Written for a drabble challenge: Some random Torishishi cute. Uh, I don't actually know how to play billiards or anything, just to note.


Playing Ball


"You know, Shishido-san," he started, leaning casually against the table that his doubles partner was examining, "One day, I'll ask you to give something up because it's impossible, and you'll actually listen to me."

Shishido-san didn't look up. "Whatever, Choutarou. It's your cue."

"Shishido-/san/." Ohtori was quite uncomfortably aware of the slight whine in his voice, and had a disturbing suspicion that he was pouting, but well. "I'm embarrassing you, myself, and possibly the ancestors of my cue stick."

"Just hit the damn ball, Choutarou," his senior told him.

Ohtori sighed and bent awkwardly over the pool table, attempting to imitate the position Shishido-san had taken as best he could. His cue stick hit the white ball with a sharp click, sending it rolling cheerfully across the table and into a side pocket.

A pause. Ohtori winced and covered his eyes with a hand.

"Well," Shishido-san said finally, "At least you got a ball in..."

"Correct me if I'm wrong, sempai, but aren't you /not/ supposed to sink the cue ball?"

Shishido-san coughed. "Try again, Choutarou."

"You're supposed to switch players after someone faults, aren't you?" he asked hopefully.


Sigh. "Yes, sempai."