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sakura = cherry

sensei = teacher

Two full-moons had past and spring had fully arrived in Feudal Japan. The meadows were green with high grass and wonderful flowers covered a little hill, not far away from the clearing Rin, Jaken and AhUn were waiting for their master's return. On the edge of the clearing big sakura-trees stood like motionless guards reaching with their heavy branches to the sky.

Rin hold a bunch of grass to the dragon and Un took greedy a mouthful of it, still careful not to bite in the child's fingers.

"Rin, stop playing at once and come here! I thought you wanna learn reading!" Jaken screamed on the tip of his lungs for the hundreds times that day. Personally it didn't bother ihm if that human runt would learn something or not. But Sesshoumaru wouldn't be pleased, if the child would not learn anything and would complain again about his teaching methods. It wouldn't be healthy for him.

The girl looked to the little green demon. "But AhUn is hungry."

"It can eat alone."

Giving in, Rin let out a long sigh, dropping the food to the ground. She petted Ah on its flaky skin and went slowly back to their camp.

Why couldn't Sesshoumaru teach her reading and writing? Jaken was so boring. Every time they started a new letter, the imp began to tell her the whole history behind it; at least what he thought how that letter could have been developed. And he always got angry when she didn't write the letters properly. But this wasn't her fault at all – it's really hard to write with a wooden stick into the ground and having an impatient teacher sitting next to her.

She reached Jaken and settled down beside him.

"Fine. Today you learn the last letter in Hiragana." Announced the imp. 'Finally it's over!'

"The last one! … Yay!" The girl jumped up and down out of joy. This might be the last day, she's stuck with Jaken teaching her. Not that she didn't want to learn it any more; but she liked picking flowers more than being around the imp the whole day… and trying to listen to his loooong speeches. "Then Rin can read and write?" she asked hopefully.

"Hai, you can." Jaken answered flatly.

"Then lets start, sensei!" ordered the girl and picked up her 'pencil'-stick.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The last rays of the sun shone through the green and light pink branches of the trees. After finishing her lesson, Rin had made a fire and now three fat fishes were roasting. The girl was happy. She had accomplished her learning and Sesshoumaru would be proud of her. The only thing for her left to do was showing everything to her lord.

She stung her 'pencil' into one of the fishes looking if it's ready. "Oh, no. Still not." She murmured under her breath. Her stomach hurt badly since she had totally forgot to eat the whole day.

Behind her AhUn suddenly lifted its heads turning both to the opening between the sakura-trees.

Immediately Rin did the same and curious looked what her demon had startled. A tall man with long white fur around his body walked elegantly towards the campfire. His white-silver hairs blew in the mild evening breeze.

At his first sight, Rin jumped to her feet and run as fast to her master as her hungry body could manage. Only meters away from the warmth of the fire she finally reached him and hugged his leg tightly. "Rin missed you, Sesshoumaru-sama."

In respond the mighty demon lord rested one of his claws (A/N: yes, he has both arms; that's another story…) on the child's head, stroking tenderly her brown locks.

After a while the girl looked up searching for the lord's golden eyes and smiled broadly. "Rin had learned the last letter today! Now Rin can read and write as Sesshoumaru-sama."

"Is that true?" He asked her releasing her from his grasp. She stepped back and nodded yes. "Fine. Show me."

Rin jumped again and let herself fall to the ground in which she started to write. Her Lord sat down next to her and watched his ward. After a while she looked up to him and pointed to her first written word. "This means 'Rin'." She moved her hand to the next one. "Bird." Then the next. "Sun."

"That's fine, Rin." Sesshoumaru saw how her already broad smile grew more wide.

Proud of herself the girl wrote one final word – her master's name.

She was almost finished when the demon interrupted her. "Rin, that is wrong."

"What?!" Rin looked irritated up and all her joy was gone.

It never was his intention to make his ward sad; in truth he could hardly stand her sad face. "You write my name this way." He took another wooden stick from the ground and scratched into the same.

Now Rin was confused. As hard as she tried she couldn't remember two of the symbols her master had written. "Sesshoumaru-sama, what are these for letters? Rin doesn't know them."

The youkai knew his Rin wouldn't lie to him. "Rin, why do you think you have learned all letters?"

"Jaken-sama said so." She answered in her childish innocence.

Sesshoumaru turned his head to a big trunk under which his servant slept. "Jaken." His sharp voice woke the imp up and the toad trotted sleepy towards them.

"Hai, me lord."

"Rin told me you have taught her the last letter today."

"Hai, Sesshoumaru-sama. That's true." The toad was proud of himself awaiting the praise of his lord.

In his monotone emotionless voice the Tai-youkai continued. "But why does she not know these two." He pointed one clawed finger to the ground.

Jaken's grin faded fast when he looked down to the symbols. "Me lord, this is katakana."

"I see that myself." He shot his servant a death glare. "Why doesn't she know these?"

"A-ah, master. I taught her the whole hiragana-alphabet." Defended the servant himself.

"And the katakana?"

"She is a girl! She doesn't need to know that much. This knowledge is useless to her!" Jaken tried to justify his decision to teach the girl more than less than the half of the letters.

"Jaken. It's not upon you to decide what is useful for Rin and what is not! She wanted to learn to read and to write properly and you will teach her that." When the lord didn't got a respond from his unwilling servant he repeated himself. "Understood?"

Jaken hung his head and finally answered. "Hai, me lord." Then he turned around to go back to his tree.

"And Jaken." Sesshoumaru wanted to make it clear, even for a little toad brain. "It won't be looking good for you if I find out that you skipped a letter."



THE END (of this short story)




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