show. "It's ok Jakey." he said to Jakey who was in the hospital bed with his two broken legs.
"Yuv immy!!!" Jakey smiled and showed every one of his crookid teath. Jimmy looked away. At least now no one would care about him since he was a damn cripple.
But Jimmy was wrong. People cared about him more than ever now that he was crippled. It was mostly pity. They wanted to spend time with him. Even Sheen and Carl played with Jakey more now. Jakey was still smiling all the time.
Time passed and when Jakey was 4 and Jimmy 13 Jimmy got fed up with him one day. He went into Jakey's room and looked at him. The dumass was drawing something on a piece of paper on the floor. Kizzy was curled up next to him purring. He was so happy just coloring stupid things what a dumass Jimmy thought. When Jimmy was four he was already doing complex mathmatic eqasions and all this dumass could do was scribble.
Jakey saw Jimmy walk in and smiled. "Zimmy!!!" he said and smiled a lot. He was getting better at talking but still couldn't even say Jimmy. Jimmy thought he was so stupid because of that and other things. He picked up Jakey and smacked him and then dropped him to the floor. Jakey cried and cried. Kizzy mewed and went in front of Jakey to protect him. Jimmy kicked the cat for fun and then picked up the paper Jakey had been drawing on and studied it. It was actually better than it looked from a distance. It was still a scribble but it looked like something. Jakey had stopped crying already. "Zimmy! Zimmy it Zimmy and Zakey." Jakey said.
Jimmy looked at the picture. It looked like him with his big hair and had him smiling and hugging another thing with little curls it was maybe supposted to be Jakey. Jimmy ripped it into two. He put it on the ground and stomped on it. Jakey looked at the foot and then he started to cry again. "Fucking baby." Jimmy said and then threw it in the trash and walked out.
"O Jimmy can you watch Jakey tonight?" Jimmy's mom asked.
"I am a genius and I have better things to do than baby-sit!! So I'm busy!!" Jimmy said.
"Of course. I'm sorry Jimmy I'll just call a baby-sitter." Judy said. Jimmy was happy but then saw who the baby-sitter was.
"Cinee!!!!!" Jakey reached from his wheelchair to hug his baby-sitter Cindy Vortex.
"Jakey!!" Cindy hugged Jakey and picked him up. Jimmy was so jealous.
"Thanks for coming on such short notice Cindy." Judy said.
"It's no problem Mrs. Neutron, feel free to call me anytime." Cindy said. She loved Jakey openly like he was her own little brother. But she still pretended to hate Jimmy even though she loved him as well. She wished she could be with him but it just wasn't happening.
She played games with Jakey and then read to him and they both fell asleep. Jimmy looked in the living room and saw Jakey in Cindy's arms and felt very jealous. It didn't matter that Jakey was only four. It was the idea that Jakey was ruining his life and even stealing his girl. If Cindy wasn't always paying attention to Jakey they would be dating and probably making out right then. He would be the one in Cindy's arms.
Jimmy went upstairs and slammed the door so hard it woke Cindy up.
Jakey kept bothering Jimmy even without being able to walk. He was always shouting for Jimmy to play with him. He learned how to talk better but stuff talked funny and had a lisp. Jimmy was happy that Jakey would not ever surpass him in anything at all at least. Then one day that changed.
Jakey was 7 and Jimmy was 16. It was the end of first grade for Jakey and tenth for Jimmy. Jimmy showed his mom his report card. "Look mom!! I got all A's in the hardest clases in school. There's no point for me sticking around two more years but I guess my fellow classmates need me." Jimmy smiled.
"That's wonderful Jimmy." Jimmy's mother smiled.
Hugh wheeled in Jakey. Jakey was smiling with his crookid teath and waved some papers. Judy took it. "Jakey that is so wonderful!!! Almost all A's!!!!! and look at your rewards. My sweet little boy you are so smart and talented."
Jimmy looked at the paper. Not even all A's. Jimmy had always gotten all A's in everything except gym. Jakey was so stupid and his awards were all for stupid first grader stuff like citizenship. So stupid!!!!
Jimmy stomped away and no one noticed. He decided something would have to be done. No matter what he did that was a million times better everyone would always love Jakey best. He was going to get rid of Jakey for good.
He made a rocketship. This worked for the first brother it should work for him too. The only problem was Jakey was a human and his parents would make him bring Jakey back. So he made a plan.
"Come on Jakey let's play." Jimmy brought Jakey down to his lab.
"Kizzy!! Kizzy!!" Jakey said. Jimmy frowned he would like to get rid of that damn cat too. He picked up Kizzy by the neck and kizzy mewed and growled and tried to scratch Jimmy so Jimmy just threw him on the ground in the lab. Kizzy hissed and then jumped on Jakey's lap.
Jimmy used the hair of Kizzy's still in his hand. He took a hair from Jakey too. Then he made clones. He had been experimenting with clones and was able to program them to do what he wanted. It was perfect. When the clones were almost done he went back to the real Jakey and Kizzy.
Jimmy took Jakey out of his wheelchair. "Fly play?" Jakey asked. Jimmy let him play in zero gravity once.
"Yes Jakey, FLY PLAY." Jimmy said.
"Yay!! Yay!!!" Jakey said. "Is Kizzy coming?"
"Of course." Jimmy said. He threw Kizzy in with Jakey as he strapped him down. When he was done he closed the ship. The glass slided shut and Jakey tried to reach for Jimmy. "Jimmy coming? Jimmy have to come!!" Jakey cried.
"Your screams will plauge me no more." Jimmy said and then shot him into space.
"Jimmy." Jakey cried. He went farther into space.
Back on earth Jimmy smiled. He put the new Jake clone in the wheelchair. Kizzy drooled and sat in his lap. This wouldn't take long.
The next day on the way to Jakey's summer school program the wheelchair rolled out of control. The Jakey clone and the Kizzy clone that had followed him were hit by a bus and died.
Everyone was sad. Jimmy's parents cried. Sheen and Carl cried they never knew anyone who died before. All the adults cried because Jakey had such an unlucky life. Libby cried because she loved the little kid just as much as anyone in Retroville. Jimmy took some medicine to make himself cry and put on a good show for fake crying.
Cindy didn't cry. She wasn't used to crying ever. But when Jake's casket was being lowered into the grownd a tear fell. "Jakey." she said. More tears fell and soon she was crying worse than anyone. "Jakey why did you have to die!!! Why did it have to be you!! It's not fair!!!" she sobbed. She was closer to Jakey than anyone not in his family. She was even closer to Jakey than Jimmy. She loved him like a little brother she never had and was devestated. She came back to visit his grave every week and put different flowers on it. "Jacob Peter Neutron. Maybe you're somewhere out there, looking down on me. I want you to know that you were a wonderful person in your short life. You are were inspiration to everyone. At least an inspiration to me." Cindy put the flowers down. Someone's hand reached her own putting down red colored flowers.
Cindy looked up and saw Jimmy. She was surprised. Then she realized. Of course, Jakey was Jimmy's brother. He was mourning him as much as her, she thought. Maybe they could mourn together. Cindy smiled a little at Jimmy and didn't say anything. Jimmy smiled at her back. They hugged each other and suddenly the day started to seem like it really was summer.
What had happened to Jakey? He lived of course. Jimmy couldn't destroy his own brother. When he woke up he was in a place very different from anywhere he'd ever been. "Jimmy?" he said. Jimmy didn't answer. Jakey hugged Kizzy tight. Then someone or something opened up his crashed rocket.