Memories of the past and Christmas

Prologue: Iniviation

[ Decemeber 15th, A.C. 199]:

Seventeen year old Heero Yuy tapped away at his laptop in the darkness of his apartment with a look of annoyance in his eyes as he scanned the contents on the screen with very little interest. It had been a year since the mission to stop the remaing rebels of former factions led by Dorothy Catalonia's sister, Phareil Catalonia and his departure from earth to the colonies.

He missed his surrogate family (his friends) on earth dearly but he had to clear his mind of their previous mission, for he feared he could clam up and become the Pefect soldier once again. It was the only thing keeping him from going back to earth. "Did you get it yet?" Came a voice behind him. Heero rolled his Prussian blue eyes as he shut off his laptop and handed the figure shadowed by the darkness the shuttle ticket. "One ticket to Earth," Heero replied turning on his lights.

The figure grimanced at the sudden stinging in his onyx blue eyes as Heero grabbed his demin jacket and made his way out of the his apartment. "Oi Mattie!" The thirteen-year-old boy cried rushing out of the room. "Don't leave me behind like that!" The boy muttered as he came up to Heero's side. Heero grunted in annoyance watching the boy take jump-strides to keep up with him. Running his hand through his hair Heero stopped in front of an elevator and pressed the down button, the boy rushed over to his side panting. "Your gonna be the death of me Onii-chan," He said.

Heero's frown deepened as he entered the elevator as the doors slid open. "Why'd you follow me here Jin?" Heero groaned leaning up against the railing inside the elevator. Jin smirked as he turned to stare outside the glass that separated him from sudden death caused by falling. "Hey it's winter break, I wanted to see how you were doing, Onii-chan," Jin replied. "Stop calling me your big brother. You and I are not related," Heero snapped.

Jin flinched at the harshness of his voice and began to wonder how in the world the other ex-gundam pilots put up with him every single day. "Gomen-nasai," Jin muttered quietly. Heero glanced at the young man with a hint of sympathy before sighing. He could realize the Korean boy wanted nothing but his friendship and maybe his compassion, but sometimes the boy took things a bit too far. As if trying to break the uneasiness between them Heero asked; "Why'd you come here anyway?" Jin looked up through his bangs with a hint of blush on his cheeks and soon began to fiddle with the buttons on his green peacoat.

"Errr... Here," Jin grumbled searching his pockets for the item Mareimaia had given him. "Ah-ha!" Jin exclaimed happily. Heero turned in the young man's direction and stared at the formal envelope in Jin's hand, he removed it from the boy's grasp and stared at the handwriting fondly. It was from Relena, he could smell the strange scented perfume she used on it. Jin watched in curiosity as Heero opened the envelope and read the greeting card with intent eyes.

After a breif moment Heero placed the card back into its envelope and placed it inside his jacket pocket. "Well Onii-chan--- I mean---- Heero?" Jin corrected himself quickly. Heero sighed as he watched the elevator door open; they were finally on the main floor of the apartment complex. "No," He said briskly making his way out of the elevator. Jin's jaw almost dropped to the floor, quickly he snapped himself back to reality and followed after the Japanese teenager.

"Why not? Everybody misses you down on Earth! Not to mention Miss Relena. Please Heero?" Jin pleaded with the stoic young man as he followed him out of the building into the snowy streets of the L1 colony. Heero just gave Jin a look as he headed up the sidewalk to the nearest bus stop. "I told you no Jin, I'm not in the mood to argue with you," Heero replied bringing himself to a halt at the corner of the bus stop. Jin could feel his heart racing with panic as he desprately tried to think of a way to get the silent Japanese teenager to oblige to his pleads. "C'mon Heero, why don't you wanna come back? There are no more wars, the preventers had seen to that," Jin pointed out grabbing his friend's arm.

Heero made no move to yank his arm away from instead he simply stared into the onyx blue eyes of his young friend and wondered himself why he didn't want to come back. The rush of exhilaration from the mission was long gone..... so why was it he didn't want to come back? Relena..... you've gotten too close to Relena...., Heero's conscience said in a mocking tone. Ignoring his mind he turned his attention back to his young friend. "Jin I'm just not ready to go back to earth. But I'll take the invitation into consideration," The 17-year-old said. Jin's grip loosened on Heero's arm as a smile spead across his face.

He figured that was Heero's way of saying 'yes' or 'he'd think about'. The bus came up to the corner and Heero watched as the many residents of the colony stepped off, he turned to look at Jin who was fiddling about with the buttons on his peacoat before he finally looked up at the Prussian blue eyed man. "You'd better get to the space port, your flight will be leaving soon if not now," Heero informed. Jin smirked and mock-saluted his friend. "Mission accepted----" He paused. "Um should I tell Relena or should I let you surprise her?" The Korean boy asked. Heero shrugged as he stepped onto the bus. "I'll leave that decision up to you," Heero responded. "Until then." Heero showed the man his all-day pass and headed to the back of the bus as it began to pull off away from the corner.

Jin watched the bus head down the street before he leapted four feet off the ground in victory and happiness. "Bonzai!!!" He shouted rushing up the sidewalk pass the bus stop toward the space port which was 30minutes away from where he currently was. Jin watched the snow flakes flow around him as he rounded the corner.

Heero sat in the middle row of the bus behind a woman and her two slumbering children reading the greeting card over again with a nostalgic look in his eyes. Relena......, he thought fondly before closing his eyes at the sound of the bus wheels slushing through the soggy snow mixed with water.

Dear Heero:

How are you? It's been over a year since the last time I've seen you. I love the teddy bear you had Duo sew for me, it was very thoughtful of you. I've given him the name "Wing" and put him into my teddy bear collection I've made over the years. I have two bears from you now.

Anyway, I wanted to know how you were doing on the colonies wherever you location is and was wondering if you be so kind as to Join your friends and I on a ski trip in the mountains no less. It would be a great to spend the time until Christmas.

Duo can't stop talking about you and your misadventures with him and rest of the gundam pilots during the war and after. Trowa is looking a bit lonely without you around to talk to when Wufei isn't around. Let me know if you want to join us. I'd appreciate it greatly. It just wouldn't be a fun adventureous trip without you.

Your friend,