The Potter/Black Romance

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Summary: AU. Slash. M-preg. A collection of one or two chaptered ficlets, centred around the romantic relationship between James Potter and Sirius Black. The day they first kissed, the night James proposed, Sirius pregnant with their first child, one of the couple is ill and even the time the couple became allergic to each other. Please R&R.

Warning: Remember, this is slash, so, you no like? You no read, you no flame. This is also and ALTERNATE UNIVERSE fic, which is why Sirius and James are together and not with Lily or Remus, or dead or in Azkaban. That's also why Harry doesn't exist. Also, MALE PREGNANCY if that squicks you then I'm sorry but you're not being forced to read this.

Oh yeah, the way I title these chapters is taken from the TV show FRIENDS so I don't entirely own that either.


Chapter 1: The One With The Kiss

Sirius lay on his bed on his stomach up in the Gryffindor Sixth Year Boys' Dormitory. He just could not shake it out of his head.

The second day of term, after living with James all summer, he kissed him. Sirius Black kissed his best friend full on the mouth. Then what did he do? Why, Sirius ran of course. That was a week ago, he had managed to avoid James since that fateful night alone in the common room.

"Sirius talk to him." Said Remus coming out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel. "It's only going to make you more nervous if you wait longer."

Sirius rolled onto his back and groaned, "I can't Rem, I mean, what if he hates me now? I spent the entire summer with him, checking him out beside the pool, watching him sleep at night. If he finds out about that on top of the kiss he'll never speak to me again!"

Remus sighed and went over to his distressed, he tucked one leg under him and sat on the bed at Sirius' side. "Si."


"Look," Started Remus sternly. "Talk to him Sirius. He's your best friend, and if you love him that much he will understand."

Sirius sat up against the head of his bed and scowled out across the room, "No he won't. I ruined everything. I mean, would you want to be my friend if I snogged you in the middle of the common room at night?"

"I'm straight Sirius. I'd be freaked out a bit yeah, but I'd still be your friend." Replied Remus.

Sirius snorted derisively, "He's straight as well, that's the problem."

Remus watched his friend frowning slightly, "OK listen, what I am about tot ell you is breaking James' confidence in every way, so I ask you not to tell him where you heard this." Sirius nodded intrigued. "James is gay." Sirius raised his eyebrows in hope. "Look don't get your hopes up Padfoot, he has his sights set on someone. I don't know who, but he does."

Sirius looked down at the bed in front of him sadly, "I s'pose I should still talk to him though, shouldn't I?"

Remus placed a hand on his arm, "The password to the Prefects' bathroom is Garden Fresh. Send him a note and get him to meet you there. Best time is after curfew cause no one will walk in on you."

Sirius looked back up to his Lycanthropic friend and smiled, "Thanks."

"What are friends for?" Replied Remus smiling back. He knew what was expected of him so he gave Sirius a hug before getting up. "When you come back from the bathroom, tell me how it went."

Sirius smirked, "Yes Sir."

After Remus left the Dorm Sirius went hunting for a quill, ink and a bit of parchment to write a note to James.


Please meet at the Prefects Bathroom at midnight tonight. We really need to talk. The password is Garden Fresh. Please come.


After he was done with the note, Sirius took up to the Owlery so James would receive it during dinner in half an hour.

When the owl was received, James cast a curious glance down the table at Sirius who was sitting with Frank Longbottom and former enemy, Lily Evans. Sirius had chosen that moment to look at James, he saw the look in the hazel eyes and gave a small smile before turning back to his conversation.

James looked back to Remus who quickly looked down at his food, "You had something to do with this didn't you?"

Remus raised his eyes bashfully, "Yeah. He was sulking, I had to do something."

James nodded in understanding. When Sirius Black sulked, he really sulked and it was really unbearable after a while.

At 11:30pm Sirius headed off to the Prefects' Bathroom with the Marauders Map. When he got there he ran the water into the big pool like tub and sat on the edge with his feet in the water.

12am came and went. Sirius sighed, he should've expected James not to turn up, but as the young Black was about to get up he heard the portrait to the bathroom close with a click.

"Sorry I'm late. Peter wouldn't let me go he wanted help with his Transfig. Essay."

Sirius shook his head, "Don't worry about it." He kept his back to James.

James sighed; he took his shoes off, rolled his pants up a little and went to sir down on the edge of the tub next to Sirius. "So, what did you want to say?"

"I'm sorry about just jumping you in the common room like that. I don't know why I did it, I just thought it was a good idea at the time. I mean, I've been refraining myself from doing that all summer at your place. I know you're probably really uncomfortable about this now and I'll understand if you don't want to be my friend anymore-"

"Stop right there." Said James cutting Sirius off. "I'm not uncomfortable about it and I do still want to be your friend…………………Or possibly more?"

Sirius jerked his head up to look James in the eyes, "Y-y-you want to…………" He trailed off as James leaned in.

Their lips met softly and Sirius felt one of James' hands move up to caress his cheek. The sweet kiss felt like it ended far too soon, but the boys didn't move apart.

James looked into Sirius' deep blue eyes; he kept his hand on the side of Sirius' face. "I know Remus told you about my preference, he's a bloody awful liar considering." Sirius smirked. "And I also know he told you I had eyes for somebody, which is true and before you say anything, it is you. I know you were checking me out overt the summer and I was to, the reason I insisted you stayed in my room was because I was hoping something would happen between us."

Sirius smiled, "Me too. I didn't actually think anything of you insisting I stay in your room. I usually do anyway."

"I know."

Sirius chewed his bottom lip lightly, "So, where do we go from here?"

James dropped his hand from Sirius' face and trailed a finger down the front of Sirius' body, "I think we should have a bath."

Sirius shoved his best friend into the water and got in himself. When James resurfaced he was spluttering and missing his glasses.

"You little bastard."

Sirius laughed his bark like laugh and tried to get out the way as James lunged at him, pushing him back into the side of the pool. Their bodies were pressed right up against each other and their faces were barely an inch away.

James brushed Sirius' wet hair off his face and gazed into his eyes again, "You know, I didn't think I'd be saying this to anyone at sixteen years old, but I've been putting this off for months now." He kissed Sirius lightly on the lips. "I love you."

Sirius slipped his arms right around James' neck and closed the gap between their mouths in a deep, meaningful kiss.

"Love you too."


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