I wrote this a long time ago, but I like it.  It's the only X fic I've written, and it's about a character I don't even really like.  Yeah, I'm strange like that.

Rating: G

For those of you who haven't seen X, Inuki is Yuzuriha's spirit dog. The fic is told from Yuzuriha's POV. She's 14 and is a dragon of heaven.

Disclaimer: I do not own X/1999

Will it ever stop raining? Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the sun was out and shining, and I could take a stroll through the village, see familiar faces, engage in friendly conversations, but instead there was rain. Rain to match my tears. And there was nothing to but sit and dwell on my loss.

I'd grown up convinced that is was all right that everyone thought I was strange. Yes, I was the strange girl with the "imaginary" dog. That's what everybody said. They laughed at me and teased me, yet I still managed to keep a smile on my face. It was worth it for Inuki, I'd always have Inuki and even though nobody could see him, he was always there by my side. After awhile, I myself stopped accepting people that were different from me. On rare occasions, when a boy seemed interested in me, I wouldn't even give him a chance if he couldn't see Inuki. Some people may think that is harsh, but why get to know somebody if he cannot see the one thing that is most important to me? After the first date he'd end of thinking I'm a nut case anyway. And I'd be hurt, so why bother? Why let myself be vulnerable to that pain?

Never once did I think that there would be something beneficial about this; that now I could go out and talk to anyone I pleased, without having to worry about being the strange girl anymore. I'd already given all of that up for Inuki, and I had no intention of taking it back. I didn't want it. If people couldn't accept me for who I was then they weren't worthy of my friendship. But what about the friends that I did have? What about the other Dragons of Heaven? Would they accept me now? I would never be the same, without Inuki, and I certainly would not have the power that I had before. Would I ever have anyone?

The importance of these things faded in contrast to the thought of Inuki actually being gone. My best friend, my loyal protector, shot down as if he were nothing. And did anyone understand? Of course they didn't. Most of the others just thought of Inuki as "some dog." We may have been the weakest of the seven seals, but we shared something that none of others could even begin to comprehend. Of course they would show sympathy, of course they would try to comfort me and tell me that they would protect me with their lives just as Inuki had, but they would never truly understand.

Of course, there's Kusanagi. By far the nicest, sweetest person I have met. He only has physical powers, but I'd choose him over any supernatural Dragon of Heaven any day. He has more kindness than any of them, even Sorata, and in a way I loved him the very moment I met him. Most people think of us as an unlikely pair, but he's all I have been thinking about since Inuki has been gone. For a long time now I've believed that he and Inuki are connected in some way. Even now, I think being with Kusanagi would put me at ease. I wanted to protect him. And I needed to protect the other Dragons of Heaven; that was my duty. I wanted to be dependable; I wanted to show the others that I was not going to give up. For theirs, and Inuki's sake, I would never give up.

I sighed, ceasing  my train of thought for a moment to push the curtain aside and glance out the window. The image of the sun peeking out from behind the clouds caught my eyes. I closed my eyes, the edges of my lips curving upward ever so slightly. And I spoke to the Gods.

"What I wish for is the power to protect myself and the people I care about."

'We will meet again, my dear Inuki.'

My ending notes: Wow...that was SHORT. Oh well, it was an introspective piece anyway, so that's ok.