Summary: A series of one shots centering Relena, Heero and a kiss.

Chapter 1: K

"… and that concludes today's lecture on peaceful solutions to the Ionconda Dispute. My assistant will answer any questions you may have." Seriously, these political wankers were taking complete advantage of her views on pacifism. Fishing territory disputes and Free Air Rights were not her concern. It's like every man and his pet dog expected her to show up and give her opinions at protests and anything that could lead to minor quarrels in the future.

One of her secretaries handed her a glass of water as she walked offstage. She finished it and passed it to one of her many escorts as she was safely navigated out of the building and into the waiting limo. With graceful practice, she sat down in the low limo seat and slid her legs in without showing any skin. It was an art, seriously. She glanced morosely at the passing buildings of Noventa University, and the extreme irony of this being Heero's school of choice. She had been there and departed without seeing him, and while this was not unusual, it still hurt.

Relena sighed and leaned back on the leather seat. What would he say if she just showed up at his door? What would he do? Think? She smiled naughtily, figuring this was just a good of time as any to introduce good ol' NovU the girlfriend Heero didn't even know he had.

Sorry, that's right; he now goes by the name Peter Kent. A name Duo ironically made from Superman and Spiderman's everyday pseudonyms.

Mind made up, Relena calmly awaited her arrival to the hotel. She was going to knock his socks off.

It took her a few minutes to change her classy business dress into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She stuffed some provisions into a backpack and left her suite, refusing to let any of the bodyguards come with her.

Of course they did anyway, following at a discrete distance. She anticipated this, hence the backpack. She entered a mall a few blocks away and hedged around a few stores. After doing an inconspicuous amount of shopping in order to make her next move look more natural, she entered a busy woman's washroom.

She made short work of discarding her jeans and t-shirt, grabbing and hauling a pair of leather pants and a jacket on over her lacy underwear. Leaving the clothes and backpack in the stall, she went out to the sink and placed a black wig on her head. As a final step, she tinted her eyes green and left with a gaggle of teenage girls. Undetected by her bodyguards, who obviously weren't very good, she easily disentangled herself from the group and left the mall.

Relena entered a car rental next door and quickly asked for what she wanted. With a few flashes of the fake ID Duo procured for her, and a few signatures, she drove away on a very sleek and narrow silver motorcycle.

The drive through the city streets wasn't difficult and she made quick work of the busy roads and sharp corners. She drove onto university campus for the second time that day. The vast grounds was on the edge of city and suburbs, and though many modern campuses limited itself to one huge skyscraper, this one was like a picture right out of the AD era.

The bike pulled up in front of Heero's dorm, and she quickly took off the helmet, giving her hair a good shake. She placed it in front of her, and remained straddling the bike as she vainly ran her fingers through her hair. It was a planned motion, so she could make sure the wig was still in place and give Heero time to come meet her. She had no qualms about his abilities. He did know she was here.

She carefully got off the bike, evoking a few whistles from passing college men. She calmly ascended the front stairs, slightly worried that this wasn't the best idea. She finished the few stairs and strode towards the front door. A hand clasped her wrist and she was shoved against a nearby pillar.

Rough fingers dug into her hips as he pushed against her. She was literally stuck between a hard place and… well, the pillar. insert naughty grin She blinked up at him, a slight smile hovering on her lips as he leaned down slightly, staring her in the eye.

"Peter." Her voice drew his attention to her lips, and she could see his intention in the normally unemotional eyes before he closed the small distance between her lips and his. His lips were deceptively soft and playful, nudging and teasing her own. She slid her hands around his back, wishing to keep him kissing her for eternity.

He pulled back. "Heather." That slight Heero smirk.

She reeled back, giving her head a good whack against the pillar. Except he did manage to get his hand in the way first, dulling the pain a bit. With one hand relaxing behind her head and the other braced above him, he leaned in and rested his head against her shoulder.

"Watch out Relena, your jealousy is showing." The slight whisper spread warm air through her hair.

She turned her head towards him and whispered back. "At least my real hair isn't." And it wouldn't, Heero would never break their cover. He kissed her again, urgent and demanding, the type of kiss that could go into dangerous territory if they weren't careful. Relena unconsciously slid her hand up his strong back and into his soft, disheveled hair. In return his hand slowly unzipped her jacket and slipped beneath it.

He halted the embrace and looked down at her, brows knitted in confusion until he figured out she was only wearing a bra underneath. Warm breath exhaled against her neck.

"Let's go inside." He grabbed her hand and shot a suspicious glare at all the voyeuristic fools gawking at them.