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Chapter 1: A Chess Game

            Harry, Hermione, and Ron were in the Great Hall with some other of their classmates. Harry and Ron were once again playing a game of Wizarding Chess while Hermione sat in front of the fireplace engaged in another book.

            "Queen to E5" Ron said proudly. The chess piece moved to E5 and took out Harry's knight. "Checkmate." (A/N: I really don't know how to play chess so I don't know how exactly you could win!)

            "Damn it Ron! How is it you're a complete dunce in our classes but can manage to always beat me in Wizarding Chess??" Harry cried in frustration.

            "Hey now! Just you got a couple of points higher than me in that stupid potions exam, doesn't mean I'm a complete dunce!"

            "Ron, you got 5 points out of 50."

            "……well it's hard for some people!!"

            Hermione rolled her eyes at her two best friends. Ron sensed she was looking at them and tuned to face her. They smiled warmly at each other. Hermione and Ron had started dating the summer before their 6th year. Harry and the Weasley twins kept pushing them to get together and end both their misery.

            She continued to read as Ron and Harry picked up what was left of their chess pieces.

            "Well, 10 galleons was the deal right?" Harry said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of gold coins.

            "Thank you." Ron said counting his winnings. He had beaten almost every person in the room and had enough to go on a shopping spree in Hogsmede.

            I can buy that necklace 'Mione's been eyeing… he thought as he stole a glance at Hermione. The light of the fireplace reflected on her face, making her look even more beautiful. She had definitely grown more radiant. Her hair was still a chestnut color, but straighter and sleeker. Her complexion was perfect and her eyes had a shine in them that Ron couldn't explain. But what he loved most about her was that look she had. That look she gave Harry and himself when they done something incredibly stupid. It was like she was about to get mad, but couldn't.

            "Well Weasel, looks like you can buy yourself some soap now, finally." A familiar drawl came from the horde of onlookers. Crabbe and Goyle forced the crowd to part to reveal Draco Malfoy.

            "Can it Malfoy." Harry said glaring.

            "Don't cry just because you lost to a filthy Weasel, Scarhead."

            "What do you want Malfoy??" Ron said. Draco had just ruined his good mood.

            "What do you think I want Weasley? I challenge you to a game of chess." This took Ron by surprise. Why would Draco Malfoy want to play chess with me?

            "I've grown terribly bored of seeing these pathetic people who can't even win a simple game. Plus Crabbe and Goyle here don't really have the mind capacity to even know what chess is." Crabbe and Goyle remained expressionless.

            Ron knew he was going regret this as soon as he said, "Fine. Have a seat." Draco pushed Harry out of the way and sat down looking at the pieces carefully.

            Hermione had no idea what was going on, for she was still lost in her book. While she was reading, Ron had lost all his winnings in less than an hour.

            "Tsk tsk Weasel. And I actually thought you were worthy of a game."  

            "Just shove off Malfoy. You got what you came for." Ron tried to appear angry, but was very upset that he couldn't buy the necklace.

            "You know what? Taking all your money still hasn't satisfied me. How about one more game? Winner takes all."           

            "But…I have no more money…" Ron mumbled looking down. Draco smirked.

            "Glad you could finally admit that Weasley," he said sarcastically. "But ok, if I win…then I get your most prized possession." He stopped to think. "Which is, by the way?" Ron panicked and looked at Hermione sitting in front of the fireplace. Draco smirked once again as he followed Ron's eyes.

            "Aw…how sweet, your girlfriend." Ron shot Draco a look. "Alright then. If you win, you get your winnings back…plus 20 galleons from me," Ron tried to hide his excitement. "but if I win…I get Granger for one night."

            "WHAT?!" Harry and Ron bellowed. "You have got to be kidding me Malfoy!"

            "Dirty minds you 2 have. What I meant was, that I get a date with the fair mudblood." A confused silence filled the room. Ron was turning as red as his hair.

            "But why-"

            "Do I really need a reason Weasley?" Another silence filled the room. It gave Draco pleasure to see Ron squirm; which is exactly why he wanted to bet Hermione as his prize.

            Ron looked at Harry for some support. But Harry gave Ron the 'don't you dare' look. He had no idea what to do. He loved Hermione, but god knows he needs the money. Not just for him, but he could never express how much he did love her. He could never just buy her a gift for no reason like any other boyfriend.


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