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Josh did something she never would have expected.

He laughed.

She looked up at him, startled. He was leaning with one arm up against the wall, genuinely laughing at her.

Wait. He was laughing at her!


"Donna," he chuckled.

What the hell?

"Josh, you're laughing at me."


She stood up and crossed her arms, glaring at him.

"You're laughing."


She had just totally humiliated herself in front of him and now he was taking full advantage of it - of her misery. She had to put up with a lot from Joshua Lyman, but she was not going to put up with this!

"I don't have to put up with this!" Donna stalked towards the stairs, physically pushing past her boss.

"Now Donna, wait."


"Wait!" He reached his left arm out, grabbed her around her waist, and before she knew it, her back was to the wall and the air was knocked out of her lungs. Now both of Josh's arms braced the wall. She was blocked in.

Donna was suddenly very aware how close Josh was to her. How close his body was, right there, looming in front of hers. She could smell his soap and laundry detergent, clean and crisp, and found herself simply staring at the way his shirt was pulling across his chest.

"Look at me Donna." His voice was low and gentle. What was happening? He wasn't laughing anymore.

She looked up at his eyes. They were so close to her, she couldn't remember ever being quiet this close. She could feel the heat pulsing off of his body. He was so close.

Josh gave her a little smile. God, those dimples! He leaned forward, tilted his face to the side of hers and whispered in her ear.

"Breathe, Donnatella."

Donna smiled back at him; of course she was being silly again. She gave a little laugh and then drew air back into her lungs. But as she did so, her back arched slightly and her chest moved forward flush against him. She felt a tingle move between their bodies and she shuddered, half closing her eyes.

She heard him exhale, somewhere between a sigh and a moan. Something was happening, but her brain felt muddled and detached. The ground felt like it was rapidly and continually falling away from her feet. Thank God for the wall at her back because without it she would be lost. All she could concentrate on was the touch of their bodies.

"Do you really think you lack passion, Donna?" Josh pressed forward and moved his body full on her, pinning her to the wall. Her arms were pressed up and around his neck.

He nuzzled his face into the crook of her neck, his breath tickling her ear and moving her hair. She was having trouble breathing. What was happening? He was so close.

"Do you really think that you can't inspire passion in others?" He murmured as he pressed his hardness into her hip. She moaned into his shoulder.

"Can you feel me, Donna?" Josh murmured into her ear. "Can you feel what you do to me?" He rocked against her with each question as she arched herself further into him. "Do you know the passion you inspire in me?"

"Josh..." She whimpered.

"Donna, you have to know..." Josh's voice was gravely and his eyes, though slightly unfocused, searched hers. Donna felt an odd lurch in her stomach. As Josh leaned towards her, Donna inhaled sharply.

She met him halfway.

Josh's tongue slid along her lower lip and into her mouth. God he felt so good, so right. Donna moaned into the kiss. Her hips bucked as their tongues finally met and swept across each other.

Donna didn't know anyone could actually spontaneously combust from kissing, but she felt like she was about to. His mouth was hard and cocky and talented. His kiss was passionate and sweet and totally in tune with her. She tightened her hold and pressed him closer.

His hands were cupping her face. Her fingers were tangled in his hair. They had both forgotten how to breathe.

Finally, the kiss softened and ended. Josh rested his forehead against hers. Donna couldn't stop smiling, but then, neither could Josh.

"So, no lessons?" She asked as she continued to thread her fingers through the hair on the nape of his neck.


"Yes – lessons, or yes – no lessons?" She grinned.

"Yes - lessons."

"Oh." Donna's smile dropped and she started to pull her arms away. She had to disappear before she died of embarrassment. She just had to.

She tried to move out, to move away.

"Damn it, Donna, stop it!" Josh took held her wrists gently but kept her pressed against the wall.

His beautiful brown eyes seemed to bore into her. God, when had she lost her heart to him?

"I meant that we would continue the 'lessons,'" he kissed her on one cheek.

"Together," he kissed the other.

"'Cause I think for once in my life I have something to learn." He stared straight at her and she understood.

Donna smiled and leaned forward.

This time, he met her halfway.

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