!$!$!...Sorry if this is short, but... it's just an ending! At the end I'll get you a little preview into the Sequel! I might start it tomorrow but my friend is coming over and I have a band consort tomorrow... but it'll be soon! hehe... well, here it goes!$!$! Draco opened his eyes again an hour later. He looked up at Ron. "Baby, are you awake?" "Mmmhmm." Ron said, nuzzling his nose into Draco's neck. All of the other boys were still sound asleep. "Ron, do you love me?" Ron opened his eyes suddenly and pushed away from Draco a little so he could see him better. "Of course I do, Sweetie, why would you ask that?" "It's just... I've been thinking back on everything that's been happening... and it seems so... unreal!" Draco sighed and looked around the room. Everything was still so unfamiliar in the Gryffindor Tower. Harry, his ex-foe, was now just across the room, sleeping innocently. They were suddenly good friends. Neville was no longer afraid of him... for the most part. Seamus seemed almost turned on by him and Ron, which was kind of cool; at least they were friends. Dean finally got over his homophobia, but still teased them. It didn't really bother the boys, as long as they were all friends. Somewhere on the other side of the tower slept Hermione; Draco's new best friend. She was so sweet, and she really seemed to understand him. She stood up for him and comforted him. The girl he had once called a MudBlood was so dear to him. Ginny, sweet little Ginevra, was his new fan. She followed him around, asked him tons of questions, and she loved to watch him and Ron snogg. He wished her happiness, he hopped she would find a love like he has found in Ron. He didn't care about his old life and his old friends anymore. They meant nothing to him; why should they? He wouldn't have to become a Death Eater, he would never have to live with his father anymore. His living Hell was over. Ron stared down at his love. Draco meant everything to him. He finally had something to look forward to in life. Sure... being friends with Harry and Hermione was fun, but Hermione was always so smart, and Harry always so brave. Ron was...nothing. He was in the shadows of his brothers. Bill, the successful one. Charlie, the talented one. Percy, the smart one. Fred and George, the funny ones. He was almost certain that someday Ginny would accomplish something great and surpass him as well. He had always wanted to make something of himself. It didn't matter anymore. He had Draco, his one and only love... no, his soul mate. "I will love you forever, Drake" he said, rubbing Draco's arm. "I love you so much, Ronnie, you mean so much to me... gosh! I can't even explain it!" Draco said, staring into Ron's beautiful blue eyes. "It's okay, Sweetie, I know how you feel. I feel the same way. We don't need to be able to explain it to each other. I can feel it in your touch, in your kiss..." Ron kissed Draco's head. Draco tingled. Even a simple kiss in his hair from the redhead made him want to jump the boy and make love to him until his heart stopped. He knew he couldn't though. They had responsibilities and lives. He sighed and kissed Ron's hand. A sensation ran up Ron's body. He too loved the other boys touch beyond words. He hugged onto the blonde and sighed, longing filled up into his eyes. "Baby?" Draco asked, bringing Ron out of his thoughts. "Yes?" "Can you promise me something?" "Anything," the redhead said, "What is it?" "Promise me, that we'll always be roommates." "Draco, I would love nothing less than that. I promise you. I will always love you and I will always be your roommate, now and forever." He kissed Draco on the lips and the two boys fell back to sleep. It seemed they would have their happily ever after... !$!$! ...but does anyone ever really live happily ever after? Thanks for all of the reviews!! I love you all! I'm glad you've finally figured out the name of the story, I Heart DM 11! -Rolls Eyes- lol! Anyway... what to expect in the sequel: -The gang will be in their 20s -Remus will find love! -Will Harry and Hermione stay together? -A big ole' Weasley reunion, lots of new characters! -McGonagall and Draco's new found friendship -Will Snape ease up on the relationship? -You'll find out what happened to Draco's parents -Humm... will they stay roommates? -How did things change over the years? -Is Voldie still around? -There will be at least three holidays...that'll be fun! -The next story should be longer! yay! -Let's just say...there will be someone...or someones... crazier than the twins! We'll see... put me on alert or on your favorites...keep an eye out for the next story coming out soon! Until then... Peace, Love, and Band Geeks... -$-Ambz-$- oOWeasleyWizardWheezesOo