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Achmed swung up onto his horse and waited for Rhapsody to mount up on the horse next to him. He turned to Grunthor and nodded, "Double the guard shifts and prepare for the worst."

Grunthor nodded, "The usual, sir." He turned and walked off.

Rhapsody and Achmed kicked their horses into a trot and rode off.

Rhapsody turned to chat with Achmed, but shut her mouth at once when she saw the stony bleakness on his face. She looked off into the distance and prepared herself for a long depressing ride.

The Temple of Rhonwyn

Rhapsody dismounted her horse and tied it to a small hitching post. Achmed dismounted beside her and threw his reins to her. While she tied his horse he went to the two guards standing at the gate. He paused when two long spears crossed in front of him.

"The cost to get in is two pieces of gold. If you want to enter then pay."

Achmed began to reach for his cwellan when a small warm hand came to rest on his shoulder.

Rhapsody looked at the two guards, "I'm here to see the seer Rhonwyn. To bring my condolences to her over the loss of her great nephew and my husband, the former Lord Cymrian."

The guards' faces went blank and then a dark red blush crept across both their faces.

Achmed rolled his eyes and moves the spears out of his way and walked into the temple. Rhapsody followed him quietly.

The blind seer looked up at them from her seat and a broke smile spread over her face. Rhapsody crouched next to the golden skinned woman and folded the woman's hands in her own small ones. "Rhonwyn, I need your help, please."

Rhonwyn blinked and pulled one hand away and to lay it on Rhapsody's face softly.

"Rhonwyn, where is the F'Dor?"

"The is no F'Dor…"

"When what has been attacking us?"

"Attacking who?"

"Achmed and myself."

"What about you?"

Achmed sighed loudly and crossed his arms. He gave Rhapsody a look of thinly veiled annoyance.

Rhapsody gave him a small glare and returned her attention to the mad seer, "Rhonwyn, if there is no F'Dor then what has been attacking Achmed and me?"

The seer broke into a toothy grin, "The elements."

A look of confusion broke of Rhapsody's face. She looked to Achmed for clarification, but found him lost in thought. "Rhonwyn, which of the elements has been attacking Achmed and myself?"

"The Water."

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