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Brock and Misty

Brock and Misty walked quietly along the path. It had been three years since Ash's death. Today they had decided to pay respect to their lost friend together. Brock was the same as usual, only now he had grown out a beard; as for Misty she had matured and looked more like her sisters. The skies were clear with the exception of a few clouds. The sun shone down upon them as they continued to walk in grave silence.

They reached the tombstone and were silent for many minutes, but to both of them it seemed like eternity. It was the usual visit to the grave as they did every year, but this year both had come for another purpose besides to just visit and pay respects. They kneeled respectfully in front of the stone marked with Ash's name.

"Hello, Ash," Misty said smiling sadly.

"We miss you greatly," Brock nodded. "You were a great friend to us both. You brought us together."

"Yes, thank you for that," Misty paused, looking at the sky. "We came to tell you that we're going to get married, Brock and me."

"Isn't that great, Ash?" Brock smiled widely. "I don't think it would have happened if you hadn't died. I wouldn't have learned to care so much for Misty if you hadn't died."

"Don't say things like that in front of a grave! His ghost might come back and haunt you!" Misty whispered loudly to Brock. "Very sorry, Ash. Brock just gets too happy about this marriage."

They both stayed a little longer to pray, and then left to go home.

Brock was happy and energetic; after all he would be married to Misty in a few more months. Misty was also happy, but in a way she felt she was betraying Ash. It was clear to her that something was wrong...

As unexpected as the weather is, rain suddenly broke out in the middle of the next day, when it seem completely sunny and nice. Brock and Misty were together in a park when the sudden storm broke out. They ran to shelter where they would wait for the storm to pass.

Brock looked at Misty, and Misty looked back. They looked at them for a moment. Then Misty spoke, "Why are we getting married?"

Brock could not form words at this statement, and was silent for a while, but he answered, "Because we are. We love each other."

"Do we really? Or is it just a lusting? What about all those other women you loved so much during our traveling with Ash?"


"Think about this carefully, Brock. When did we ever fall in love?"

"I guess it is strange. One day I didn't care about you at all, and then I was saddened struck with love as soon as Ash died."

"Yes, Ash dies a lot to make up fall in love, because have you read the other stories about us?"

"How odd life is."

That's the lesson, folks: Brock and Misty are just never meant to be, EVER. Where do people come up with these things? Where did the suggestion of "Brock and Misty" come from!? And when will I ever admit my writing is terrible, and I should just give up writing Pokemon fanfiction?