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Chapter Fifteen: Truth in the Labyrinth

She was cold. The moment Rawnie Valerious' mind bubbled out of unconsciousness, the icy chill around her grabbed hold of her senses. With eyes still tightly shut, she wrapped her bare arms around herself. Beneath her, she could feel a small amount of warmth coming from a poorly constructed mattress baring no blankets to speak of. She attempted to bring her knees up to her chest to conserve her body heat, but the action was slow and strenuous from some kind of new, thick fabric folded over her legs. Her torso also rejected the simple movement, calling attention to the tightness that was firmly wrapped around her midsection and chest. As her mind cleared even more, she came to the conclusion that she was, in fact, clothed in something. However, she was still horribly cold.

Cracking her eyes open finally, the woman's eyes slowly adjusted to the poor lighting that inhabited whatever room she was in. Rawnie soon discovered that she was not familiar with this room; this was not a room in her home. Pushing herself up off the lumpy thing below her, she carefully took in the details of her surroundings. The bed she was now sitting on was fairly large, but apparently had many years on it. Around her, bits of furniture spotted the walls, each one covered thickly in dust. The old, wood floor below was no different. The walls themselves probably once held a rich color, but now they were desperately faded. One large window peered outside, ragged drapes hanging over the glass in pieces. However, the one thing that caught her interest most of all was the door across the room. The exit. She did not know where she was, but as the last memories she had before falling into darkness where that of people. People trying to take her. Wherever she was, Rawnie knew she did not want to be there.

Sliding off the edge of the bed, the Valerious was finally forced to look down at herself when the clicks of fine shoes hit the floor instead of the thump of her boots. She was dressed in…a dress. As she stepped further away from the bed, the long trail of fine fabric behind her flopped to the floor, clearly showing the extent of the garment. It was black, so black that it made her skin appear as if it were as white as snow. The pressure she felt along her midsection was an extremely clinched corset, pulling her body into a shape that she never would have achieved naturally. The cloth the gown was made of was smooth, possibly silk, and was covered in delicate stitched designs. The woman couldn't help but flick at the milky pearls that were draped across the front of the dress as she gazed down at herself. Rawnie had never been placed in such a garment before, and she may have thoroughly enjoyed prancing around the room in the gown for a moment if her situation had not been so serious. However, she was forced passed the spectacle of herself and towards the closed door.

She knew it had to be locked. Why would they put a prisoner in a room that wasn't locked? 'Then again,' she thought as she reached for the handle, 'why would they put me in a dress?' It was odd to be sure, and it became even more odd when the door easily pulled open, revealing a large, empty hallway. Even more cold air rushed at her as she peeked around the doorframe into the darkened corridor. This whole place was freezing…and, as she glared out into the hall, she realized that she may know this freezing place after all.

"Castle Frankenstein," she mumbled. She remembered these dank surroundings from when she had been sprinting threw them not too long ago. Her mind tentatively tried to put some pieces together as she roamed down the hall in whichever direction she deemed appropriate.

Her last visit to the castle introduced her to that…thing. The thing that knew a little too much about Van Helsing for his taste, and paid a little too much attention to Rawnie than she was comfortable with. The same 'thing' that was holding Dracula under its control. His 'master'. The wondering woman just knew that as she turned the next corner she would find this 'master' staring her down. However, she was only met with another empty hallway that led to a large, open door.

Beyond the doorway she could see the glow of a brighter light than was offered in the hall. For a moment, Rawnie halted in her footsteps, nervous about approaching a lit room where anything and anyone could be residing. The first thought that flooded her mind was that a loose Dracula, or worse, his master would be waiting in this room. The second was the possibility of finding Van Helsing or Charlie…The thought of discovering one of her lost comrades pushed her forward slowly.

Her bare hand ran across the rough wall as she walked, as if needing to keep her balance. The other hand gripped onto the smooth fabric of her gown, keeping up pulled up and away from her feet that were behaving quite clumsily in the shoes she found herself in. The echo of the damnable heels echoed ever so slightly over the corridor, making her wince each step with the knowledge that she could be easily heard. Even though her paranoia forced her to shoot a look over her shoulder every now and again, she never found that she was being tracked, and as far as she could tell there was no loud movement in the room ahead that would announce that she had been detected.

Just as she approached the light flowing from the door she stopped, hovering in the shadow just beyond. From what she could see the room was large, and like the hallway, devoid of life. However, an odd scent wafted through the doorway and under her nose. It was not the horrible stench that she had caught during her first visit to the castle, no, this was…delightful. It was warm, spicy, and instantly made her stomach rumble beneath the confines of her dress. It smelled like food. Rawnies mouth began to fill with saliva at the thought of a meal, making her wonder just how long she had been laying unconscious in this place. Slowly, her hand reached out and pushed the door open even further, allowing her full access to the chamber.

The source of the light became very obvious the moment she entered. A large, nearly obnoxiously so, fireplace was going full blaze, sending much needed heat into the room. Even with that light source, there were candles specking the area, adding to the glow. The inspection of the light did not last long, however. Instead, the woman's attention moved over to a long table situated to the right. Food, a great deal of food, was piled over its smooth surface. There were meats and breads, fruits and vegetables, all there begging her to reach out and pluck a piece. Before she knew it, Rawnie had crossed the floor and was now staring down at the potential feast. The grease shining along the skin of the poultry nearly made her grab it in its entirety and bite into it like an animal. A red apple was perched near the edge of the table as if it would topple off at any moment, almost as if it were a ploy to get her to catch it, to hold it in her hand. It was all so tempting…

She stepped back. As hungry as she was, her brain was screaming out that something was off. The dress was wrong, the offering of food was wrong. That delicious apple could easily be poisoned, as could the meat. So, clutching her stomach, Rawnie backed away slowly from the table, for the first time in her life, not giving into temptation.

"Are you not hungry?"

The voice behind her sent her spinning on her heels, her heart skipping a beat, and her breath tightening. Her wild eyes searched around the room for the person who gave her a fright. What she found made her empty stomach leap in anxiety and her already heaving heart to clinch. The woman backed towards the loaded table once again, forcing distance between herself and the person. She was sure a confused expression took over her face as she spoke.

"Se-Seareinty?" she choked out as she continued to stare wide-eyed at the elderly woman. She only returned the stare, her expression even and calm. She was dressed in garments not unlike those Rawnie first saw her in. She was poised, graceful, and at the moment, very frightening. Her expression gave nothing away, but the younger woman felt danger rolling off of her in waves.

"Oh, my dear, you seem startled. What is the matter?" Seareinty said, slowly walking towards the shaken woman. The moment she spoke, Rawnies mind went into reverse, thinking back to her last few moments of consciousness. She could hear Mrs. Danmonet screeching, 'he has her in his teeth!', then the muddy sound of another woman's voice, ordering Dracula to release her. She remembered his hold on her tightening as she began to fade…

'She has come for both of us, dear Rawnie…'

"Child, you look as if you need to sit down," Seareinty cooed. As more smooth words poured from her mouth, Rawnie found herself coming to a realization. That woman's voice in the tower did sound familiar. The woman thought back to her past encounters with the older woman, and how she made her uneasy. Those eyes, those eerily calm eyes were always on her. Rawnies heart began to pound so hard she was forced to bring a hand up to clutch her chest. In front of her, the other woman simply watched in some twisted kind of curiosity.

"You brought me here…" Rawnie began.

"I brought you here so you could kill the-"

"Stop it!" the Valerious shrieked, doing nothing to rattle the elder. "You brought me here, to this castle. Why? Why am I really in Vaseria?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Don't lie!" again, she screamed, her voice and countenance becoming unsteady from the jagged thoughts that were running through her head. Putting more distance between herself and the old woman, Rawnie moved to the other side of the long table, leaning on it for support. "Why am I here? Why am I dressed like this? Where is everyone?"

"My dear, I assure you they are safe. As for your garments, I found you in quite a…vulnerable state. These were all clothes that I could find for you here," the woman explained, "I had to get you out of that house, Ms. Valerious. That monster had gotten loose-"

"How could you know that?" Rawnie spat back, nearly taking the other woman off guard. "How could you know he had gotten loose?"

After a pause, Seareinty spoke again.

"I was approaching your home-"

"I don't believe you," the gypsy said, cutting her off, "Whatever you say, I don't believe you."

The elderly woman stayed quiet after this, her expression shifting slightly as the younger woman stared her down. For Rawnie, the air became even more thick with tension. That nagging voice in the back of her head told her to turn tail and get out of the room, to try and find Van Helsing…or possibly Dracula.

"Where is Dracula?" Seareinty's head tilted at this question, her eyes looking down her thin nose at the shaken woman.

"Why is that creature of any importance to you?" she answered with another question, a small smile cracking over her face. This only made the Valerious clench in some kind of fear. She didn't know if she should answer…she didn't know if she should lie. Why was he of any importance to her? The lack of voice in her head, urging her to do things gave her a simple answer. He freed her from her scar, if only briefly. But, is that why she felt so compelled to find out where he had gone to? Did it have nothing to do with the taste of cherries and wine he had left on her mouth? No…of course not. Count Dracua was a vampire, a monster…a beautiful monster.

"He-" Rawnies voice choked at an unfortunate time and she shook her head at showing any form of weakness for the vampire. "He is not important."

"Now it is my turn to show my disbelief," Seareinty gave a light chuckle and shook her head, "However, it is good to see that you have become so…accustom to him"

This brought Rawnie's head shooting up towards the slowly approaching woman. Good? Even though the idea of this old woman bringing her here to kill the vampire had left her mind, the queen was still taken aback by this. Seareinty still gazed at her with that smile that sent a chill up her spine, bringing her to back further away from the table and into the open area of the room.

"It will make things much easier, Rawnie Valerious." This speaking of her full name sent her mind swirling again. It brought on thoughts of her previous visit to the castle.

'All that matters is that you are here, Rawnie Valerious. Only you, Rawnie Valerious…'

"Who are you?" Rawnie hissed silently at her newfound enemy. The woman gave a full smile, like the one she offered when they first met, and let out a deep breath.

"Oh, Rawnie Valerious, I have no name…no true name."

'I have no name, no true name.'

Rawnie was panicking. These words were familiar, too familiar. Before she knew it, her already bruised back hit the wall, its cold surface refusing her anymore distance from the eerie woman. As if sensing her uneasiness, Seareinty came to a stop not two yards away from her, continuing to look upon her with something that Rawnie could only identify as humor.

"Rawnie Valerious, I must say I'm glad to see you're still relatively in one piece."

'So glad to see you're still relatively in one piece.'

"Stop!" the gypsy screamed. "Take me to Gabriel, tell me where Dra-"

"He is here," the elder answered before the name could be fully spoke, and she produced a small silver object from the folds of her garment. She showed the piece in an almost pompous manner to the younger woman. "He is back where he belongs."

"That-" Rawnie started as she gazed down at the object. It was a hairclip. She recognized this hairclip. It was Draculas hairclip.

"I feel as if I should thank you for keeping it safe for me, Rawnie Valerious. I was afraid it had been lost."

"You're-" The gypsy tried to breathe normally, but the longer she looked at the sliver clip, the harder it was to catch her breath. This clip belonged to Dracula's master, giving them the power to control the vampire. The power to make him move on their slightest whim. "You're her…you're…"

"The beasts' keeper," the words came in a rougher, more hissed voice. This voice had echoed over the walls of Castle Frankenstein when Gabrielf Van Helsing and Rawnie Valerious had first entered. This voice…she knew this voice.

Pushing herself away from the wall, Rawnie darted to the door, her steps made awkward by the heels. This woman who had brought her back home, this woman she had given trust to, was something else entirely. Something sinister. She needed to get away from this dark being. Her hands reached out towards the doorway, swinging herself around and back into the entrance of the dim hall. Her fleeing was interrupted abruptly though, as the sight of a few small, vicious…people met her eyes. Her mind struggled to pull the name of these things from her mind, but she was forced to back into the room and slam the door as they began letting out a harsh sound. Hearing the door click shut, Rawnie took a deep breath and cautiously looked back toward the creature she only knew as Seareinty, who was currently holding an amused expression.

"You must forgive the Dwergi. They can't help themselves."

Shuffling her feet across the floor, Rawnie snatched up a heavy candlestick. Throwing the bright candle to the ground, she brandished the metal item in both hands in front of her. Her palms were sweating and her arms were shaking, but she still managed to keep a firm grip on her makeshift weapon. Being forced to remain in the room with the chilling woman was something she was definitely not comfortable with, and would be extremely happy if the opportunity to swing a large candlestick made itself known.

"You are so comfortable with Vladislaus, and yet you find me so revolting?" Seareinty laughed and gracefully placed herself down in one of the large chairs surrounding the table. "Of course, I'm sure I'm not the only one who questions your brand of friends."

"Would you be quiet," the Valerious whispered.

"Gabriel Van Helsing, with all his virtues, must have a problem with your…relationship with Vladislaus."

"Shut your mouth," again, Rawnie spoke through gritted teeth.

"He was so accustom to his Anna, that your…sinful actions must bother him. After all, you're not Anna. You will never be Anna, will you? Not as long as he holds a place in your thoughts."

"Quiet!" the young woman's voice echoed loudly off the walls as she hurled the candlestick across the room, aimed at the grinning woman's head. The object flew fast, but it was no match for Seareinty's quick reaction. The wrinkled, fragile hand lurched forward, snatching the projectile out of the air in a tight grip. Rawnie clenched her hands roughly at her sides in anger and curled her lip. The heavy object was tossed to the floor like some child's toy and the older woman watched it roll away.

"Temper, temper, Rawnie Valerious. I would hate to see you strain yourself. You do have an ordeal ahead of you." She wiped the smile from her face, and took on a serious expression.

"Be quiet. I'm tired of hearing your voice…" Rawnie murmured.

"You said you wanted to know why you were here not more than a few minutes ago. Have you changed your mind?" The gypsy queen wrapped her arms around herself and leaned back against the cold wall once more. She was going to tell why she was brought here? It seemed hard to believe that the information could come that easy, but it was hard to resist.

"What ordeal?"

"Now, there's my girl," Seareinty muttered, "You were brought here to perform a very important task, a task that no other woman has been able to complete. Villager after village has been chosen to take it on, but unfortunately, all have ended as a meal for my pet."

"Dracula…" Rawnie whispered in regards to the 'pet' comment.

"You, however, have been at the forefront of my attention for quite some time, Rawnie Valerious. Your past misfortune turns out to be my good fortune."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Just as the Valerious woman began to sneer at the dark creature sitting across the room, she was pushed further into the stone wall by one aged hand. Seareinty stared down at her from her new position of gripping at the young woman's neck.

"I am talking about the powerful being that you hold within your mind and blood. I speak of the power of your mark!" the harsh voice slithered out before another hand clenched the raw wound the count had opened on her already red scar. She let out a small shriek at the pressure over the puncture marks.

"You have a strength to fulfill the task, thanks to Verona's unintentional gift. The woman with the might of the bride. You can surely withstand it."

"Withstand what?" Rawnie coughed out from behind the strong hand of Seareinty. The older woman moved the hand that was clutching the scar and brushed it almost tenderly over the younger woman's face.

"You will be the mother, Rawnie Valerious," she whispered. "The mother of the new era. You will bring night down on the world once more."

"You're not making sense!" the confused one cried out, and began to flail her arms and legs at her captor in an attempt to free herself. However, the frail appearing woman did not founder.

"You will bring forth the child that will spread the gift, the gift that the father no longer possesses. You will be the mother of vampire kind."

Rawnie heard the words, and only reacted by thrashing violently. This old woman was insane! She scratched at her arms and face, kicked at her legs, but the hand around her throat never let up. Her eyes closed as her mind tried to ignore what she knew Seareinty was telling her. It was too much…it was wrong, so very wrong. Suddenly, the elderly woman hurled the frightened gypsy across the room.

Rawnie collided with the floor and skidded several more feet before coming to a painful stop. Her already bruised body screamed at her in rebellion against the harsh treatment, and she had to hold back a moan of discomfort as she pushed herself up enough to look back at the wicked creature that was bringing all of this on her. A strange smile was spread across Seareinty's lips that made the younger woman want to curl up into a tiny ball. Her hands grazed over the rough floor as she tried to get enough balance to bring herself up further. However, her fingertips were interrupted by the cool, shining surface of an elegant boot.

Her body almost rocked with a sob. She didn't have too look to see whose boots were blocking any backward motion. She could feel the power of his presence ram into her, nearly slamming her flat onto the floor. For the first time since she first approached him in that little cell, Rawnie felt the raw strength of Dracula fill the room. It was tearing at her already ragged emotions, but nonetheless, she glanced upward to his form. He was a black shadow among the bright candlelight in the room. His hair pooled around his face and shoulders as he looked down at her, eyes aflame with a blue fire. The Valerious shoved herself across the floor slowly, away from the vampire that she felt so familiar with, yet at the same time, so distant from. Seareinty was saying something to her, but she found herself ignoring the words. Instead, as she shakily stood from the floor, she wanted desperately to scream out at the vampire. She wanted to get him to say something that would make her feel like he was…him. It was stupid of her, she knew, to expect more of a monster…but, she felt all the more distraught knowing that while the clip was in the hands of Seareinty, his monstrous doings were not of his own accord. She wanted to believe that the same monster that had left this taste of cherries and wine on her lips was not the creature in front of her. The creature that was staring at her as if she were prey.

"Dracula…" her voice was as shaky as her body as she spoke. The sound of Rawnie's voice did nothing to shake the vampire from his predator stare and she felt dreadfully alone at that moment.

"Vladislaus," Seareinty called out from behind, "this is what you are here for. Complete the task and bring your kind back unto the world of mortals. Take the girl, and bring forth the child!"

Rawnie didn't dare turn her gaze away from Dracula as the order was given. She tried to push down any thoughts that the count, in all his behavior before, was purposefully trying to bring himself closer to the her for this reason. She told herself that he wouldn't lower himself to conspiring with Seareinty if a choice was given to him. That's what she tried to tell herself…

He took a step toward her, and the woman's fight or flight reaction kicked in as she made for the door. Her mind screamed that behind a flock of Dwergi would be waiting. However, a choice between an attacking vampire and a few snarling dwarfs was an easy decision to make. Throwing the heavy door back, she was briefly stopped by the appearance of an empty hall. Perhaps the approach of Dracula had frightened away his own servants. She took little time to ponder this, and began a clumsy sprint down the hall. Turning the sharp corner, Rawnie glanced back over her shoulder to see, again, an empty hallway. The knowledge that Dracula was not quickly perusing her did nothing to slow her down though.

The stone walls whooshed by her as she made turn after random turn, not knowing where she was going in the castle, but wanting to get as far away from that room as possible. She was sure sweat was beading up on her skin as she struggled to keep her speed in the heavy garments and the glamorous shoes. Her mind seemed numb as she blindly moved, running like a frightened animal. She couldn't think about Van Helsing, Carl, or even Charlie. Her tensed brain only focused on the fact that a dangerous creature was pursuing her, like a hawk zooming in on a rabbit. Or better yet, a bat catching up to a moth. Even as the corridor she was moving through broke open into a large chamber containing a steep set of stairs, she refused to look anywhere but in front of her. One shaking hand swooped down and pulled one shoe, then the other from her feet, willing to expose them to the rough floor beneath for more speed.

Swiftly, she padded down the stairs, breath heaving and nerves firmly rattled. At the bottom, she took to her right and swung open yet another door that led to another, plain looking, redundant hallway. Closing the heavy door behind her, Rawnie collapsed to the ground, her hand still hanging tightly from the metal handle. For a few, sane moments, she tried to figure out what part of the castle she was in. Surely not the bottom floor…surely not the top…She struggled to think of how many floors castle Frankenstein was made of. She drew a blank.

Her inability to think of that one thing, brought her irritation and weariness of the situation to a head, and her eyes clouded with tears. Where was she going to go? What was she going to do? These questions bounced around her skull, giving her a splitting headache. Drawing her knees up as much as she was able, the Valerious woman took in a deep breath of the stale air around her, letting the water in her eyes spill over. Somewhere near, she knew, Dracula was probably waiting and watching, following his masters' orders. This thought only made her face distort in some kind of misplaced sorrow. She could feel her chest cramp up in reaction to it all, and she moved a chilled hand to cover her chest and shoulder.

How could she have let this happen?

In the back of her mind, she could picture Van Helsing asking her what she was talking about. Letting Seareinty do this, or letting herself become so…attached to Vladislaus Dragulia? It was difficult to say aloud, even to herself, that the situation was made all the more challenging by the fact that she could still vividly remember the feel of his hands on her, and the coldness of his lips on hers. She had played with the caged beast, and now he was out.

She eventually released the handle above her head, letting her fingers move roughly across her face, smearing the tears. She needed to get up and moving again. At any moment, the vampire would be upon her and she would be helpless to stop him in this state…or at any state really. The hand along her shoulder squeezed the scar, almost for comfort, before pushing herself from the floor as silently as she was able. Putting pressure on her feet again, she could feel the sweet stinging of nicks and cuts along the soles. She could feel webs along her dress, and dust in her hair. The lovely picture that she had presented before was gone, washed away with the task of running from a monster.

A sound outside the door made her relatively limp body stiffen like a board. Boots…it was the sound of boots along stone, coming closer, and closer to the door. Turning the face it, Rawnie backed away from the thing that blocked whoever was in the chamber from her. She was protected by four inches of steel and wood. It may as well have been a fragile piece of paper to someone like Dracula.

As the footsteps stopped, the woman ran. Imperfections in the stone ripped at the flesh of her feet, but she paid it no mind. The hallway was long and dark, with only a small window at its end to allow moonlight to pour in. As she gained more ground, she could make out the shadows of more doors on either side of the corridor. Her throat let out a choked sound at the reminder of how much of a labyrinth the castle really was. These could lead to more hallways, larger rooms, smaller rooms, or more creatures in the place that she did not want to meet up with. That did not faze her though, as she reached and pulled for the first door she came too.

"Damn it!" she growled as it refused to budge. Brown eyes, shot do the hall once to see if anyone else was sharing this area with her. Luckily, she was still alone. However, the thought of those footsteps beyond the door kept her moving and trying the other passages. The second, locked. The third, locked. The fourth…it swung open so easily that Rawnie was almost tossed off balance.

A small stair well met her beyond this door. Carefully pulling the door shut behind her, Rawnie stepped down, hunching at the short ceiling. She placed her hands on the narrow walls at her sides in case these small steps and concave ceiling got the best of her. Beyond, she could see that the small space opened up into another room that seemed to go on forever. Few torches could be found lining the walls, giving the room the same dim light that seemed to cover the entire building. Cautiously walking into the area, the woman pulled her dress up once again, preparing to make for another run if need be. She felt as if she where to make any sound, it would echo forever in the empty, cavernous room that made her feel oh so small. So small and so vulnerable.

An uncomfortable lump caught in her throat, forcing her to gulp nervously. Her eyes darted back and forth across the room, making her look like a deer crossing a wolf infested plain. Even if she were to walk along the wall, she felt as if she would be horribly in sight for anything or anyone that wondered into the room. She needed to get out before she had a nervous breakdown. At the far end of the room was another door, an exit. Her swollen feet moved at a quicker pace as he realized more and more how uncomfortable she was in this room. She felt as if she was being watched…hunted. She immediately glanced up at the ceiling, somehow knowing that Dracula would be there, ready to strike. However, only dusty stone met her brown eyes. Her hands began to shake at the sudden paranoia that came over her. She started to feel more and more like the child she had been all those years ago in the woods. Alone, defenseless, and chased by a killer.

Be it from the old structure or something else, some sound sprang forth from behind her and reverberated over the room. This made her jump into a lame run for the door that seemed so far away. Her hand reached out prematurely for the handle, bringing back memories of her race for the cell door with Van Helsing. She was running to give some kind of protection to her catch, Dracula, back then. Now she was running from him. Just as Gabriel had said…

If she had felt more secure, Rawnie would have let out a victory scream as her hand touched down on the cold, metal handle. Giving it a good yank with a smile, she felt the air of the area on the other side hit her. However, screaming past the feeling of a small triumph was pain. Pain took over the left side of her face as she suddenly found herself on the ground. Her vision swirled and head struggled for some kind of sense of this happening. Blinking hard, she stared down at the floor that was suddenly so close to her face. She craned her head upward, immediately wincing at the strong thudding in her ear. She had been hit. She had been hit hard.

Look up from her now prostate position, a figure, distorted by her jostled senses stood over her. Fear clutched at Rawnie as she tried to push herself away from the assaulting person. She closed her head and shook her head, as if moving pieces around in her brain. A strangled groan passed her lips as the colors of the floor as well as the rocky details began to come into focus again. Rolling her eyes up to this person once again, the Valerious had to narrow her eyes to see the face.

When she did, the air quickly dissipated from her body.

"Oh my god."

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