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M: Go you big red fire engine

Chapter 1: You forgot your comic ....

"Hay Women! You forgot your comic ...."

A mouse brown 'bombshell" turns around flipping the bird.

"I didn't forget shit ... I KNOW YOU STOLE THEM!!"

The Black haired 'goddess' smirked evilly ....


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Professor Rhonda McDoile turned to see her two daughters walking towards her. She smiled too her self, these two were so similar and yet both so very different, they were her pride and joy. The older and slightly taller of her children, had dark, almost black hair cut short and kind of punk . She had big forest green eyes and a cute button nose. She was curvy and in no way gorgeous, just average, pretty almost ...

god dose she really need that much meatal in her ears, I don't know HOW she EVER gets through the airport.

The other sister was and only an inch or two shorter and still growing unlike her shortish sister, She was a similar body type to her sister, the same curves and she had the same nose but that's where the similarities stoped. Sholder length straightish mouse brown hair compared to the black curls and tawny brown eyes.

"They make a cute pair." "Hmmm" "There not the most stunning girls but there is beauty there"

TISH WHY ME WHY!?!?!? The black eyeliner is heavy enough to sink the Titanic and the PIERCINGS AGAIN !!! Why couldn't throughs two be like normal girls?!?!? "Those two will be the death of me I swear! There FIVE hours late getting in because they were 'shopping' I know Jet was getting a tattoo - I could here her in the background when Tish called.."

"Honey, she's 19 and they both love you."

"I can't help but think it's my fault, I was never around..."

"They went to the best school, they had everything they could want and there both unique and beautiful ... What more could a mother want?"

"I know, look lets get back to work, we will deal with those two at dinner." With that last note, Rhonda turned on her heel and headed with her husband towards the heavy complicated machinery.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .




"If THAT was MY Spiderman comic YOU. WILL. D.I.E."

"It wasn't Spidey ... it was Wolvie ..."



"Over it?"

"Hmmmmmm? . . . Oh yeah, over it"

"So how's your leg?"


"Jet it was your idea to get a tat, deal girl"

"Tish, HOW cool would it be if I had Wolvie's power and just healed up?"

Latitia sighed, shaking her head "There is no hope for you."

"Besides if you DID have Wolvie's power, your body would heal up, absorb the ink and there'd be no point. You still wouldn't have a tat."

"Hay yeah true... oh look. Shit."


"Mum's coming."

"Here, lets duck behind this"

"What that stupid weird wired thing?"

"YES JET, the 'stupid weird wired thing' right now it's better then Mum, who knows you lied and got a tat!"

The girls duck and cover ...

"Girls? ... GIRLS !!! ... Where did those to get to now ?"


"You know the good thing?"

"What Jet could possible be good in the 'you are going to die tonight at dinner' theory?"

"Mum wont find out for another month that I charged my tat to her credit card ..."

"So what are we going to do now Jet"

"Well we could jut stay here for a while, this machine hasn't got any warning or danger labels ... it should be safe enough for a hour or so ...."

"AND WHAT mmuuuummppph" As Tish starts to screech Jet slaps a hand over her mouth.

"Keep your voice down please Tish .... Now if I ... ewwwwwwwww are you licking my hand .... Tish you know that hasn't worked since we were like three! ... ok no more harpy screeching to draw dear darling Mumsie over here please love." Tish dramatically rolls her eyes and sighs heavily nodding all the while. Jet releases her whipping her hand on her pant "Ok quietly remember, I'm still the big sister in this relationships."

Tish mutter "For now ..."

"Anyway Jet, what are we meant to do hiding out here?"

"That my dear is easy ... GAMEBOYS !!!!"

"Sweet - good plan oh fearless leader of mine."

The two girls settled in for an afternoon of gameboys, lounging over each other in a manor that suggested things like this were not an all to unusual experience ....

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Ok honey, I think were read to switch her on."

"Begin the initiation sequence."

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The big stupid wiry thing starts to hum loudly ....

"Jet is it time to abandon this hiding spot for a new and improved model."

"Hmmmmmmmm ... oh yeah I'm bored with this one anyway ... way to many wires."

The two girls gingerly stood up and stretched before starting to weave their way out from behind the big stupid wired wiry thingy. But as Latitia sidled out from behind it and out into the open, after her sister, she snagged her foot on some strategically placed wires and fell flat on her face, not noticing the fact that those said wires had been ripped from the socket, and completely oblivious to the now humming machine.

"Ow." Tish muttered into the cement.

"Graceful." Jet smirked.

"Shudup." Tish muttered irritably.

Jet just grinned at her clumsy sister and reached down to hoist her to her feet. The machine started to hum louder, and began to vibrate.

"Thanks. Err... should we be worried about that?"

Sparks began to fly from out and around the machine.



"I have one word for you: MOVE!!!!"

But it was to late.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Rhonda looked up suddenly as the machine began to spark.

"Honey, what's wrong?" She asked her husband fearfully. He looked closely at the machine before jumping back.

"It's mall-functioning! Quick, turn it off! Turn it off!"

"I cant! The wires have welded together, the switch wont go down! IT'S GOING TO BLOW!!! Evacuate the building!!!!"

The alarm was sounded, people start screaming and running to the exits as fast as they could. Rhonda turned to her husband as they sprinted down the corridor towards the emergency escape.

"Where are the girls?!"

Peter turned breathlessly to look around them. They were the last ones to leave, they had tried every other way to shut the machine down possible, but they had to leave.

"Honey, I cant see them, hey must be ahead of us!"

Moments after they slammed the door shut behind them, there was a moment of absolute, dead silence, before the rush of super heated air slammed into them. Peter ripped his hand off the door, and stared down at the burnt flesh that once was his hand. "Oh god." he breathed, before the..... And then there was silence. Peter and Rhonda McDoile would never hear again.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


"Ow," Jet moaned, before,



"Mrrph mrrr!"

Tish sat in a daze for a moment, before realising that the squirming mass beneath her was her, not so pleased sister.


Jet shoved Tish off.

"Was that really necessary?"

Jet simply growled.

"Dude, errr, what happened?..... And, we are where exactly? ..... Are we dead? Dude, if this is heaven, then it smells like Hell"

Jet rolled her eyes, "We're alive". Then gingerly hefting an empty coke can, pegging it at her sister and smiling in satisfaction at the resinating grown.

"Feel dead Tish?"

"Yes... actually, I hurt to much to be dead."


"It would appear so."

Struggling they slowly clamber out of the dumpster and onto the street. The street being a filthy ally. Jet surveyed the scene with calm collected eyes, nothing phased her ... ever. Jet could count on one hand the number of times she'd 1: lost her cool well and truly, and 2: how many times she had panicked since she was ten. At the age of ten Jet had to fly around the world with her seven year old sister to meat there parents in Beijing, there had been a hostage situation, flight delays and when they GOT to Beijing there had been one little sisters lost passport to deal with. Then there parents had been to busy to pick them up so Jet had negotiated a foreign city without speaking the native tongue, with a tired grumpy seven year old ... by her self. After that, NOTHING phased her. Jet made a disgusted face as she brushed off some filth and picked a few bits out of Tish's hair.

"That, was disgusting." Tish grumbled, only a hint of the panic she felt showed in her voice. Jet smiled - she knew her sister better then that.

Tish was Jets equal and opposite, wild and free, both sisters were opinionated to a point of being pigheaded. But Tish was the one who threw things, she was the younger wilder sibling. Smashing plates at dinner, screaming when she was angry. Always in a fight, never doing anything right. If there was a bully Tish would beat them down. She was by no means a bad person or ever a bully, but she was strong and fearless - extreme sports were her style. Both had little respect for authority, both were strong, but where Jet was calm, in control and level headed. Tish was more likely to scream and wave her hands in the air whist stomping her foot and demanding the person reasonable bear there throat to receive her RETUBUTION ....

"Tell me about it. You landed on me! ... Tish, ya cool" Tish raised her hands defensively.

"Hay! Yeah I'm cool. It's not like I planed it! So, where are we exactly?"

"I'd say New York."

"And where the hell did you get that from, oh 'psychic' one?" Tish snapped while waving her hands dramatically.

Sirens can be heard in the near distance. A car flies past the ally opening with police cares hot in pursuit. Spider man swings past. Jet turns to Tish.


"Ummm, did you just see the red and blue dude fly past on web in spandex?"

"I think it was latex."


"It would appear we have just fallen threw a tear in the space time continuum." Jet mussed aloud.

"Yeh, into a universe with the one and only AMAZINGLY GEORGES SPIDERMAN!" Tish squealed.

"And x-men."

"WHAT?! Where? Gimmy! Wait, how'd you get that little inkerling oh 'psychic' one?"

Jet simply pointed to the news stand across the street. The front page read 'X-MEN SAVE THE WORLD. With the help of the amazing Spiderman.' Tish was shocked into complete silence, which is a first for her, so Jet was naturally concerned.

"Tish .... Snap out of it" Jet murmured shaking her gently.

"WE'RE IN THE X-MEN UINERVERSE !!!" Tish squealed again.

"Yes Latitia, we HAVE established that. We are in the X-men universe. We also have no names, no identities, no past and no future, unless we can find someone to help us and who can and will believe our story."

Latitia just stood and blinked stupidly for a few seconds before ...

"Jacinta, what the fuck are we going to do?"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thankyou ... tune in next week for more fun and mayhem ... enter the X-men...