A little look into the planning process of a chapter of MitHH

Everything that follows is an actual conversation that actually happened, actually

Selly: And about Isaac…

KW: Who's Isaac?

Selly: The ghost guy?

KW: Oh. I thought his name was X Man or something.

Selly: "X Man"???

KW: I stubbed my nose!

Selly: And then they'll get down to the basement and the powers will start working and Remy will get zapped because Rogue's touching him…

KW: And he'll be like : AGHHHH!!!!!


KW: And then -mimes falling over dead-

Selly: She didn't kill him.

KW: What if she did!

Selly: Yeah, then they would all be like "Oh my god, you killed Remy!"

KW: Poor Remy.

Selly: I think I feel a humor fic coming on.

Selly: Come do Pilates with me!

KW: Isn't Pilates a place?

Selly: A place?

KW: Yeah, like the name of a place where you do yoga.

Selly: Pilates is like a type of yoga thing.

KW: What are you doing?

Selly: I'm reading over the last chapter.

KW: It was the kissy chapter.

Selly: I know it was the kissy chapter…

KW: What if he holds Remy captive? What if he tries to shoot him with his machine gun?

Selly: He hasn't got a machine gun.


Selly: Oh right, he just pulls a tank out of his pocket.

KW: -cackle-

KW: What if he was like: If you defeat me in combat! But he's not really that type. Everyone time I hear that, I think of Monkey Fist (Copyright: Kim Possible)

Selly: Monkey ninjas, attack!

KW: Des and his monkey ninjas!

Selly: Eww…

KW: What?

Selly: Nothing, just…"charred". Keep it, but icky.

KW: Like a burger!

Selly: Yeah, that was what I was thinking of.

KW: Des the burger!