Hermoine's Rude Encounter with Draco,
Chapter 2

In potions class Draco was back to his normal size. Terri from Slytherin who was almost as smart as Hermione changed him back. All through potions Draco kept giving her this awful annoying look. Class finally ended and Hermoine, Harry, and Ron were going to lunch. Once again Draco, Crab, and Goyle showed up. "Oh great not again." said Hermione. "What?" Harry and Ron said in unison. "Oh before potions Draco was giving me trouble so I made him shrink." "Oh god!" they both said again in perfect unison. This time all Hermione did was point her wand at them and Crab and Goyle ran. "Aren't you gonna follow your little friends." said Hermione in a taunting voice. "No!!! I don't always do that!" said Draco. "Actually you always do." said Ron. "You shutup Weasly!" Draco said in an angry voice. "Oh shut it Malfoy!" said Harry. "I'm so sick of this!" With that Harry waved his wand and lifted Draco in the air and moved him aside. "I'll get you Potter!" Draco yelled down the hallway. The three of them didn't even pay attention to him they just laughed and went to lunch.