Chapter Seven:

The desks had been swept to the side of the room and a single, queen size bed sat in the centre. A smokeless fire burned warmly, floating merrily in mid-air. An overly large set of pyjamas was folded neatly at the foot of the bed. The fabric was spotted with yellow ducks.

James raised his eyebrows and looked over at McGonagall inquiringly. She chuckled at the mortified look on his face. "They're an old pair of Hagrid's from when he was a child. It was the only thing we could find that would fit both of you at the same time."

"Right." Merlin, these things make me feel like I'm two years old again. Thankfully it will only have to be for a week.

He noticed his and, what he presumed to be, Snape's trunks propped up in a corner.

"You two have good night. I'll see you tomorrow." McGonagall glided out of the room, shutting the door behind her. For a second she considered sealing it shut, but then decided against it, figuring they were old enough to be responsible.

Snape heaved in a deep breath and dropped his bag onto the bed. "I have a little home homework to do before bed. You don't mind, do you?" He tried to peel off his robe but it was glued between their hips, he tugged a little and a sharp pain shot through their body.

"Crap!" James shouted, trying to take off his own robe. It was as stuck as Snape's. "I can't believe this, our clothes melted together into our skin. That is screwed up."

"I guess we'll have to cut our pants and robes. You don't mind?" Snape pulled out his wand, looking at James for permission. "I can always fix them later on."

James looked at the Snape and then to the wand in his hand. Even after the moment they had shared only moments before James still didn't trust Snape even though he wanted nothing more than to do so. What if he tried to cut all his clothes off? That kiss had been just that, a kiss. Not an invitation for sex.

"I guess… but try anything funny and I'll drop you from the astronomy tower." It was something the old James would say and he hated himself for saying it. However, he couldn't allow anything funny to happen. There was his reputation to think of.

"Come on, I already saw your willy this afternoon. It wasn't that impressive. I think I can restrain myself." Snape chuckled, raising his wand to sever the clothes.

James' hand shot out and grabbed Snape's arm. "I mean it," he said seriously, looking at Severus seriously. "Any funny business and I'll hurt you." Pangs of guilt shot through his body.

Snape pulled his arm away, confused and hurt. James was an asshole, he knew that from years of torment, but he thought things would be all right between them after connecting the way they had. He had hated the guy, he wasn't going to deny it, but James felt like a part of him now. Maybe it was just the fact of being stuck together but he really felt like they could be friends. They had understood each other so perfectly. Now this, what was going on in James' mind? Either way, Snape was pissed. It made him feel like a fool to think they could be friends, for trusting him despite what all his instincts told him.

"You wouldn't dare hurt me, Potter," Snape snarled darkly. "You might make me ruin that pretty little face of yours." All the resentment and anger boiled up in him again, he wouldn't let James make a fool out of him.

"I DON'T HAVE A PRETTY FACE!" James bellowed. He had known Snape wanted him. Being stuck together, sharing feelings, the kiss. It had all been a clever plan to get him in bed alone. And he had fallen for it, he'd kissed Snape, he was here now. Alone with Snivellus.

His fist flung awkwardly to the side and connected with Snape's nose. A wet crunching noise filled the room, sending a wave of sickness through James' stomach as blood began to dribble down his face. A dull throbbing fanned out from his nose, forcing tears out of his eyes, which were narrowed in suspicion at the look of shock on Snape's face.

"Wub dib yoo do?" James asked, trying to pinch his nose to stop the blood. "Ow!" he screamed, pulling his fingers away from the tender cartilage that had been broken.

"I didn't do anything," Snape answered, his pale fingers exploring his own, whole nose in awe. "You were the one that hit me!"

James pulled out his wand. "Ibe nob gonna do anyfing to yoo, yeb" James assured, holding it up to his nose as Snape instinctively reached for his own. The flow of blood slowly stopped, but his nose remained bent out of shape.

Pocketing his wand, James turned back to Snape while mopping up the blood on his face with the sleeves of his robes. "Of course you didn't do anything, except dark magic. LOOK AT MY NOSE!"

"YOU WERE TRYING TO HT ME!" Snape shouted back, his black eyes glittering dangerously. "It's not my fault you are as stupid as to hit yourself when aiming in the completely opposite direction." His wand was held threateningly in his quivering hand.

Seething, the pair glared at each other. However, each exiting breath took with it a small bit of the animosity that was pumping through their veins.

"I am not gay, by the way," Snape whispered. His black eyes scanned James' guarded face. "What in the world could I do to make you believe me?"

James heaved in a deep breath, reining in his anger. "I know you aren't. I'm just retarded. I guess six years of hate just don't dissipate in a single afternoon."

Snape chuckled. "That's for sure. We'll have to give it at least six years. That is, if you want to be friends."

"I do," replied Potter, the day's events playing out in his head. Something like this was definitely not something that he expected would ever happen, and even now that it had he couldn't quite grasp the fact. "Shake on it?" He awkwardly held out his hand, careful to not elbow Severus.

"I was thinking we could kiss on it," Snape answered wryly, grasping James' outstretched hand.

James laughed genially, shaking his head. "No, I think one time was quite enough for me."

As their hands slipped away from each other both of the boys froze, genuine smiles plastered on their still faces. The door opened slowly and five figures entered the room. McGonagall was followed by Tracy, Jarvey, Flitwick, and Pomfrey.

"I'm amazed," Tracy said in awe, her eggplant purple robes swishing on the stone. "I really didn't think that those two would ever grow up enough to realise that they really aren't that different from each other."

Flitwick shook his head at her. "You really ought to have more faith in children," he chided in a squeaky voice. "If you remember you were one at some point."

Tracy giggled. "I was horrible, too."

Pomfrey was busying herself in the corner pulling several bottles out of her velvet satchel. "Just a drop of each and they should be back to normal," she told McGonagall. "And if I do say so myself, this was a rather ingenious idea."

The week before the five of them had been in the teacher's lounge talking about different students since there was a dearth of interesting topics to discuss. James and Severus had come up in the midst of the conversation. All of them found the amount of dislike between the two boys was bordering dangerous.

It had been McGonagall's idea. During a freak potions accident the two of them would get stuck together, thus forcing the hands of fate and making the boys interact without a chance of getting out of it.

Tracy had been the one to point that problem with getting the two at the same table during class. This is where the plan of furthering relationships with members of other houses came into effect. Dumbledore quite liked the idea and wished to adopt it in later years if the test trial yielded fair results.

Pomfrey was in charge of causing a few problems here and there to make the boys rely on each other.

Responsible for the adverse effect when James hit Snape was Flitwick. Knowing the both of them the way he did the professor felt it was a good idea to plan for any contingency. They were just lucky they hadn't tried to curse each other. It had also been his idea to cause them to freeze when the desired outcome was reached.

McGonagall now stood before the two young men shaking her head in disbelief. "None of us really gave either of them any credit."

Pomfrey bustled over to the boys holding a steaming beaker in one hand and her wand in the other. "We should have two minutes to get out of here before these two wake up."

With a deft hand she poured the contents of the beaker where Snape and James were conjoined and tapped it lightly with the glowing tip of her wand. "There, they should be back to normal now. Well, almost normal."

"How about I treat everyone to a drink at the Three Broomsticks with my winnings?" Flitwick suggested, looking at his colleagues.

"That's a splendid idea."

As silently as they entered the five left leaving behind what they hoped would be a newly constructed friendship and understanding.


James let his hand fall to his side, unlike this morning when he would've wiped it off as fast as he could after shaking Snape's hand. A tingling sensation warmed his body.

In his mind it felt like years had passed with that handshake. The kiss had allowed them to see into the other's soul. But the shake made it seem like they had been friends forever.

"I'll be damned!" Snape shouted, standing up quickly. James remained where he was sitting. "We're separated!"

In disbelief James grabbed his side. There was nothing there, well nothing besides what had always been there. He couldn't believe it, he was free.

"I wonder what happened." The wheels in Snape's brain were working at top speed, trying to grasp what exactly had just occurred.

"Who cares," James said, voicing his relief. He told Snape to not worry about it until the morning. "It's been quite a day and I would like to get some sleep." Potter began to peel off his clothes.

Sighing in resignation that he may never know what had caused the events of the day to unfold Snape followed suit, taking off everything but his grey boxers.

"Shit, you're pale," James commented, throwing himself down into the bed.

Self-consciously Snape slipped into the bed and pulled the covers over his body. He turned to James. "I know we're friends and everything now, but do you think we could not let anyone else know? I got to keep my cool and everything."

James grinned. "You're beginning to sound like me. But yeah, I get what you're saying. It's not like either of our crowds would ever really get it. Besides, where's the fun in being nice to each other. Now I won't have anyone to pick on."

"Exactly," Snape said, dousing the candles with a flick of his wand.



"DUMB PRICK!" Snape shouted pulling out his wand.

"FREAK!" James responded, his own wand pointed threateningly in front of him.

No one caught the wink that passed between the two of them as spells emitted from forth from the tips of their wands.

"It looks like I was right," Professor Tracy told Flitwick, running over to break the fight up.

The End

A/N: Wow, this is the first story I've finished. GO ME! It's been awhile, I know. I just got stuck at the ending and kind of forgot about it. Now it's done though. I'm sorry if any of you wanted more, but there really wasn't a lot more I could with making it feel recycled. Ciao.