Chapter 12 It doesn't take a genius...

This ending might be a little rushed but it's almost time to start school again. I'm going into 8th grade and taking algebra 1 so I won't have that much time to write.

Jimmy had a plan. He was to allow April to carry him to Meldar and Cindy would probably follow. Then, he would have to devise some sort of way to get rid of Meldar. Jimmy didn't have any specifics, but it was still a plan.

Jimmy allowed April to tie his arms together with an unbreakable Gorlokian rope.

He looked down at the floor, so that he would look like a prisoner.

Soon, they arrived at a large door that April unlocked by entering a code.

The door slid open and Jimmy looked up. There, on a golden throne was Meldar.

"So we meet again Jimmy Neutron" said Meldar, "You have probably heard of my plans from dear April."

Jimmy didn't say anything.

"Don't worry, as soon as I use Cindy, her death will be quick and painless."

Jimmy glared at Meldar and said, "Why do you need her anyway?"

Meldar cocked his head and gave a questioning look to April. "What? You still haven't figured it out? Wow, you're slower than I thought. You should really brush up on your planet's history." He would reveal no more.

Fenal had led Cindy to the door of the room that Jimmy was in.

"How did you know that Jimmy was here" asked Cindy.

"Gorlokians can communicate telepathically, and April told me where they were" said Fenal.

Cindy took a deep breath as Fenal unlocked the door. Cindy walked into the room.

Jimmy turned when he heard footsteps. He then felt hands grab him. Meldar made a laser gun materialize since he had taken the matrix generators from April.

"How nice to see you again! I will make a deal with you. If you surrender and do exactly as I say, I'll let your little boyfriend go." said Meldar.

"Don't do it Cindy. You can't let him win." pleaded Jimmy.

Cindy stared wide eyed. She knew what she had to do.

"I surrender" she said and closed her eyes.

"But Cindy..." said Jimmy.

"Lock them up" said Meldar as two large guardsmen grabbed Jimmy and April and threw them in a cage.

Meldar grabbed Cindy and made a small blue stone appeared in his other hand.

"This stone is called 'The Stone of Dreams'. It grants one wish. Sadly, you're the only one who can use the stone." said Meldar, glaring.

"But why?" asked Cindy.

"Maybe you should ask April. . . " replied Meldar.

Cindy looked at April, who just shrugged.

A large hole appeared under the cage. The cage was held over the hole by a large rope.

Meldar placed Cindy's hand on the stone.

"I need you to wish me ruler of the universe." said Meldar.

"Yeah, and I need you to take a reality check. Why would I ever do that?" asked Cindy.

"Because if you don't. He's dead." said Meldar. The cage lowered with a jerk, deeper into the pit.

Cindy looked first at Meldar, then at Jimmy. There was no way that she was going to let Jimmy die because of her. She sighed.

"I wish that..." and just then the door was opened by Sheen, Libby, and Carl.

"Let her go" said Libby as she grabbed the gun from the guard's hand.

Fenal ran to the cage and let them out.

Meldar was distracted by that and ran to them, forgetting about Cindy.

He pushed his way past everyone until he reached Jimmy..

With one large push, Meldar shoved him into the endless pit.

Cindy thought Jimmy was gone. She was wrong. Jimmy's fingers were holding on to the rim of the hole.

Cindy ran towards Meldar and pushed him out of the way. Still having the stone in her hand, she said "I wish Meldar would disappear", and with that he vanished.

Cindy lay on her stomach on the floor and offered her hand to Jimmy.

"Come on Neutron, I can't lose you" she said.

Jimmy grabbed her hand and Cindy pulled him up.

After he was safely on solid ground, he collapsed from exhaustion.

Jimmy opened his eyes. He was in a white room.

"Where am I" he asked.

April was standing by the bed he was lying on.

"You are in a Gorlokian Recovery Center. After what happened yesterday, you needed to rest" she said.

Jimmy thought about what happened and then asked where Cindy was.

"Here" said Cindy, "Hey Neutron feeling better?"

"Yes. What happened" said Jimmy.

"Well after everything, you fainted and we brought you here" she said.

"I didn't faint" he said.

"Okay..." said Cindy.

Fenal opened the room. "So April, are you ready?" he asked.

April nodded her head.

"For what" asked Jimmy.

"For the Gorlokian Commitment Ceremony. You see, when two Gorlokians love each other we perform the ceremony which binds us together forever" said April.

"Like a wedding" asked Cindy.

April nodded and smiled. With that she and Fenal left the room.

"So, I hope they'll be happy" said Jimmy.

"He has loved her for thousands of years" said Cindy.

She started to leave when she heard Jimmy say thanks.

Cindy smiled, but it quickly faded.

"I still want to know why I'm the only one who could use the stone. . . it makes no sense. . . "

Libby walked into the room and said "were ready to go when you are".

1 week later at the Candy bar

Cindy and Jimmy had signed another contract.

"Well there we go again" said Cindy.

"Cindy, I don't really remember much about happened, but I do remember, as you were pulling me up, you said that you couldn't lose me" said Jimmy.

"I have no idea what you're talking about" said Cindy.

They argued about it as they walked out the door.

It was then that they heard a large crash...