Secrets - Prologue

It was another night in the small hidden village of Konoha, it was strangely cold for a night of mid-spring when it was the season for flowers to bloom.  As the people of Konoha wandered the streets, despite the chill, celebrating a festival at the time when harvesting was in the high times.  All over the streets, there were excited and happy voices of adults and children, enjoying the many stalls filled with games and delicious foods.  All but Hatake Kakashi, who sat deathly quiet in room 209 of ward 6 in the hospital.

He stared at the soft figure that lay lifelessly on the bed before, not once allowing his tired eyes to move away from her.  In so many years of being a Jounin he had never failed to protect someone, or allowed danger on account of him.  And yet it never crossed his mind that she would do that.

He remembered her voice, her laughter, and her smile.  All those times she laughed merrily with the team and him, the times she yelled at him for being late and for reading his favourite book, and definitely the time when she scolded him for trying to be cool, and yet she squealed when Sasuke said the same thing.

Never before had he wished that time could turn back so that he could correct his mistake of not being aware of her presence. 

Hatake Kakashi had been a high-priced target to be assassinated from the bastard he had yet to find out, and on a dark night when the moon wasn't out, they had unleashed a full attack on him.  He had fought easily until he had been caught by the Sharingan owned by none other than Uchiha Itachi.

Why a powerful guy like Itachi was under command was beyond his understanding.  He had been caught and was yet again being tortured for 72 hours straight in a mere blink of an eye until he felt a rather harsh slap on his face that awoken him from the torture. 

He slumped to the ground and felt the area where he had been slapped burn up as he stared directly into a pair of beautiful emerald eyes that looked angry and concerned at the same time, but the words that came out of those lips were different to what her eyes held.  Even in a time like this, her pretty and cheerful smile spread across her face.

"I'm so glad you're alright, Kakashi—" her eyes had widened when a series of kunais had been shot relentlessly into her back.  Before he could command her not to turn around she had already done so, and being caught up in the unforgettable torture of the mind.

What happened to his body he didn't know, but he could only watch as a second later she let an ear piercing scream and collapsed lifelessly on the dirt ground before him, tears streaking her face, her beautiful eyes now dull.

He lost control of himself and couldn't remember what happened after that, except he awoke in his own bed while the other Jounins sat around him.

Kakashi let out a sigh as he moved his hand to caress her face that seem to be sleeping peacefully, only, he fully understood that she was unconscious who knows what the hell Itachi had planted in her mind.

"When will you come back to me Sakura?" he whispered painfully before he was able to stop himself from admitting his deepest secret.