After the Miracle

This takes place after my story "Miracle" Hence the name

Disclaimer: Voltron and its characters are owned by WEP and not me! However, any original characters are mine.

Chapter 1

"Well this is it! This is the planet of the fall of Commander Kogane and Black Lion!" Lotor laughed triumphantly.

"You forget this was our plan!" Merla sneered referring to herself and the old sorceress, Witch Hagar, sitting next to her.

"You...Women! Always trying to take over and run the show!" retorted Lotor.

"That's because you are always gumming things up and we women are left to clean up your messes!" Merla charged.

Lotor just sneered back at her. It was no use arguing with Merla, his supposed betrothed. Besides, the death of Keith was enough to make him so happy he didn't want to argue and he even kissed Merla when he found out!

Seven weeks ago Merla mostly came up with the plan and Hagar designed the robeast that would relentlessly target one lion in particular, Black Lion, and destroy it. The whole measure was a success in their minds. What they didn't know was that Keith survived and Black Lion regenerated itself.

They were visiting the planet because they received word that the atmosphere on the planet had changed since that incident and were determining whether it may be a good planet for them to take over.

Merla, Lotor, Hagar, and four other crew members we flying over the surface of the planet making observations. The planet was lush and green. By preliminary observations it was a perfect planet for habitation. It was full of life except there were no humans or humanoids to deal with so they could start from scratch.

A sensor went off.

"Is it time to explore the planet?" Merla questioned.

"No Milady" replied one of the crew members. "Something seems a little off about the planet. That's why the sensor went off."

"Well I guess I'll just have to send one of you goons down there to check things out." Merla stated.

"Cret and Zino, Go get your spacesuits on and go down to the surface!" She commanded.

Cret and Zino departed on a transport ship and headed down to the surface. They exited their craft and walked around a little. They sent some samples of the planet's soil and vegetation up to Merla's ship.

Suddenly, they began to asphyxiate. Each held their hands up to their throat confused because they were in spacesuits. Zino dropped to the ground followed by Cret. They struggled, but died within seconds of each other. Upon seeing this Merla and the others fled in their spaceship and headed back to Doom.

There was a faint figure in the background behind a tree with her hand raised as if she had caused the men's deaths. She put her hand down and disappeared into the woods without being seen.

To be continued...

Coming up... Keith and Allura have expressed their love to each other but now what?

What does this planet have to do with their future together?

Finally, who is the mysterious figure behind the tree?

Many answers coming on my next chapter of After the Miracle!