Mutants in the Haunted Hotel

Part 1

A/N: This fic was written with constant creative input from my little sister Kitty Weasley who hasn't got her own account. She wanted me to write a Kurtty and I wanted to write a Romy so we compromised and wrote some of both together .

Timeline: Nonspecific…before 'Cajun Spice' though

Pairing: Major Kurtty and Romy…minimal Jott

A/N 2: We aren't going to write out the accents for you…so just imagine them in your head, okies?

Disclaimer: We do not own any of this…the evil little people at Marvel do. Brought to yous by KW


            It was only a few days into November, and it was chilly even in the bright afternoon sun.  Many students were rejoicing with the knowledge they had a full week of fun before they had to return to school.  Teacher's conferences…one of the finest creations known to man.  No sooner had the mail arrived than Kurt appeared next to the mailbox, giving the unsuspecting mail woman a hearty shock.

            He pulled the various letters and magazines out and leafed through them without much interest.  He was looking for something specific.  He went through some bills, some letters addressed to the Professor…nothing special.  Then he came upon a crisp white envelope addressed to 'Kurt Wagner, Xavier School for the Gifted'.  Biting his lip in an effort to control his excitement he slowly slit the top and unfolded the letter within.


            Kitty was in the kitchen, making a lunch out of some Milky Way and Snickers bars left over from Halloween when Kurt suddenly appeared crouched on the counter with a joyous yell.  She stumbled back against the refrigerator and scowled at him.

            "Watch where you're, like, bamfing!"  She picked a chunk of chocolate off her sweater.

            "Sorry Kitty," He said, wide grin not really contesting to his sincerity.

            "What's got you so totally stoked?" She asked, trying not to look too interested.  His grin widened even further as he waved the letter in front of her nose, "What's that?"

            "Read it!" He encouraged and let her snatch it out of his hands with a disgruntled 'hmph'.  Her eyes flickered down the page and grew wider as she reached the bottom.  As she finished she let out a squeal.

            "Ohmigod Kurt! That's awesome!"

            "What's awesome?" Scott asked as he entered the kitchen.  Kitty spun around and bounced in excitement.

            "Kurt just like won a whole huge like contest thing!  He gets to spend a weekend in a 'haunted hotel'!"

            Scott arched his eyebrows.

            "What contest?" He asked, glancing at Kurt from behind his sunglasses.

            "It was Halloween costume contest," he replied, reigning in some of his joy, "The weirdest costume won."

            "Oh? What did you do?" Scott asked, eyebrows sneaking even further towards his hairline.  Kurt's face broke into an impish grin.

            "I sent in a picture of myself."


            "Kitty?" Kitty looked up from her magazine to see Kurt standing shyly at the edge of the coffee table.

            "What's up Kurt?" She asked, wondering why the usually upbeat and cheerful mutant was looking so quiet.

            "Umm…well…I was…well…"

            "Like, spit it out."

            "Well I'm allowed to bring friends along on the trip and I was wondering if you would go I asked some other people but everyone's busy."  That was a lie.  He had been just sitting all day trying to figure out a way to ask Kitty to go with him.

            "Oh," she pursed her lips thoughtfully, "So I'm your last choice, huh?"

            "Oh no!" He blanched, which was a very interesting thing to see, since he had already taken off his inducer, "Never, Kitty!  I only meant-"

            "It's okay Kurt, I was just kidding.  I'd love to come to the haunted hotel with you."  All the breath he hadn't realized he was holding in came out in a long sigh.  He had been worried for a minute there that his carefully planned approach had been flawed.  Obviously it hadn't been.

            "That's great Kitty.  I'm allowed to bring 3 guests, and I've already got a third person, but if you want to invite someone, go ahead."

            "Thanks Kurt, that's really sweet of you!" She jumped up off the couch and gave him a quick hug before skipping up the stairs.  Kurt beamed at the empty room.  This was turning out to be one of his better ideas.


            "And so he said I could bring any friend I wanted. Please, Rogue, pleeeease???"  Kitty begged.

            "I said no," Rogue replied with a note of finality in her voice.  Kitty screwed up her nose and thought hard.  How could she make her stubborn roommate change her mind?

            "It will be fun…" she let her voice trail off giving Rogue no doubt to the subtext. 'It will be fun but not nearly as much fun if you cold-heartedly refuse to go with me.'

            "Spending my entire weekend with you and Blue Dustbunny? Not exactly my idea of fun."

            "Well not if you think of it that way, all negative.  How about if you think about it as an entire weekend without any of Logan's Danger Room sessions?"

            "When do we leave?"