(Disclaimer: Welcome to the epilouge of Zell and Selphie. I named it Growing Pains because of the pain Fujjin has from baring a child, the emotional struggle between Rajjin and Seifer, and a few other things. Hope you enjoy it)

Quistis's Complicated Day

Selphie: Hey, Rinoa! How are you doing? You seem pretty depressed today.

Rinoa picked up the note thrown to her. She read the sentence scribbled across it. She didn't feel like writing back, but figured it might cheer her up if she did.

Rinoa: Yeah..you can probably guess why. You didn't hear that Squall was missing?

Selphie: Well, I know he's been gone for a day, but don't worry about it. Squall's tough. He'll be just fine.

Rinoa: I hope so. It was really weird. The day before he left, he didn't say anything. I feel like he hates me.

Selphie: Why would he hate YOU? You're the most loveable person ever! But of course, noone loves anyone as much as they love me, cause, well, you know, I'm just that way.

Rinoa picked up the note and read it. She smiled, beginning to feel better.

Rinoa: Thanks for trying to cheer me up, Selphie. I just hope he returns before the SeeD ball.

Selphie: De'ja'vu, huh? You were gone right before the SeeD ball six months ago. Maybe he'll end up having posession powers too, and smack Quistis with another pie.

Rinoa laughed out loud a bit after reading Selphie's remark, then noticed everyone had turned their attention toward her. She slumped down in her seat. Quistis looked up to her. "Rinoa, may I see that note?"

Rinoa walked to the front, and handed Quistis the note. Quistis opened it, and began reading it aloud, but then decided not to, and folded it back up, and placed it in her pocket. "Detention, for both you and Selphie," Quistis said.

"AGAIN," Seifer joked. "Would you two like to join the Disipline Committee? You two get more detentions than I do."

"And that's another you'll get for talking in class, Seifer Almasy," Quistis told him.

He shrugged and slumped down in his seat. "Doesn't bother me."

Quistis focused her attention to Rinoa again. "You'll have detention this afternoon, and Selphie, you'll have it tomorrow afternoon."

Zell took out a wrapped piece of bubblegum and stuck it in his mouth, and started chewing away at it loudly. "Look, instructor, I'm chewing gum!"

Quistis looked to him. "If you would have pulled that tomorrow, there would have been a chance I assigned you detention with Selphie."

"But you never do when I do something the same day as her," Zell replied, "so I figured 'What the heck?'"

Quistis placed her forehead in her hands, obviously getting irritated with this. "Zell, detention for you this afternoon,"

"AGAIN," Seifer told him.

"And one for you tomorrow afternoon, as well, Seifer," Quistis said.

He shrugged. "Doesn't bother me."

Quistis was getting quite irritable with this little game, and luckily, the bell rang. The sweet, sweet sound of the bell. Everyone stood and left, while Rinoa and Seifer stayed behind.

"See you later, Rinny. Sorry I got you caught," Selphie whispered to her as she passed her seat.

"No problem," Rinoa told her. "I'm getting used to all the detentions."

Selphie giggled, and walked out, waving goodbye to her. Quistis walked out as well, securing the timed-lock on the door. When she was in the hallway, she unfolded the note, and read it over. She felt pity for Rinoa, seeing Squall did just get up and leave like that. Why would he leave her days before he planned on proposing to her?

Matron was coming down the hall, dressed in the official instructor uniform, and her long black hair in a tight french braid.

"I made the cut!" She said excited.

"That's great," Quistis told her. "I think you'll be really great with the kids. You were good with us when we were young, and if you could put up with Seifer, I think you could put up with anyone."

Matron noticed Quistis's classroom had been locked. "Is he in there?"

Quistis nodded. "Yes, he got detention again. I put a timed-lock on it, so he can't leave until an hour from now."

Matron rubbed in chin in thought. "Might I make a suggestion?"

"Sure," Quistis said. "What is it?"

"Well," Matron started, "you need to stay in the class with your students. I know that Seifer drives you nuts, but detention shouldn't be something fun."

Quistis scratched her head. "I guess you're right." She paused, then started laughing. "I've been teaching here over a year, but it seems you're the one who's teaching me."

Matron smiled. "I had to put up with you."

Quistis nodded. "Thanks, Matron."

"Call me Edea," she said. "I know you're used to calling me Matron, but if the other kids got used to that name, they may think it sounds evil, like Matrix."

Quistis laughed a bit. "You do have a point."

Edea seemed a bit disturbed by something. "I was eighteen when I let you all go by the age of five, and now I'm thirty-one. That's not too old, is it?"

Quistis smiled. "Of course not. We still have your geezer of a husband, Cid, here, don't we?"

Edea laughed. "Well, he's four years older than I, and wants to retire. He hardly has gray hairs, if any."

Quistis passed her, then said "I have some paperwork I need to tend to, so I'll see you later. I think I'll get to that detention plan tomorrow."

"You won't have Seifer in your class tomorrow?"

"No, I have him tomorrow," Quistis told her, "but I've had too rough of a day to handle much more of him today."

They parted, and Quistis headed for the Teacher's Lounge, thinking about Rinoa's note.

(Lots of talking, yesh? I'm trying to immitate a hypello =P)