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The sounds of birds chirping flew across the clear blue sky. The sun was shining brightly and the wind blew freely in the peaceful village. There was a peaceful aura as the people were walking, getting ready for a celebration that was to happen in a mere three hours. A celebration many have hoped for.

Three hours

The bride-to-be stood in front of her mirror. She was happy, it was a dream come true for her. She had planned for this day since she was a little girl. She had the location, the flowers, the dress, and even the napkins holders. Everything she had planned for, she had. She carefully brushed her soft hair. She applied her makeup. Her friends, her bridesmaids, stood behind her, helped her get ready for her big day. They knew how important this was to her. They knew how much she loves her future husband. They knew how happy she was. She wasn't nervous, not yet. She was excited, and time was going slowly. She had three hours left before making her way down the aisle.

The groom stood in the middle of his room. He wasn't completely dressed yet. He had his pants, his socks and a white shirt tucked in. He paced around the room, remembering his lines in his head. He didn't think this day would ever come. In a few hours, he was going to marry the girl if his dreams. He wondered whether it he would be accepted into the family. He wondered if he was going to be able to provide for her. He pushed those thoughts away. He knew the answer to those doubts. He loves her. He would give her the world. His friends, the groomsmen, tried to calm him down. Reminding him that he was making the move. She deserved everything about him. One entered the room with a bottle of sake and a few glasses. He poured it and handed each one a glass. "To the man getting married, may the shackles not be too tight, and God knows that women will always rule over our lives." His friend toasted. He laughed, and they took their drinks.

Two hours

The bride was walked around the garden, where the ceremony was to take place. She chose this location at first because the flowers bloom beautifully here, especially this time of year. The cherry blossom tree was covered in pink flowers. The leaves that fell around the area created a blissful glow. It was always calm and peaceful. She remembered the real reason she picked the garden. It's purity and elegance, it reminded her of her relationship. It was now going to be a remind her of her marriage. Pure and beautiful. She smiled and she touched the white flowers at the altar. She leaned in to smell. Just two more hours.

The groom walked around his house. Tomorrow it would be their house. Tomorrow would be the first day of the rest of their lives. The next chapter, then it would be filled with children running all over the place. He couldn't wait for that. He walked back to his room, his friends were finished getting dressed. They weren't nervous at all. Just two more hours.

One hour

The bride stepped into her white gown. It was made specially for her. It was a semi-low cut dress, with lace hanging from her shoulders. It was tight fitting in the bodice and hung loosely to the floor. The train was a few feet long, embroidered with small white flowers on its trim. It was a beautiful white dress. Her friends buttoned the back of the dress, and helped her with her shoes. Her mother carefully pinned the veil in her hair. She stood back and looked into the mirror. She then turned around to face her mother, who had tears in her eyes. "Don't cry Mama, you'll make me cry." She hugged her mother tightly for a few moments. "You're my beautiful baby girl." One of the bridesmaids handed her her bouquet of gardenia flowers. "Almost time."

He buttoned his white shirt. His friend helped him with his tie. When he was done he stood back and looked at himself. He never liked wearing formal suits. It was too constricting, and he was glad that he would be able to take it off in a few hours. His friends gave him a pat on his back, and each gave him a small friendly hug. His father came up to him, and squeezed him tight. He was proud that his son had found someone good. Someone who made him happy. It reminded him of his own wedding years ago to his mother. "Hey, maybe she won't be like Mom." He snorted, as he heard a door close. "I heard that, and there's nothing wrong with being like me. That's why you stayed with me for so long." His mother looked at her son, tears also in her eyes. "I'm so proud of you. Come on, we have to go. It's almost time."

And the time came at last...

He stood at the front of the altar. The guests were all there, waiting anxiously for the arrival of the bride. He looked at his mother and his father seated in the front row. Each was smiling at him reassuringly. With every minute that passed, the more nervous he was getting. He kept fidgeting with his tie, and tried really hard to keep his hands out of his pockets.

She stood ready to go behind the girls and boys. She took in a deep breath. This is it. She felt a touch on her hand. She looked up and saw her father there. She smiled sweetly as he pulled her in. "You look beautiful." He pushed her back so he can have a look at his little girl. "Are you sure you want to do this?" She only smiled brighter and responded, "Yes. Don't worry, he's a good man." He nodded and took hold of her arm.

The music started to play, the doors opened wide. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen made their way down the aisle. Chouji and Tsunade, who was presiding the ceremony, came first. Tsunade walked to the front as Chouji went to the right, behind the groom. Next came Sakura and Naruto. Then, Hinata and Kiba. Last was Ten-Ten and Neji. Akamaru came trotting up behind them, in his own little dog suit, and the rings tied to his head. A little girls came after, throwing rose petals to the floor. A moment later, the bride's music started to play, and the people to stood up.

Ino and her father made their way slowly down the aisle. People gasped and whispered how beautiful she looked in her dress, how lucky she was. She saw Shikamaru standing in front of her. He was light color of red. He couldn't take his eyes off her. When they finally made it the front, her father hugged her tight for the many-eth time. He turned around and looked to man marrying his daughter. Shikamaru sheepishly smiled at him, and shook his hand. Shikamaru and Ino stood in front of each other, talking with their eyes. Their nervousness was now gone, all that was in the room was the two of them.

"We come here today to celebrate the union of two people." Tsunade started. As she went on, all Ino could think about was Shikamaru, how they met, when they were teammates, when their relationship started. Shikamaru thought of how lucky he was to have her; how she had forgotten Sasuke and realized that they were real. Then he thought about the responsibilities that came with this. He didn't mind so much,

"Shikamaru, do you take Ino, as your friend, your lover, and your wife, forever?"

"I do."

"Ino, do you take Shikamaru, as your friend, your lover, and your husband, forever?"

"I do."

As Shikamaru put the ring on her finger, he said, "Ino, I remember our first date, our first argument. I remember everything that got us to this moment. I'm not a man who makes speeches like this, and say how I feel out loud, but you already know either way, whether I say it or not. You drove me to you, made me better for you, stronger for you. I love you, Ino." It wasn't exactly what he wanted to say, but this was better.

As Ino put the ring on his finger, she said, "Shikamaru, I was made for you. Everything I am was for you. My lips to kiss you, my eyes to see you, my arms to hold you. And I want to spend my time with you forever, our life together."

Shikamaru pulled her close to him and gently kissed her. The people applauded and their parents cried. They made their way down the aisle as husband and wife.

They opened a new chapter in their lives. It was a chapter of hope and love. They met when they were five. They went to school together, graduated together, and put on the same team together. He advanced in ranks, but she was still at his side. They proved to everyone that their love was real, and they would put their lives on the line for each other. They had something only written in books and fairytales.

The End

That was the epilogue. I hope you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. The reviews I got were great, I appreciate each and every one of them. I love this story. I'm a hopeless romantic, so of course there would be sugar, with a touch of corny. That's my style. Maybe sometime soon, I'll write another one, you guys can give me ideas on what to write. But anyway

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