O Flame, Please Don't Take My Heart

O Flame, Please Don't Take My Heart

By: Theodore 'Blitz' Leung


Ryna remained silent, as the dark haired teenage boy known as Shade left her gaze. It wasn't long before he left, though Sarpal replaced his position by the trainer's side.

"Have an interesting conversation?" she asked curiously. Ryna nodded slowly, knowing where she had to go next in her journey.

"I have to go west…" she spoke out, facing towards that direction. Initially Sarpal was wondering why she would need to go that way, then it hit her, with the Phoenix that flew overhead. What Samantha told her about Tim while they were fighting at Stadium, it become quite clear why the Pallet Town trainer needed to head west.

"You're going after him," Sarpal stated. Ryna sighed, walking back towards Stadium, where she intended to collect her Pokémon. Sarpal followed her, though noting the considerable difference between the trainer she saw now and the one she knew before. There was silence yet again as they made their way back.

* * * * * *

Flare and Charles stepped out of the Stadium, hoping not to be noticed by anyone else.

"Are you sure you don't want to say good bye?" Flare asked her partner. Charles looked back, sadness on his face.

"It'll just make things all too difficult…" he answered, looking forward again. "We could've saved Sam…" Flare looked down at the ground, also feeling guilty for not being able to save Sam. "We lose Tim…then we lose Sam…and now we might lose Ryna…" Charles sighed. "It's a curse…"

A rustling from the bushes nearby startled them. Slowly, Spark emerged from the bushes. Sam's pendant was around his neck, dangling.

"Sam says that you shouldn't feel guilty," he told them, before walking past them. "But if you wish to leave…then you should do as you like…" His words hit home for the other two fire types as he slowly entered back into the Stadium. Both felt even guiltier.

"Come…let's go…." Flare spoke softly. Charles nodded, the two beginning their journey to lands unknown.

* * * * * *

Sarpal and Ryna ended back in the room where all their Pokémon were waiting, however, it came quickly to Ryna that certain Pokémon were missing from the group.

"Where's Charles and Flare?" she asked. The Pokémon in the room exchanged glances, none of them noticing anyone missing until now.

"They left…" Spark spoke, entering the room. All eyes turned on the Growlithe, who now had Sam's Pendant around his neck. "Sam says 'hi'," he spoke next, saddened. Ryna was now confused, wondering what Spark just implied with that comment.

Before she could ask, another two trainers entered the room.

"Simon!!" Blitz cried out, happy to see his original trainer again. However, both Rocky and Slasher were in shock with the other trainer.

"Carter?!" both Ground type Pokémon exclaimed. He smiled lightly and slowly waved his hand.

"Well…I guess there's going to be a lot of explaining to do…" Sarpal mused.

* * * * * *

Morning came quickly, no one noticing with the circle of tales that got around. Spark admitted to seeing Flare and Charles leave, and he figured it was because they were guilty. It wasn't until the afternoon did the four trainers decide what to do next.

"I wish I could help you more…but…I got a gym to get back to..." Simon told Ryna, apologizing for abandoning her. Sarpal, however, was still a bit shaken from the events.

"I need some time to think…" she told Ryna. "I wish I could help you…but…my thoughts are still muddled…scattered…just from witnessing…"

"I'm sorry…but I'll probably be too much of a burden for you…" she concluded. Ryna nodded, wishing the Sarpal could come, but knew it better if she didn't.

Pokémon have been returned to their original trainers. Simon got back Spirit, Blitz, and Leviathan. As for the remaining Pokémon, Ryna adopted Hydra and Spark while Carter took Rocky and Slasher under his wing.

The four waved their final good byes, hoping to see each other again soon. With that, they were separated: Ryna and Carter out to search for a lost friend.

* * * * * *

Spark followed far behind the group, deep in thought, or perhaps better yet, conflicting over his own heart.

"I'm sorry, Sam…" he thought, knowing full well she could hear him. However, silence answered for him, making Spark even sadder. "I didn't know she could reflect the Nova Arc…I just didn't…"

"Hey…are you alright?" Psy asked, walking in step with the Growlithe. He looked over to his left, the Bulbasaur asking.

"I-it's nothing," he stammered. Psy's face turned sour.

"I might not know much…" she spoke softly. "I might not know Sam…and I might have weak Psychic abilities…but I know…she's in there, isn't she?" Spark remained silent.

"Yes, I'm in there." Psy read the thought that came from Spark's mind, but knew right there that it wasn't Spark. There was another entity in his body, one Psy detected but couldn't identify before.

"Sam…" Spark growled. "I'm…so-"

"Spark…please don't be…" Sam 'thought'. "You didn't know…and I should've known…all that time…just that feeling…I should've known…" Psy thought she heard the human trapped in a Pokémon's body sniffle. She walked away, leaving the Growlithe to fight a battle only he could come to terms with.

* * * * * *

Ryna sat down on the cliff edge, staring out towards an island in the distance. Her knees were pulled up to her chest as she admired the view, but she also had a dead amount of seriousness to reach that island.

"You should get some rest," Carter spoke, approaching her from behind. She didn't turn, only continued to stare at the island so far away. "We can get a boat in the nearby harbour and get to there, but it won't do you any good if you're tired when we start sailing." Ryna remained silent, listening, but not hearing. Carter sighed, knowing she heard, but also knew how stubborn she was.

"I wonder if she was ever this stubborn before…" he thought, heading back towards the campsite. However, Psy remained diligent in watching over Ryna. The Bulbasaur had a strange sensation, and then she knew some of them might not make it from that trip to the island tomorrow.

"Please…if you can hear me…watch over all of us…" Psy whispered. "He will be coming…and then…someone will never return."

* * * * * *

The island was shrouded with forest and vegetation that scaled the entire side of the large cliff in front of them. A beach surrounded this natural pillar of land, with a faded trail that led to the top. Lin hopped onto Ryna's shoulder, chirping in her enthusiasm. Hydra was ready as well, though Spark was silent and somewhat unwilling to continue.

Carter's team was also mostly enthusiastic, except for Psy, and her premonition that she has let to tell anyone of.

"Burner's up there…" Psy told herself, looking up. She knew, because she could feel his presence. "But…he is coming too…to claim Burner's life…" Psy, not wanting to see anyone else hurt, began to rush up the path. Confused exclaims and shouts echoed through the group before they were organized and chased the Grass type up.

* * * * * *

Burner watched as Psy finally appeared. The Bulbasaur was frozen by the Phoenix's presence. The entire area was open and flat with grass growing on the top of this cliff.

"They are finally here…"

"What should we do now, Tim?" Burner asked his other self.

"We stay…" Tim responded. It was strange for him to share a body with that of his closest Pokémon and friend. He never got used to it, and he ordered Burner to continue to fly. It always occurred to the Cinnabar Special Forces operative that Ryna would be better off without him, after his betrayal on Cinnabar Island. Yet, Ryna has continued to pursue him all this time, her faith keeping them so close, yet so far. Tim finally decided to confront Ryna, hoping she could answer his one question: Why?

Ryna quickly ran up next, stopping in her tracks when she saw the Phoenix.

"Burner…" she muttered under her breath. The others followed up behind her, also screeching to a halt on the sight of the Pokémon. Slowly, Ryna approached the firebird. Burner didn't move, only awaited for her arrival, and then asked.

"Why?" both the trainer from Pallet and the Pokémon asked at the same time. Ryna looked away, unsure how to answer, as did Burner.

"I betrayed you once," Burner spoke with the voice of Tim. "You don't need someone who let you down to be your friend." Ryna started at Burner, tears forming on her eyes.

"Tim…you ran all this time…because of me?" she spoke softly, touched, yet angered at the same time. "I…I chased you all this time…because I wanted you back…and I'll find a way to bring you back…" Burner nodded slowly, lowering his head.

"I will not run anymore…" he spoke. A tear fell down Ryna's cheek. She hugged the Phoenix's neck, glad that her journey is finally over.

"I'll find a way…and we can be together again…" she spoke, crying.

"Oh…how I missed you Ryna," Tim spoke softly, despite it being Burner's voice.

"How touching!" a voice shouted out. All of the trainers and Pokémon looked up, but Psy already knew who it was that spoke those words.

"Angel, you've come…" Psy spoke, loud enough for everyone to hear. The Bulbasaur stepped forward. She might not be ready, but with what Simon told her, only she could even come close to hurting this Psychic Pokémon.

"What do you want?!" Ryna cried out, tears still visible. Angel grunted, slowly landing on the far side of the cliff.

"Eternal life…" he told all of them mentally. Ryna wasn't sure what Angel meant with those words, but then she turned back to face Burner.

'An Angel absorbs the like of the eternal flame…'

Ryna repeated those words, finally realizing what the objective was.

"NO!" she screamed out, stepping defensively in between herself and Burner. "You will not take Burner!"

"Ah, so you have read the legend…" Angel spoke softly, smirking. "And do you really think you can stop me?" He raised his right arm, psychic energy gathering. Ryna quickly raised her arms, bracing for impact that soon came. She was knocked aside, rolling back towards the other Pokémon and Carter.

"No you don't!!" Spark cried out, leaping forward and unleashing a Flamethrower attack. Angel stared at the Growlithe as the attack blasted through him, not fazing him what so ever.

"Die!" Angel shouted, unleashing a beam of psychic energy at Spark. The Growlithe went flying backwards, though the entire blast was absorbed into the pendant he wore.

The Fire Pokémon landed on the ground with a thud, skidding to a halt. The pendant snapped off and slid to the side, glowing with energy that no one noticed. All eyes were turned to Angel, who was again smirking.

"Anyone else?" he asked, slowly approaching Burner. None of the other Pokémon made a move, afraid of what could happen. The firebird took to the sky, ready to protect his friends from this Pokémon. The Phoenix unleashing a storm of feathers. Explosives rocked the ground all around Angel, but he wasn't even affected by the attack.

Burner grunted, wondering if any of his other attacks could be effective if that wasn't. Nevertheless, he followed up with a Fire Corridor hoping that it'll be more effective then before.

"No, don't!" Psy cried out, but the warning was too late. Burner dived down, a trail of fire following him as he made a collision course with the Angel. Both impacted, the two surrounded with fire. No one could see what was happening inside the dome of fire. All eyes turned to the slowly dwindling dome.

"Tim!!" Ryna cried out, still lying on the ground. Angel held the firebird's neck in his hand, absorbing the energy of the Phoenix into his own body. Burner tried to struggle, but to no avail. The Pokémon was losing energy fast. Hydra and Lin exchanged glances, before knowing what they had to do.

The power of electricity surged up the hydropower that Hydra unleashed with his water gun. The two were confident they could break the hold Angel had on Burner.

Their confidence faded when the attack slammed right into a barrier and dissipating. The two Ground types and Fighting type took their lead, rushing in and trying to break through the solid wall of psychic energy using their fist and claws. It proved useless as Angel blasted all three back with one Psychic, fainting all of them.

Burner's struggle slowed down, his energy failing.

"Good night eternal flame…" Angel spoke, taking the last of the energy from the firebird. He tossed Burner's body away.

"Tim…no…" Ryna muttered, getting to her feet. She blinked, still trying to process what just happened. Angel glared menacingly at Ryna, then to the other fallen Pokémon. He would enjoy destroying them all.

"Stupid Growlithe…" Angel muttered, ready to destroy the original attacker. He charged up for a Psychic attack and going to toss the dog off the cliff.

Or Angel was going to do that until he was rudely interrupted by another Flamethrower attack.

"ARGH!" Angel cried out, falling to his knee and taken completely by surprise. He glanced behind him.

"Miss me?" Samantha spoke softly, her left arm raised. No one could believe how she was standing there right now, right then, and unleashing a Flamethrower attack from her hand. Then again, no one could complain, since she just save Spark's life. Angel gritted his teeth, now angered. He curled his hand into a fist, charging energy. His gaze fell upon Ryna.

"It's Genocide!!" Psy screamed. Ryna blinked, but before she could move, a black beam of energy surged towards her. She took a step back keeping her alive for that split second alive.

Lin jumped into the way of the beam, taking the entire attack with her small body for her trainer. She grinned lightly, before the force sent her flying off the cliff edge and down to the murky waters below.

"LIN!!!" Ryna cried out, running to the edge of the cliff. She searched all around, but couldn't see a trace her the Pikachu's body anywhere. "LIN!!!" she cried out again.

"This has to end…" Psy thought. "We've lost too much already. We can't lose more…" Psy closed her eyes, empowering her body with the latent Psychic ability given to her by Angel's DNA. "Even if it means my life…I have to stop Angel…"

Angel could feel the charge of energy from Psy's body, and then he saw fear. With the amount of energy Psy was gaining in those few milliseconds, he could surpass even Angel's power within a minute. The immortal Pokémon now headed towards Psy, ready to take care of her here and now.

Angel quickly turned around and erected a Psychic shield, blocking the next Flamethrower attack from Samantha. She yelped in surprise as she was knocked off her feet with a Psychic kick. Angel continued to advance on Psy.

"Leave her alone!" Hydra shouted, running to Angel with a Skull Bash attack. The head butt knocked Angel back a few steps, which was retaliated with Hydra getting slammed into the ground with Psychic.

Psy's Psychic energy continued to rise at exponential values. Angel continued his charge, knowing if he could also absorb Psy's energy, he would be at full strength.

A shot rang out, a bullet piercing the shoulder of Angel. He looked to his left towards Carter, his pistol drawn. The soldier unleashed another six rounds, stopped by the psychic shield Angel placed. Angel, now annoyed with all these attempts, reached snapped the gun with a Psychic. The bits crumbled in Carter's hands.

"Now…no one will stand in my way…" Angel thought, almost upon the Bulbasaur.

A tremor knocked the Pokémon off his feet. Again, he cursed wondering who could have used Earthquake. All the Ground types were fainted. Angel looked up.

Tim knelt down on the ground, his fist pressed against the grass. A small impression was there, showing him as the cause of the Earthquake.

"You just don't die!!" Angel shouted, enraged. He was about to rip Tim to shreds with multiple Psychic attacks until Psy entered his mind.

"Die…" she spoke softly. With all the Psychic energy stored, she lowered her bulb at Angel. A beam of golden energy blasted out at Angel. He placed another Psychic shield up, but to no avail. The beam of Psychic energy punched right through the shield and right at Angel. There was no cry of the pain. The amount of energy disintegrated Angel completely, leaving nothing left but ashes.

* * * * * *

Carter looked back towards the East, where he came from. After his journey with Ryna, he said goodbye to her and his comrade. Psy and Ripper stood by his side.

"If I see Lin, I'll give you a call right away," Carter remembered telling Ryna before they departed. He wanted to continue to go West. Something was calling him out there, and wherever he went, his Hitmonchan went with him.

As for Psy, she continued to follow Carter. Without any other purpose to her life now, she would have to find one, and she knew she could find one being with Carter.

* * * * * *

Samantha surveyed the arena, her arena. She returned to Star City after saying her farewells to Ryna and co. She wasn't sure how she was resurrected, but she wouldn't argue with it.

"It feels good to be alive," she spoke, both Spark and Hydra agreeing with her. A trainer stepped out of the elevator and onto the rooftop arena.

"Are you Samantha of the Star City gym?" he asked. Samantha nodded.

"Have you come for a badge?" she asked, smiling. Hydra and Spark were ready for what this trainer had for them.

* * * * * *

Ryna sat still, sitting on a chair in her home on Pallet. Tim stood close by, painting her image onto the canvas he had. Ryna was saddened, but never gave up hope that Lin was alive.

Rocky and Slasher watched Tim do his job, but each felt the lose Ryna felt.

"She'll be okay," Slasher spoke up. Ryna didn't move from her position, but she agreed.

"She's a tough one…she will find a way to come back…" Ryna thought.


Author's Note:

Series 2 is complete. Series 3 is up there, don't worry, I'm working on it. Until then, I hope you all enjoyed reading Series 2 as well as Series 1.

Just for the record, I do not own Pokémon. It is owned by Nintendo, and used without permission. All (well, most) fan characters in these two series so far belong to me. If you wish to use any of these characters, e-mail me and we can work out something.

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