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The Swabbies

Chapter 5: Two Cites, Two Side of the Same Coin

Genkai walked about the out-control bar fights, dark alleys full of rapists and murders, and the stores that were definitely selling Black Market goods. She found no-one of interest. She found nothing worth her time.

'Time to go back to the ship, no-one here is suitable to be my pupil.' Genkai thought as she passed by a tall man with a blue Mohawk. He was drunk and rearing for a fight. There was a little boy next to him. The boy had Yo-Yos that twirled about crashing into the faces of random drunken bastards. Genkai could sense great Spiritual Energy from these two. These boys weren't going to be her pupils, but they could be her shipmates. Hiei had explained to her that he was in need of more hands, thus explaining Jin and Touya. It also explained why Goki was still around.

Genkai smiled. She had formed the perfect plan to get these two to Hiei.

"Hey! I have some rum!" She yelled at the drunken man. He turned his full attention to her. "Grab that kid of yours and I'll give you some!" The man grabbed the boy, who let out an 'oof'. Now Genkai began to walk away, quickening her pace ever so slightly. The man stalked her, his eyes filled with hope at the promise of rum.

Thwam!! The doors of the bar cashed into the wall, as Hiei had kicked them open. Hiei stood there, an oblivious Pirate Captain (he had a large red hat). He strolled into the room, with purposeful steps and all the attention the bar could offer. Hiei stepped up to the bar.

"Give me the largest bottle of your strongest stuff." The bar keep was stunned for a moment, but the glare Hiei gave him got the man his motivation. Hiei was given a foot tall bottle of Moonshine Whiskey. Hiei paid the man and turned to the rest of the bar.

"I'll give this to whoever answers my question in a nice, polite manner." Everyone nodded. "Here's the question: where exactly is the Dawn of the naval fleet docked?" The bar befell a hushed silence. A woman with excessively large breasts and a revealing set of clothes approached Hiei.

"The Dawn is docked in Leem." She answered. Hiei raised a skeptical eyebrow.

"And how do I know a hooker like you is a reliable source of information?" Hiei half-taunted her.

"My bed partner last night was a member of the Dawn's crew. He liked to talk when he had rum." She smiled. Hiei nodded.

"If you tell me false I'll come back here and kill you." He presented her with the vow. And the hooker accepted it and the bottle.

"Slap Goki for me, will ya Jaganshi?" She called as Hiei just about cleared the threshold that would take him outside. He turned around and winked at her.

"Any day for my fair lady." He bowed and left. The hooker had once been a member of the Bara's crew. Hiei smiled as he walked about town, looking for anyone worth his time. After a few hours he found himself empty-handed at the ship.

And sight he saw was an impressive one.

Genkai was fighting a drunk with a blue Mohawk and a boy with Devil Yo-Yos. She clearly had the upper hand, though her opponents were no pushovers. Jin and Touya watched her with their mouths hanging open. These were the men Hiei had been looking for but why was Genkai fighting them? And more importantly, how did they get on his ship.

Hiei jumped into the middle of the fray and set everyone flying. Three against one, no matter how good they were, Hiei could easily win. He demonstrated this when he managed to knock the others about with ease. Genkai was wise in her attacks and made for a tough opponent but she was no match for Hiei. After a few more minutes, Genkai found herself on the deck and Hiei's sword on the back of her throat.

"Fighting a Pirate is suicide." Hiei informed her.

"Heh! This is my reward for dragging those Swabbies in for you?" Hiei raised an eyebrow and let Genkai stand. She smiled at him. "I decided that I wanted to join your group of rag-tags whether or not I got your permission." She announced. Hiei smiled and sheathed his sword.

"You certainly did earn that!" He looked at the two people she had drug in. "I'll offer you my offer." Genkai nodded, though the offer she got caught her off guard.

Yusuke looked out at the sea with Keiko next to him. He liked her, I mean, he really liked her. She meant everything to him. Yusuke examined her beauty for a long moment. Her long chestnut hair in two long pony tails. Her brown eyes. And the angel-sent smile. Yusuke had known her years.

"Keiko what would happen if I went out and became a sea man?" She gave Yusuke a puzzled look at his question.

"I don't know…. I just want to be with you…." Keiko leaned onto Yusuke's shoulder, making him blush.

"You're right, I got all the treasure in all the world right here." He wrapped an arm around Keiko's shoulder making her blush as well.

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