Chapter 10

Kyou stood up and he felt his world whirl around. It was moving too fast and could not stop for him. His world stopped at the image of Tohru leaving him, which played over and over again in his head, realizing now how much he really love Tohru.

Finally, it was too much for him to take it as he collapsed to the floor and darkness engulfed his vision.

Tohru returned home, the door was unlocked. "…Kyou?" Tohru called and found his body on the floor. She gasped as her heart pounded faster and faster, no…she quickly dropped to the floor next to Kyou and felt his heart. It was still beating and he was still breathing. With a sigh of relief, she touched his forehead. It was burning hot.

Quickly, she took out an ice bag from the refridgerator and placed it on his forehead. She ran to take a blanket out for Kyou too and because she had no strength to carry him, she placed the blanket on top of Kyou and covered him. With that, she sat beside him and watched as he inhaled and exhaled slowly and peacefully. Clasping her hands together, she prayed that he would be all right.

"Tohru…" He called in his sleep. She looked at him and saw that he was in so much pain. "Tohru…" He called again. She held his hand and smiled, "I'm here," She said and frowned as she felt something hard in his hand. She opened them and gasped.

There, were 2 diamond rings and each of them had "T&K 4ever" neatly carved out. Tears of joy came out from her eyes as she looked over at Kyou. He had bought this for her when he left the house… to think she had been misunderstanding him the whole while! She placed her head on his chest and cried.

Kyou turned around and was surprised to see Kazuma, his shishou. Previously, he had dreamt of Tohru coming back to him, telling him that she's back and she would never leave him again. But the whole scenario changed, and he saw Kazuma. "… oto-san," he finally spoke and smiled. Kazuma smiled back softly at him, as he wept happily for it was the first time Kyou had called him his father.

"Kyou…" He spoke and went over to hug him. "I thought I'd never see you again," Kyou said.

"Silly boy, why would I leave you? I had been watching you from above all this while…" Kazuma paused, then continue, "Every time you miss me, just look up to the stars above, the brightest one would always be me, teaching you and guiding you all the way through," Kazuma said. There was a long pause before Kazuma spoke again, " Tohru is a good girl… don't take her for granted, son," He said. Kyou nodded his head, "I know a lot of things happened between us that caused some misunderstanding, I just… she's gone now and there's nothing I could do to bring her back…" Kyou said. Kazuma shook his head, "Open your eyes Kyou… perhaps you'll get a clearer picture,"

Kazuma began fading away. Afraid that Kyou would lose him forever, he ran and chased as Kazuma seemed to be so far away. "Oto-san…" He called with a tear-streaked face. "OTO-SAN!" He called again, but he could only see Kazuma smiling softly as he slowly fades away.

Just then, he opened his eyes and found a crying Tohru resting on his chest. He looked at her. She was mentally exhausted from all these events, he could tell. But there was something different about Tohru crying this time. She was back, Kyou knew, for sure. "Tohru?" He spoke. She raised her head up and smiled, "Kyou!" She hugged him.

He noticed that she was wearing his ring and smiled softly. "Aishiteru," He said, just like how he said it 5 years back when the curse was broken. Tohru nodded her head, still crying. He stroked her face gently and pulled her in to kiss her forehead. She lied against his chest. The familiar lavender scent… the familiar smile… the woman he's known since high school… the first woman he loves since high school and will ever love… the wonderful food she'll always prepare… the same embraces and kisses and cuddles…

Kyou smiled and as if unsure whether she had heard it, he said it again, just like how he repeated it 5 years ago, "Aishiteru," But this time, the picture was much clearer and it was different from what happened 5 years ago, she kissed him gently and when they pulled away, she said it back to him. They regarded each other and smiled.

They were home.

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