Here she was again, in the quiet of the night, at his place. She knew her friends would ridicule her and feel that they couldn't trust her anymore. She walked inside and he looked up from his book. He looked at her and rubbed his cheek, wishing the stubble was gone. She smiled softly and sat down on the couch. He knew they were being reckless and the gang would find out soon and every time she came he tried to reason with her. For her to tell them. But no, they wouldn't understand. Would they ever?

Their love was fated and never-ending even after he was evil and tried to kill her on a regular basis. He tried to kill her, but the funniest thing was that she still came back. She smiled again and went to an empty bedroom to change. She came out a few minutes later with her hair up in a loose bun and wearing some stretchy pants and a leotard. He took of his shirt and they did some exercises together.

When he fell she helped him up and even though he was quite a bit taller than her she helped stabilize him. She'd always done that, as long as he could remember, she'd always had faith.