The Neutron Brothers
Part V: The Hero

Sheen looked at the planet turn from dark blue to ice white. He was shocked. "Jimmy what the fuck is going on"
"Calm down Sheen. This planet was a danger to our's. They allied with the Yokians against us. You know this is part of our job." Jimmy said.
"But there was a human there." Sheen said.
"Another traitor." Jimmy said.
"It's our job to make Earth safe from other planets even if humans are on them." Meryl said.
"Jimmy that kid was Jakey wasn't it! He's not dead, is he!" Sheen shouted.
Jimmy was still calm. He knew exactly what he would say to Sheen. "That's right, Sheen"
"Then why"
"Listen Sheen. You can't tell anyone. It would upset them too much. It's best they remember Jakey as an innocent seven-year-old and think he's dead then learn about the traitor he's become." Jimmy said.
"He's dead now anyway isn't he"
"I don't think we're that lucky. Just promise me you won't tell anyone. Not even Libby"
"I won't." Sheen said. He was still shocked to learn that Jakey was still alive and a traitor to Earth but he trusted Jimmy and just did what he said.
On planet Marinia Jimmy was right about one thing. Jakey was still alive but just barely. When the freezing ray had hit all the Marinians jumped into the ocean. Ooblar was protected by his robot body and didn't know if the Marinians could survive the cold but he did know they couldn't come back up the ocean was frozen solid. What he had to do now was help Jakey but he didn't know how he didn't know anything about how to save humans or anything about the poison he was hit with. He didn't know that cold was so bad for humans but luckily he got back on his ship and brough Jakey up to return to Yokia. The doctors there might save him they might not but two things were sure. Jakey was loyal to the Yokians and a hero with them for saving Ooblar from Jimmy.
On Earth everyone greeted Jimmy and the others like a hero. Jimmy was glad to be back. He met Cindy and their daughter Susan and son Jacob. They had grown a little but they were still babies. Susan had blond hair like Cindy's with a little curl and blue eyes and a big head like Jimmy. Jacob had black hair that was straight and green eyes. Jimmy was glad he did not look much like Jakey at all but he still wished he had a different name. He didn't want to be reminded of his stupid little brother at all.
Jakey was in a coma. The Yokians still celebrated him. They thought it was great that Jimmy's brother was against him. Jakey did get up from the coma but it took almost a year. Once he did he was put into the spotlight on the entire planet being on Yokian TV and everyone wanted to see him. He was a little confused because he had been in a coma for so many months and also because before the coma the Yokians all ignored him. He was just "Jimmy Neutron's trash". They didn't hate him but they didn't care about him at all. Now they did. They even gave him a medal for bravery and said he was a great warrior.
Jakey didn't want to be a great warrior. He just liked being at peace exploring and seeing all the other planets. For a long time he wanted to see his brother Jimmy so bad even after he realized Jimmy had just sent him away. Now he wished that he never saw him. He didn't attack Jimmy he knew he could never do that no matter what Jimmy did. All Jakey did was protect his best friend the only friend he had right now. And now he was just sad. He was sad about what Jimmy did. He was sad that he might never see the girl he loved ever again. He was sad about being a hero.
King Goobot came to talk to Jakey one day. "Jakey I realize how great you are now and I want to give you an honor to fit that greatness"
"It's a lie. I'm not a warrior. I don't fight. I'm not good at anything like that." Jakey said.
"I know that. Everyone knows that you can't believe everything on Yokian television they exagerate things a lot"
"Then what"
"This honor is not about being a warrior. It's about being a Yokian. We want to give you citizenship on our planet. We've never done it for anyone before but you are the only one to be worthy"
Jakey was happy to hear this. He didn't know what to say. He remembered all the times telling people from other planets he was Yokian even his love he had told. But it wasn't the truth since his true planet was earth and he was an alien on Yokia. Now it would be the truth. He would be accepted on this planet and a true Yokian. This was such a joyful thing for him.
Ooblar came out. "You've been rejected by your own people so now we'll be your people. And we'll be your family"
Jakey still didn't know what to say. Then he thought of something. "I am honored. Being a Yokian is a great honor"
A few days later there was a ceremony. Jakey was so happy because people liked him again. The Yokians all accepted him almost no one was angry about him getting citizenship. He didn't feel alone at all. He felt like he wanted to help these people and he felt proud to be one of them.
Jakey still thought about Marinia where his true love Caralyn was. He thought about it a lot. "Ooblar tell me about Marinia." he said.
"We think they may have survived. Their oceans are still melting so we don't know and we don't know what equipment we can use to contact them. We don't know about them! Maybe they survived, maybe they didn't"
Jakey looked at his bracelet that said he would marry Caralyn in six Marinian years. It would be five now. He didn't know how many before the planet was unmelted. A tear came down Jakey's face. How could Jimmy do such a thing? Was Caralyn dead? He didn't know any answers at all.
"I know what you're thinking. I think she's all right. In years Marinia will be unmelted and I will be at your wedding." Ooblar said.
"Yeah!" Jakey said. He hoped a lot. He thought of Earth but he pushed it away. Yokia was his home now. He would live here and work here like a Yokian. Maybe he would move to Marinia when he got married but he would always be a Yokian not an Earthling. Always!
The years passed for everyone. Jimmy and Cindy's twins started to grow up. Susan was a genius as everyone thought she would be. She had a high IQ like Jimmy and was way ahead of everyone. Sometimes she made inventions and Cindy wasn't too happy about that. She remember about what kinds of dangerous things Jimmy did when he was little. She didn't want to make her feel ashamed so she let her make her inventions and hoped she wouldn't make dangerous things like Jimmy did.
Jacob was not as smart as Susan. He was a lot slower with everything and a little shy. Susan always helped him and stood by him even when other people made fun of him in their pre-school. Jacob might be slow but he did learn things eventually. Cindy and Jimmy were both pleased when Jacob found his own talent. He was always facinated by music and started taking piano lessons when he was still in preschool. He did well and learned quickly with this.
Jimmy was happy. Jacob was not like Jakey at all. And even though he wasn't a genius like him and Susan he could find something he could be really good in. Jimmy was still mad that Jacob held Susan back. Susan explained things to him when she should be learning things herself! But it was better than it could be.
Jimmy was becoming more and more famous. People knew about what he was doing in space and had more and more interest in it. Jimmy was busy more and more. Then one day Meryl and Sheen were talking about Marinia with him on TV. Jimmy was nervous because he knew how Sheen felt about that time. He was horrified and shocked. But Meryl was able to cover it up and then Sheen got excited saying how Jimmy saved them from a dangerous enemy.
"Jimmy Neutron is our national hero!" the TV people said.
Jimmy was given all these metals. Jakey watched him being given one on a TV in Yokia with Ooblar. Jakey was now 17. "He jis no hero!" Jakey yelled. Ooblar was surprised because Jakey did not get so mad very often. "Yes! That Jimmy Neutron is nothing but an evil tyrant!" he said.
"I don't know why he did jat to me and all the Marinians." Jakey said. He had nightmares of all of the beautiful blue turning white and how he felt when he was shot by Jimmy. The poison went to his brain and damaged it more than it was before. The Yokians gave him therapy but he still got confused about some things. The things most important to him did not confuse.
"Their planet is almost unmelted." Ooblar said.
Jakey thought about flying over the ice. He saw alive Marinians underneith. It made him so happy. He couldn't wait to talk to them and to see Caralyn. He talked to her through Yokian radios they drilled through the ice. He found out the coldness was hard on them They were used to warm waters for most of the year. Lots of them died but lots were surviving. Their planet would recover. He looked forward to then. He could just get married to Caralyn and forget all about Earth. His home would be his wife's and his own Yokia and the far away Earth would never bother him again.
On the Earth that Jakey wanted to forget his nephew and niece were flying around in Susan's inventions with their friend Derek who was Sheen and Libby's son. The twins were six now and Derek was two years older, eight. They had so much fun. Then it crashed. "Hey Susan! Your dumb inventions would be great if only they worked! Are you sure you're a genius!" he said.
"Oh, shut up Derek! I'm going back to my lab to investigate this!" Susan said. "Goddard!" Susan yelled. Goddard came and helped her to take her wreaked flying machine back to her lab.
"What do we do now?" Jacob said. He did not often do things without someone telling him too.
"JACOB, the world and universe is a made for adventure! You don't need Susan to make it fun!" Derek said.
"Oh." Jacob said.
"OH? Is that all you can say? We can make our own fun! What do you think"
"I don't know what to do. If we had a spaceship... Let's go back to your house! We can pretend we're exploring like Mommy, Daddy, Sheeney, Aunt Libby, and Aunt Meryl!" Jacob said.
"Yeah! Great idea! Since Mom and Dad are home now they can tell us all about what it's like!" Derek said.
"Great!" Jacob said. He was very happy. He liked being at Derek's house. Sheen and Libby weren't the same kind of parents as Cindy and Jimmy. They did not make Derek feel bad if he didn't get something right away. They tried to help Jacob with his homework too when he was over. But sometimes Sheen would get it wrong too and then they'd all laugh. Jacob loved being at Derek's house.
"Mom! We're home! Where's some cookies!" Derek yelled. He reached for some but there were none.
"I was wondering when you'd be back, Derek. Oh, Jakey!" Libby said. She was always happy to see Jacob. Sometimes people called him Jakey but not in front of his parents. His mom would cry and his dad would get so angry. Jacob didn't know why. It was just a name.
"Hi Aunt Libby." Jacob said.
"How's my favorite pianist? Come on, show off your skills." Libby said.
"Mom!" Derek said. He wanted to play.
"Just for a little." Jacob said. He knew how Libby liked his music. Libby liked music a lot and appriciated Jacob's music more than anyone in his family. It was another reason he liked to visit them a lot.
Jacob played the piano. He was awesome at all kinds of music. His dad wanted him to practice classical music the most. Libby listened to it for a long time with her eyes closed. Then Sheen came in. "Hey! Who's making dinner!" he said very loudly.
"Sheen!" Libby hit him. "You know better than to interrupt!" she yelled.
"I was waiting for a long time." Sheen said.
"Fine. Well, it's your turn to cook"
"All right! Chocolate dipped hot dogs!" Sheen said "Yay!" Jacob and Derek shouted.
"Something more healthy." Libby said.
"Oh man, come on mom!" Derek said.
"Please please." Jacob said.
"Only because Jacob played for us today. And cook some vegetables, too"
"Yay!" the boys said.
Jacob helped Derek and Sheen melt chocolate and grill hot dogs. Sheen cut up some green beans. They ate and even put the vegtables in the chocolate. It dripped everywhere. Jacob and Derek laughed, they had such a great time.
Then it was time for Jacob to go home. He was a little sad as he walked down the sidewalk to his mansion. Sure it was big and Jacob loved his mother, father, and sister. But he would rather sleep over at Derek's house every night. He felt like that should be his real family. His father and sister were geniuses, and he was nothing like that. He was only very good at the piano from practicing so much. Sometimes it was all he could do. He would rather do that than his homework. He still hadn't learned to read very well and Susan could since she was two. Cindy did not have a genius gene but she was very smart and thought it was very important way to be. Jacob wasn't smart like that. Maybe he should live with Sheen and Libby instead he thought. They were more like him. Libby could appriciate music and Sheen could appriciate fun! And Derek was more like his brother. But Jacob felt bad for thinking like this since Susan always stuck up for him and helped him. This was his real family even if he seemed like he shouldn't be in it.
"There you are!" Cindy said to Jacob. She knew he was eating at Libby's because she called but was still impatient. Jacob was surprised because she usually wasn't. "Jacob, come on. We have something important to tell you at dinner"
"I already ate dinner"
"Well, come for dinner anyway. You don't have to eat anything you just have to heat this. Oh, look at you! You're always like this after you come back from there!" Cindy looked at all the chocolate drips all over Jacob's clothing. "Go clean up! This is an important announcement"
"Fine." Jacob said. He climbed up into his big bedroom. He threw his clothing on the ground a servant would pick it up. He got some clean clothing and washed his face then went down for dinner. Everyone else was already there. Jimmy looked a little nervous. Susan was curious and Cindy was so happy.
"Jacob, finally you're here! I can't wait to say it anymore! Susan, Jacob, we're having another baby"
"A baby!" Susan said. Jimmy was very surprised. Susan acted in a different way than he did when he found out that Jakey would be born. She acted so happy. Well Susan was already used to having a sibling she had Jacob. "I can't wait! When will the baby be here! Will it be a boy baby or girl baby?" Susan said.
"It's a boy." Cindy said.
"Oh." Susan said. "But I already have a brother"
"This will be a new brother. He'll be a lot younger than you. Susan, Jacob, this will be a big responsibility"
"What will the baby's name be?" Susan asked.
"His name will be James Issac Neutron II." Cindy said and Jimmy smiled.
Jacob wondered. He wondered why he wasn't named after Jimmy and this new baby would be.
"I have an announcement too. Myself, your Uncle Sheen, Aunt Libby, and Aunt Meryl will be going on another mission in three days.
"Daddy! I'll miss you! I have to make a spaceship to follow you!" Susan said.
Jimmy laughed. "Promise me you won't do that. I'll be back soon enough." he kissed Susan's head.
"Okay Daddy." Susan said but did not look happy.
Susan followed her father's directions. She was still learning about space travel anyway. She had her own lab to study just like Jimmy did when he was her age. She liked to work there alone or just with Goddard for a long time. She sometimes got lonely. She was glad when her brother Jacob visited her which was a lot. She was even more happy when Derek visited her, which was not as much.
The best times were when they went to live with Carl Wheezer while all of their parents were space traveling. Carl had his own kid now. Her name was Melody and she was four, two years younger than Susan and Jacob. They would have the best adventures for them and Carl was always gentle with them and cooked them a lot of great things. Then they could look forward to when their parents came home. They celebrated then.
A year later, Cindy didn't go with Jimmy and the others into space. She stayed home because she wanted to take care of James II herself since he was still so little. She had done the same thing with Susan and Jacob. So Jimmy, Sheen, Libby, and Meryl went into space without her this time. It was a very important mission.
"Sheen, Libby, there's something important I need to tell you about this mission." Jimmy said to them once they were in space.
"What's up?" Libby asked.
"You and Sheen will be doing this mission by yourselves. Meryl and I will be on the spaceship to back you up if you need us, but you're going to need to go down to the planet and do everything by yourselves." Jimmy said.
"Cool!" Sheen shouted.
"Yeah, that sounds ok. But why?" Libby asked.
"On this planet they can read people. They may even be able to read minds. They'll only make peace with those who are pure"
"Uhh..." Sheen said.
"We're not exactly pure. Why should we go down there if you won't?" Libby asked.
"Well, you know Meryl... You don't think they'll read her very well, do you?" Jimmy asked.
"Nuh uh. But what about you"
"Well, they can sometimes read minds. Do you really want them to know what I know?" Jimmy asked.
"No way! Then they'd be geniuses too!" Sheen shouted.
"They're quite intelligent, but with my vast knowledge it would be too much of a security risk for me to go with you." Jimmy said.
"Okay, I get it now." Libby said.
Jimmy smiled at his friends. Luckily Sheen was too stupid to get it, and Libby didn't know what had happened at Marinia, and that his brother was still in space. Sheen was too stupid to make the connection that he, Jimmy, could have been the only one intelligent enough to send little Jakey into space and stage a death. He hadn't questioned it at all. Hopefully he wouldn't even be thinking about it when he went down to this planet. Well, Jimmy had made some decisions he'd sure the people of this planet would judge him badly for, so it would be best if only Sheen and Libby went alone. They weren't perfect people, but they were good people.
Sheen and Libby traveled down to the planet in their own vehicle. This planet was called Sulia. The Sulians were psychic people of light. They talked to the people. They joked with them. The Sulians were very pleased to be talked to so nicely. They read about the human's culture from Sheen and Libby's mind and heard them talk about it. They liked the Earth people and thought Earth must be a delighful place even if they thought the Earth people were inferior to them. The Queen Shelia decided to make allies with Earth.
"Please come and sign our book as representatives for your people," Shelia said.
"We're honored to do so." Libby said. She thought about telling Shelia about her royal blood but decided not to. Shelia had smiled when she heard that thought.
"Yeah! Take us there!" Sheen said.
They traveled down a hall. There was a book of light, so bright they couldn't see where they were writing. They signed the book and then they celebrated together.
Then Libby fainted. "Libby? Babe? What happened?" Sheen was very surprised.
They took her to their own kind of hospital. It was a while and then the doctor came to talk to Sheen. "It's very grave, I'm afraid. She's caught a fatal virus from our planet. We tried to treat her with our own known treatments, but it just intensified the effect on her human body. If we had more time, we could find a solution. But I'm afraid her time is short. Within the hour"
"NO!" Sheen couldn't believe what he was hearing. His beloved Libby could not be dying. "What what'll happen to her? She'll be in a coma"
"It is correct that this virus is fatal." the doctor said.
"NO! It isn't true!"Sheen shouted. He was shaking as he took out his emergency communication device. "Jimmy! Get down here! Libby's going to die from some alien virus"
"Huh? What the hell are you talking about, Sheen?" Meryl said.
"No, not you! Meryl, tell Jimmy that Libby's going to die within an hour if he doesn't get down here and do something!" Sheen shouted.
"Fine, I'll go get him." Meryl said.
"Libby, I'm here!" Sheen shouted and ran to his wife.
"No!" the doctor blocked him. "It's contagious and we don't know how to cure you humans"
"I don't care!" Sheen yelled at the doctor. He ran to Libby's side. He gave her a hug and tried not to cry.
"Sheen? 'S that you?" Libby said. The virus and the medicine she had been given made her delirious.
"Yes! I'm here!" Sheen said.
On the ship Meryl told Jimmy what happened. "This is a problem..." Jimmy said.
"You gonna go down there?" Meryl asked. She knew the real reason why Jimmy didn't want to go to the planet in the first place.
"Yes. But first I have to invent something to block them from reading my thoughts." Jimmy said. He was a genius, but it might take him a little while.
On Sulia, Sheen hugged Libby, who now tried to talk but was obviously unable to. What was taking Jimmy so long? It didn't take that long to get down here, he knew from his own trip. It was like instant. But there was still no Jimmy as Libby was dying. Sheen held her close until the virus won, and she passed from life. "No! Libby!" Sheen finally cried. He had spared Libby of it but now that she was really gone he cried his eyes out.
Jimmy finally showed up. The people of Sulia were wary of him since he emitted no thoughts thanks to his invention but let him into the hospital to see Sheen. "Sheen! There you are, I've just arrived. How's Libby doing"
"She's dead." Sheen said.
Jimmy couldn't reply. He was too late. This was bad.
"They told me to get away from her since the virus was contagious. I guess there's no point now, since she's dead and all." Sheen said. He stood up and looked at Jimmy.
"I'm sorry Sheen." Jimmy said.
Sheen grabbed Jimmy by his shirt roughly. "What took you so long?" he shouted. Jimmy was surprised. Sheen had never been this angry before. Then Jimmy became angry himself. "I'll go find out what happened." he said. Jimmy discussed things with the doctor. He found out why Libby had reacted the way she did. They tested Sheen and found out he had the virus. Jimmy reversed what had happened with Libby and cured him completely. All in five minutes. Now it was time for them to return home.
Libby's funeral was a grim affair. Many people knew Libby and loved her. Cindy was so sad to have her best friend of so many years gone. Susan and Melody were shocked their "Aunt Libby" was gone. Jacob was hurt even more. Libby was like a second mother to him. She encouraged him with his music and understood him like no other adult did. Then there was Derek. Derek didn't cry but was so shocked. Sheen and Libby both went away and then both came back, always. Now his mom would never come home again.
Sheen was the most devestated of anyone. He felt like he was a different person in another world as he walked through the grieving people. He had watched Jimmy on TV earlier in the day. He talked about how Libby was a heroine and wonderful person and would be missed by all. How was it Jimmy was able to talk to everyone else but him about Libby's death he wondered. Sheen was angry because he is the one that had to watch her die while Jimmy took a lifetime to get there. He hugged his son Derek and then looked at Jacob who was crying unlike the two of them. "Hang in there, Jakey." he said.
Then Sheen had a flashback. It was of when he was a kid still, and playing with Jimmy's brother. "Hang in there, Jakey! You can do it!" Sheen had said happily to the disabled Jakey who was trying to learn to catch a ball.
"Tashee!" Jakey had said to him with a smile. It was his way of saying thanks Sheen since the kid could hardly talk. Jakey was about Jacob's age now when he supposedly died. He was such a good kid then, Sheen thought. What could make him betray his own planet.
This was certainly another planet Sheen had been left on, he thought. Where good people died and good kids turned evil. Sheen finally found who he was looking for, his friend Jimmy. "Jimmy!" he shouted.
Since Sheen was so loud Jimmy couldn't avoid him like he had been before. "Hello, Sheen. I'm so sorry about what happened." Jimmy said.
"Yeah, I know." Sheen said. It was all he'd been hearing all day. "I'm sorry it seems like I blame you. But listen, I have to take some time off. I can't go out there again. I'm not up to it.
"I understand, of course." Jimmy said. He didn't want Sheen on their next mission, anyway. It would bring back some very bad old memories.
Later Jimmy went to his new and improved super lab. He got on the censors and observed a planet Jimmy had already visited before. "The planet and its people are recovering. We'll have to take care of this." Jimmy said. Although he could tell that some people were still alive he had no idea of what threat might lie beneath their deep oceans. He'd asked the other planets nearby that Earth was allied with. They'd all said it was a guarded secret and they hadn't found out anything other. Nothing that could break through a thick layer of ice. Now it was time to freeze the secrets over again.
On Marinia, Jakey flew across the surface. He sat on the surface and looked at the sky which was returning to the right color. It even rained instead of snowed. "Caralyn! Caralyn!" Jakey shouted into his phone.
"Jakey! You're back!" Caralyn's voice said on the special phone.
"Yes, and I can see je planet is going to be the same again!" Jakey shouted happily as he flew. "When can I see you"
"Maybe at our wedding." Caralyn said.
"WHAT!" Jakey blushed.
"You haven't forgotten the promise, have you"
"I didn't know it was jat much time already!" Jakey said. But he smiled so much. Not only would he see Caralyn again but he would marry her. Where would they live? Yokia or Marinia? Maybe they could live a little at both places. They could talk about that later. Jakey couldn't wait.