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The Lady Cymrian sat down with quill in hand and parchment in front of her. Holding back tears so she would not smudge the ink, she wrote a note to each of the royal houses through out the land proclaiming the death of the Lord Cymrian who had grown tired of life and had asked his wife to help him in becoming one with the elements. She scribbled an extra note on the letter to Ylorc telling Achmed that she would be coming to Ylorc to stay for a while. She laid the letters aside for a servant to send off with avian messengers. She drew forward a new piece of parchment and began to write Ashe's dirge, one that sang of his birth, his life, his pain, and his healing; she wrote a rhapsody. She did not stop the tears from falling this time.

Achmed read his letter and tossed it into the fire. He looked at the waiting Sergeant-Major with an odd light glowing in his eyes mismatched eyes. "It's time."

Grunthor nodded, "Aye sir. He's left 'er then?"

Achmed nodded. "It didn't take as long as I thought. My patience hasn't even worn thin yet. It's a good thing her son went to sea like his great-uncle did. Meridian could have presented some problems. Convincing his mother to stay home instead of coming here."

Grunthor simply nodded again, he had liked Ashe. "We'll be leaving for the funeral tomorrow then?"

"There won't be one. She burned his body. People will send their regrets and life will move on. I doubt she'll want to go Elysian, make sure there is a room in the castle prepared for her," he turned and walked off, his boot heels clicking sharply against the stone floor. Looking over his shoulder at Grunthor, "Tell the Bolg that the First Lady is coming home." With that said the Bolg King left.

Grunthor said nothing but turned and walked off, whistling one of his marching songs.

That night instead of singing her song to the stars, Rhapsody sang Ashe's dirge. The tears falling freely because she knew once she got to Ylorc tears were forbidden. Once I get to Ylorc and Achmed and Grunthor everything will be okay. She fell to her knees and held her face in her hands sobbing and rocking back and forth.

Servants watched their Lady out on the porch from inside. Many were moved to tears themselves at the site of her crying and the thought of her running to the vile monster king so she seemed so attached to; many of the servants had wondered at one time or another if the Lady and the Bolg King's friendship was only that, a friendship.

Gwydion, the Duke of Narvane, who had come as soon as he heard the news of the Lord's death, shooed away the servants. He went to his grandmother on the balcony and put his arms around her and helped her stand. He held her as she sobbed against his chest and whispered comforting things.

Rhapsody clung to him as the wracking sobs threatened to bring her to her knees again. The sobs came from her deep with in; painful sobs that tore up through her and made her feel light headed and just amplified the numb empty feeling. "Why did he go? Why did he leave me?"

Gwydion shook his head, "I don't know, Rhapsody, I don't know." But I know I will never forgive him for making you cry like this.

Gwydion helped Rhapsody inside and to bed. He turned out the light and closed the door. Not until he was in his room did he allow himself to give into the tears that had been threatening to overwhelm him since the death of his godfather. Clutching fistfuls of dark hair that were already peppered with streaks of white he sank to the floor sobbing. He cursed the name of godfather over and over. He whispered through his tears, "The day you die may the Gods take mercy on your soul, Godfather, but keep in mind nobody ever looks favorably upon deserters."

At dawn a single rider sped out of the stables of the castle of the Lord and Lady Cymrian. The rider sped through Bethany and Bethe Corbair. Crossing the Krevensfeild Plain and into the mountains of Ylorc.

Achmed smiled. Rhapsody had crossed into Ylorc.