Okay, this is sort of a what-if inspired by Devotion ch. 17. What if Yugi didn't forgive Yami during his duel against Mai during Duelist Kingdom?

Was planning on making it a one-shot, although a long one, but I have only two hours on the computer, so I probably will have to do it in sections.

This is K/YY/Y, and yaoi, peoples. Michael, I love you, but don't read this.

It's defiantly not a PWP though.

Disclaimer: If I owned Yu-gi-oh, Kaiba wouldn't be stuck acting like such an idiot. I used to not like him. The way some people don't like Tea.


--Yugi, please! Let me help you! I promise I will never go against your wishes again, just let me help you!—

-No! I can't trust you! You'll hurt Mai!-

--If we don't work together Mai will win, and what will happen to your Grandfather, Kaiba and Mokuba? We promised Mokuba we'd help him!—

-I can beat Mai!-

--...But what about Pegasus? With his Millennium Eye you need the power of the Millennium Puzzle, my power, if you're to stand a chance! Remember what you're Grandfather said in that dream? Trust me! I won't hurt anyone!—

-And how do I know you didn't send that dream?-


-That's what I thought, you...you...-

--It was truly your Grandfather and the others speaking to you. I merely aided them.—

-And I am supposed to believe you why? Shut up and get out of my head, you monster. No wonder I can't duel! I have to spend all my strength to hold you back!-

--..If I were truly fighting you, you wouldn't be able to hold me back.—

-I stopped you killing Kaiba, didn't I?-

--I let you take over because I didn't want to go against your will.—

-Yeah right. Get out of my head, you monster. Or I'll smash the puzzle!-

--Yugi, if you don't draw the correct card this turn, you'll lose! Please!—


--...You leave me no choice.—

-What do you mean?-

--I can't let Pegasus continue to hold those souls. I can't let him take yours. I...I have no choice. I'm sorry Yugi.—

Yugi began to feel himself black out. He remembered the past, when the spirit had taken him over completely, and knew he had lost the battle to hold the spirit back. –Damn you! If you kill anyone, I swear I'll destroy the puzzle if it's the last thing I do!-

--...As you wish. I have made my choice.—


Mai's eyes narrowed. Yugi had changed. Before he had been the sweet, broken little child she'd seen in the aftermath of Kaiba's duel. Now...She smiled.

"So, are you finally ready to give me all you've got, Yugi?" She asked teasingly, relieved he had finally recovered his spirit.

He smiled sadly. "Correct on the first part, wrong on the second."

"What?" She asked, confused. "Whatever. You're too late anyways, Yugi. I've got you trapped."

He smiled again, but there was no joy in it. "We'll see who has who trapped." He closed his eyes and drew. "Swords of Revealing Light!"

"Wha...but you didn't even look at the card!" Mai cried incredulously as the swords slammed down, imprisoning her harpies and their dragon.

"You wanted a serious duel, Mai. I'm giving it to you as my parting gift." He smiled again.

'He smiles like someone about to die...' She thought, confused.

"What do you mean, Yugi?"

"...Nothing. Well, it's your turn?"

She drew. "I can't do anything. Your turn."

He drew with his eyes closed again. "I play Kuriboh in attack mode and use Monster Reborn to revive Gaia, the Fierce Knight!"

"What's a hairball supposed to do against me?" Mai asked, laughing.

Another smile that made her heart break. "Don't underestimate things simply because they are small and cute, Mai. Your turn."

"Whatever...You're turn."

He drew, and smirked. But it didn't reach his eyes. "I play the Black Luster Ritual, sacrificing Kuriboh and Gaia to summon the Black Luster Soldier!"

"What the...Oh no!" Mai watched as her dragon was destroyed. 'And I've already played Monster Reborn...I've lost.' She placed her hand over her deck. "You win. I don't want to have to see you destroy my harpies. Thank you, though. For playing against me in a fair duel."

"You're welcome. Goodbye Mai. You're concern for your harpies shows you already understand the heart of the cards. No wonder you're such a great duelist. You'll go far."

"What's this about goodbye, Yugi? I'm sure we'll meet again at other tournaments. I'm looking forward to facing you again, and beating you!" She clenched her fist.

Another not-smile. "Indeed. You may meet Yugi again at other tournaments. I hope for his sake you do. But this is the last time you will see me." He raised his eyes, and she gasped. They were red, and almost seemed to glow. 'But...but when I was with Yugi last night I swear his eyes were purple...'

"Goodbye, Mai." The not-Yugi said. She nodded, and left.

Croquet's voice intruded on the silence. Pegasus was watching with his eyes slitted and Yugi's friends on the balcony were wondering what was going on. "Clear the arena for the next duel."

"No." The gang was shocked to hear a voice say. It was Yugi. Or was it?

"Clear or be disqualified."

"I don't care. Pegasus!"

"What, Yugi-boy?" Pegasus said lazily.

"Stop playing around. You can see my mind, you know what I'll do to you if you don't release those souls and hand over the Millennium Eye right now!"

Pegasus laughed. "Don't even try to bluff ME, otherYugi-boy. You'd never go through with it. Yugi-boy would never kill you. Are you truly, truly willing to die to save these souls?" He took a stack of cards out of his pocket and shuffled them.

"Yes. You have until the count of three. One..."

Pegasus smiled. Joey yelled, "Hey Yug..."

"...Two..." Yami said, his eyes hard.

'You don't have the will. You couldn't bear to have Yugi hate you, even to save him.' Pegasus thought.

"... Three." Yami's eyes narrowed. He held out his hand,... and Pegasus's head appeared in it.

Everyone gasped. Ryou fainted at the sight of the blood being pumped out of the severed neck.

"That's...not Yugi." The others thought, horrified.

The not-Yugi held out his other hand to Pegasus's eyes, and the Millennium Eye appeared in it. He tossed the head away, put the eye in a pocket and a deck of cards appeared in his left hand. He waved his other hand over it, eyes closed, and the imprisoned souls flew out. He let the cards drop and stayed that way, head bowed, for a long moment, until Joey broke the silence.


The figure looked up and smiled. So familiar and yet so wrong. The shape of their friend, but the mind of another. But...this was not the other either. His eyes glowed with confidence. This...was a man waiting for death.

"You know I'm not him, Joey. Everyone..." He looked at the spectators. "Thank you for being Yugi's friends and, perhaps, in some way mine as well. I would like to say...Goodbye. And...please look after Yugi for me."

"Wha..." Joey was confused. "You're acting like you're going somewhere."

"I am going to die, Joey."

"What?! Everyone yelled.

"Yugi will never forgive me for this: and if he hates me, I have no reason to live. As soon as I can ensure that these," He held up the Eye and Puzzle, "Can be lost forever, I will let him have his body back and he will take apart the puzzle, as I deserve. Goodbye." And he turned and walked out of the dueling arena, followed by their stunned silence.


'Where am I?' Kaiba thought. 'It doesn't matter. I'm free! Yugi must have defeated Pegasus! Now how do I get out of this cell? I don't seem to have my lockpicks...'

The door burst of its hinges and the chains dissolved. As Kaiba wondered what the hell was going on, he saw Yugi walking toward him. "Yugi...?"

"No." The answer was curt. "Get up, Kaiba, we'll go fetch Mokuba and then go to your helicopter. I need you to help me dump some things in a good deep part of the sea."

"What?" was the only comment Kaiba could make. This wasn't the Yugi from school, who had surrendered on the castle battlements. This was the Yugi he had duelled against. Who had been willing to let him die to save his Grandfather. Or was he his Grandfather. "You're not Yugi, are you? But you use his body...are you some kind of ghost?"

The figure smiled. "Very astute, Kaiba. I'd thought you'd figured it out after you saw me switch with Yugi in our first duel. Yes. I am the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. Which, along with the Millennium Eye, you are going to help me make sure no one ever finds."

"What? If the Puzzle is lost, and you're tied to it, what'll happen to you?"

"I'll die, Kaiba. Since your actions broke Yugi's trust in me, I had to take him over and kill Pegasus to free you and the others. He'll never forgive me. So, since he gave me this life when he solved the puzzle, I'm letting him take it away." The figure turned. "Come, Kaiba."

Kaiba came.


"Big brother!" Kaiba was glomped by an enthusiastic Mokuba, who then flung himself away and glomped ...not-Yugi. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved my brother like you promised! Thank you, Yugi! Thank you so much!"

A smile that didn't reach the eyes. It creeped Kaiba out. The spirit was going to DIE. Yugi was going to take apart the puzzle and KILL him. How could he be so calm? How could he be so accepting of his fate? "He did it to save Yugi and the rest of us from Pegasus." Kaiba thought, stunned. "How long has it been since Yugi started wearing the Puzzle? Three months, four? It's not fair!"

"You're welcome, little one. But I am not Yugi."

Mokuba cocked his head. He'd also seen...too much not to believe what he heard. "Who are you then?"

"I don't know. It doesn't matter, anyways."

"Yes it does! I want to know the name of the person who saved me and my big brother!" Mokuba recognized the emptiness he saw. He'd seen the same in Kaiba, during Gozaburo's 'training'. He'd cheered big brother up with the drawing he gave him, and he would help this person as well.

"I don't know what my name was, but I picked one out a while ago. You can call me Yami, for as long as I'm around to be called anything."

"What do you mean?"

"Lets get going, Kaiba." Yami said, ignoring Mokuba's question.

'He's so eager to let Yugi kill him?' "Let's move out, Mokuba."

"Coming, big brother!"


Kaiba set the helicopter to hover. "This is some of the deepest water between Duelist Kingdom and Domino. And I can keep and eye on the site, and stop anyone who starts diving here."

"Thank you, Kaiba." Yami opened the window, and dropped the Eye. Kaiba watched, fascinated, as it fell. Yami sighed. "Goodbye, Kaiba, Mokuba. I hope you are happy. Please, if you have any gratitude towards me...look after Yugi for me."

He closed his eyes, and went limp.


Yugi had given up pounding on the doors of this strange room he had found himself in a long time ago. Now he sat in the middle of the bed, with his legs bent up against his chest. Horrible thoughts were circling round and round in his head. What had the spirit done to Mai? What about everyone else?

The door opened. Yugi sprang up and launched himself at the spirit, beating his fists against his chest. The spirit made no move to defend himself.

"What did you do?! How could you?!..."Yugi screamed incoherently. He soon let up his assult, dropped his head in his hands and sobbed.

Yami almost reached out to touch him, but held himself back. Yugi would not appreciate being touched by the one he hated. –Mai is fine. Your friends and grandfather are fine, as well as the Kaiba brothers. Pegasus...will trouble you no more. Soon no one will have any reason to trouble you further.—

-You killed Pegasus, didn't you?!- Yugi screamed in Yami's head.


-How could you!-

--...It was the only way to keep you safe.—

-Who else did you kill?!-

--No one.—

-I don't believe you! You can't keep me here forever! As soon as I get out, I'm going to smash the puzzle! I won't let you hurt anymore people!—

-We...your body is currently in Kaiba's helicopter over a deep part of the sea. He promised to keep divers away from it. After you take apart the puzzle, you won't have to worry about it.—

-What...- Yugi fell back and stared. -...Why? Why are you just letting me win? Are you taunting me?- He asked suspiciously.

--I would never taunt you Yugi. As for why...you can never forgive me for what I have done. And if you hate me...I have no reason to live. This way...you'll be safe. No one like Pegasus will ever come after you for the puzzle if you don't have it. You won't be in any danger from me anymore. Yugi, goodbye.—Yami turned away. –- I just wanted you to be happy, that's all I ever wanted.—

-Why? Why would a powerful spirit like you ever care about me?-

--Because...--Yami turned back, an unreadable look in his eyes. –-Because I love you.— And he kissed Yugi.

Yugi was completely taken by surprise. When a tongue swirled against his lips he parted them and tasted warm mulled wine: intoxicating, exotic, and warming him to his toes. –Mmmm...-

Yami pulled away, and Yugi launched himself at him.

-How could you?! Did you think I'd forgive you if you seduced me?! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you...- He pounded his fists against Yami's chest.

--Goodbye, my precious one. Maybe, one day...you won't hate me so much...?—

-I'll hate you forever!- Yugi snarled as the room vanished around him and he felt himself return to his body. He opened his eyes and growled, shocking Kaiba and Mokuba as he reached for the puzzle...


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