It doesn't take a genius........

Disclaimer- I don't own Jimmy Neutron This takes place a month after Win, Lose, and Kaboom!!!!!

She thought that she would be mad at him forever. After all, they'd been through, she hadn't even gotten a thanks.

It had been HER idea to plunge into the vast darkness to wake them up, and it had been HER that had saved his life when the large claws had grabbed him, pulling him to his doom.

It had been HER that had gotten in a fight with someone she hardly knew, and that was from another planet completely.

It had been HER that had suggested him showing her how the Gorlokian trust ritual had worked.

It had been her that had done all of this for simply one reason: she loved him.

Of course, she would never admit it, at least out loud. Ever since Valentines Day she had questioned her feelings for Jimmy. Sometimes, she disliked him so much that she felt she could punch him in the face. Other times she caught herself glancing at him during class. In the end that part of her won, but she would not show it.

Jimmy was confused. After last month's events, he didn't know what to think. He had received at least one message from April each day. They had found out much about each other. April was funny, smart, and competitive. She reminded him a lot of...........

Jimmy pushed that thought from his mind as he worked on his newest invention. He tried to concentrate, but his mind started to wander..........

Soon he was thinking about the day at the Candy Bar. He had been glad to sign a treaty with Cindy because he had wanted to be her friend.

Then somehow, they started inching closer, and had almost kissed. He had wanted to kiss her, sure, but he was almost glad that, at that very moment, a message from April arrived. He had been almost glad because he wondered what would have happened if they had kissed.........

Jimmy snapped back into reality as the warning light above the communication screen flashed on. Then April's face flashed on, but only for a moment. Only long enough for Jimmy to hear, "We need you Jimmy Neutron" and then the screen went blank.

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