Secrets - Epilogue

They stood together out in the garden that flowed of pink blossoms for what seemed like an eternity, not wanting to release their hold on each other.

Finally she managed to pull herself away a little to gaze into his eyes.  Sometimes she could really frustrate herself from not knowing what she wanted to do.  She loved looking at his face although half the time it was covered, and other times she wanted to just hold him, or just simply hear his voice.  Of course, holding him before today had been absolutely out of league, so sometimes she'd just sit there on a rock and listen to voice, while looking like she was thinking hard about something during training.

Once their eyes locked, they couldn't look anywhere else.  And during these short sweet moments, apologies didn't seem necessary.  Kakashi wasn't sorry that he'd been impulsive enough to finally take her in his arms, he wasn't sorry she finally knew how he felt, and he certainly wasn't damn sorry that he wanted to do it again.

On any other day before this moment, he would have held her when he finally couldn't stand it anymore, but he would have made a fast embrace and apologised for doing something so uncalled for.

But right now, no apologies, no excuses, and no words were necessary.  The only reason why they spoke was to soothe each other with their own voices, something they've never treasured themselves.

When he finally found his voice he spoke up.

"Sakura…why did you do it?  Why did you do something so reckless?" he asked softly.

"Because I wanted to, because I didn't want you to suffer anymore…" she answered simply.  "It would be too much if I saw you die in front of me."

"I wouldn't have died." He chuckled.  I wouldn't have died before letting you know somehow.

Funny how I thought falling for my student would be such a wrong thing…now standing here, nothing could be more right.

"You could have.  I never want to see that.  I'd never accept it." She bowed her head and stepped closer to him once again, his arms automatically tightening around her small body.

"Sakura, let's go inside.  You shouldn't be out now." He coaxed her gently.  Strangely, he used to use the same voice while encouraging her never to give up during missions and training, but never before had she felt so much from it.

She shook her head.  Her body ached from lying on that hospital bed too much, and she wanted fresh air.  She needed this atmosphere, this weather, she needed him just so that she was sure that he was safe, and that what Itachi had planted in her mind could no longer haunt her.

"Neh…Kakashi." She suddenly brightened.  "May I remove your mask?"

He blinked slowly, looking down at her.  No one had seen him with his mask off before. 

"Onegai." She smiled up at him lovingly.  He gave a slow nod, and she moved her hand up gently to his face.

His throat tightened.  "I have to warn you.  After you remove my mask, I will do something that wearing this mask has stopped me from doing. And I won't be sorry about it either."  She stopped her hand in mid air, thinking about what he said.

Surely he wouldn't kill me.  But I guess if he can make me forget somehow…I guess I'd be satisfied knowing one way or another that I saw the face of the man I love.

Her heart pounded in anticipation.  In so many years of being with him, she had always wondered what kind of man lay under that mask.  She had never pitched in with Naruto and Sasuke's attempts at pulling it off, but nevertheless she had always been curious to see.  She trembled just from the thought that she'd see the Hatake Kakashi's face soon.

When his face was finally revealed, she only stared.  He was more handsome than she had ever dreamed.  She had never seen him look so solemn as this moment, but god he was beautiful.  Could anyone's face be in more proportion, could any other compare to him?  His nose, his lips, his jaw, she'd never seen anything like it.  Even the scar through his left eye didn't mar his good looks.  Her lips went dry, but she just couldn't stop herself.  She couldn't take her eyes off him.  He was simply a god.

It's really him.  It's really Hatake Kakashi in front of me.

He looks so solemn, so serious right now.  The only time I've ever seen him so serious is when he's challenging someone. Is he really…

Kakashi took a step towards her, and she instinctively stepped back. What would he do to her? She wasn't exactly scared, but she was uncertain, and yet she still couldn't take her eyes off him.  He kept advancing until she backed up against the tree.  She moved her head up high as he stood so close to her she felt his breath on her.

He silently cupped her face gently in his hands, and he looked deep into her confused eyes, before lowering his head and covering her lips with his own.  Her eyes widened, as he slowly withdrew.  She just stared at him her chest rising and falling, she couldn't believe what just happened.

"I told you I'd do what I'd held back for so long…and I told you I wouldn't be sorry about it." He said with her face still in his hands.  His eyes were so tender as he looked over her, growing into concern as a silent tear slipped down her cheek.  He used his thumb to gently brushed it away.

"Kakashi…" she covered his hand with her own.  "I love yo—" he cut her into silence with his lips again, this time she melted into his embrace, returning his kisses.  He parted his lips slightly silently asking.  She couldn't stop herself even if she wanted to, and the fact is she didn't.  She gave in and parted her lips and allowed him to enter and caress her lips, the insides of her mouth and her tongue with his own.

When he finally pulled back to give them both some air, she bit her lower lip gently and moved her hand to her lips.  The feeling was so new, and it was so fresh that she could still feel him.  Her cheeks had flushed a bright pink.

He laughed softly, his rich voice tingled her body.

"Now let's go inside.  Did you think I'd forget your attempt at changing the subject?" he teased.  She blushed harder.

"No it's just that I—you knew I was changing the subject?" she asked incredulously.  He kissed her softly on the forehead and reacher for her hand.

"And you—" she continued.

"I would have it sooner or later…it would be a matter of time before I couldn't stop myself" he said shyly as he looked back at her smiling before he slipped his mask back on.  She just melted at his smile and felt warm all over from his looks, his embrace and his kiss.

"Now stop chatting, we're going inside whether you like it or not." He ran his gloved hand through his hair and smiled to himself feeling more happy than ever.

She had returned, and she was his now, this they both knew.

Ahh done.  Sorry for those who wanted something longer, I only intended this to be short fic.  Actually I planned it to be one chapter only, a real short one-shot, just got carried away.  It's the shortest I've ever written.  But I hope you enjoyed it.

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