This Time

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: You were tall, dark and handsome but I was short and light. Buffy explains why this time it won't work out with Angel.

A/N:  Set after Chosen.  But you just need to have a little knowledge of Buffy and Angel's relationship.

I loved you, once upon a time, but we were doomed from the start.  We both knew that.  And we were both surprised when things got bad.  There were so many elements against us. 

You were tall, dark and handsome.  Every girls dream, and you chose me.  I know that you really couldn't have chosen anybody, with that whole vampire thing, but it always made me feel special.  In my little fantasy, where we were just normal people, there was nothing against us.  Maybe if I had lived in the real world more things would have been easier for us. 

Maybe if you had been a little more dependable in the beginning it would have been better.  You were always just showing up and disappearing.  It added mystery and I wanted more of Mr. Tall, dark and handsome. 

But I'm not that person anymore.  I had to grow up, fast.  I learned a lot of things the hard way.  I learned some of those things with you and some on my own.  A lot of things I learned from the choices other people made.  Like when you left.

When I think back to Graduation day, I realize a lot of things.  You should have stayed.  Not for me but for everyone else.  Sunnydale needed a protector and you left.  It was about you and me when you left.  It should have been about everything BUT you and me. 

You were tall, dark and handsome but this time tall, dark and handsome isn't enough. 


A/N: Ok I wrote this at like midnight, with a cold.  So I really wasn't at my best.  I'm pretty sure that it sucks.  Review to confirm.