Love Potion: Estrogen

Warm was the only sensation he could feel at the moment, Sasuke decided. He lazily opened one eye as he heard a small moan come from under him. And shut it.

Oh yah, Sasuke remembered, Sakura had let him sleep with her last night. He then remembered what else had transpired last night; him telling her what foul acts Cobiki had tried to perform with him…he shivered. He nuzzled his head into her chest, letting her know that he was already awake.

"Good morning babe." Came a gruff voice.

That wasn't Sakura! Sasuke snapped his eyes open completely, and he was sleeping on Naruto! And to add to the horror, he was wearing one of Sakura's dresses! He quickly sat up, and in getting up in such a swift motion, which woke Sakura up as well.

"What the hell!" She yelled as her gaze went from Sasuke to Naruto in her dress.


She showed Naruto a new definition of pain, one that rendered him unconscious for nearly two hours. And after a while of waiting for him to wake up, she began to feel guilty forever hitting him at all.

"Man, I feel like such a jerk, I think I killed him!" she exclaimed, afraid that she had really caused him internal damage or something of the sort.

"He's okay Sakura," he assured her, and added under his breath, "even though I wish you had."

"What did you say Sasuke?" She asked, while trying to convince herself that Naruto was really okay.

"Nothing. So what are we going to do today?" He asked, curious for once. He looked at her as she sat by Naruto lightly tapping his cheek to wake him up, he found she was so adorable. Her hair gently cascaded down her back, her breasts moving ever so little as she tried to wake Naruto up, her long slender legs were folded underneath her.

He shuddered…

She looked back at him, "Are you okay? Is it cold in here?" She asked.

Sasuke was puzzled as to why she would ask if he were cold. And seeing his confused face, she pointed to his chest. "Wha-?" He cut himself off and looked down, his nipples were hard! "Gah!" He screamed as he fell backwards. That wasn't suppose d to happen! He blushed, and Sakura laughed.

"It's not funny!" He squeaked.

"So how do we wake Naruto up?" She asked.

He thought for a moment, then grinned evilly. He walked into the bathroom, and grabbed the hot wax along with its strips. He sat on the bed, and looked over at Sakura.

"Oh…no…" She said in-between giggles.

"Oh…yes!" He laughed, and applied the hot wax on him. Naruto grunted with its hot encounter, and whimpered when Sakura took a strip and patted it on his hairy leg. He looked at her, and she looked back at him, and then they both grinned. He grabbed one edge, she grabbed the other, and then together, they pulled with all their might.

"YEEEEOOOOOOOOOWWWW!" Naruto screamed as he woke up. And just by looking at his face, Sasuke and Sakura burst out laughing.

"What the HELL did you do to me!" He screamed as he ran a hand over the leg that was searing in pain. "Do you always torture your friends!"

"What are you doing here dobe?" Sasuke asked. And don't you dare think you're off the hook when I get changed back into a man, Sasuke thought and chuckled silently.

"I um…don't remember?" He tried, and got smacked by both Sakura and Sasuke.

"Are you related to Sasuke or something?" Naruto asked as he looked up at Sasuke, and reached up and stroked Sasuke's cheek. "You called me his pet name…" Naruto said dreamily.

Sasuke's eyes widen in horror, 'Naruto liked men!' Sasuke ran behind Sakura and began to cower. Naruto likes me! His brain froze in horror, and then black enveloped his vision.

Sakura felt very sorry for Sasuke. Naruto kept implying that he felt a little more than…friendly towards him. And especially since Sasuke fainted and Naruto was already on top of him, kissing his cheek and such-

Wait a minute!

"Naruto! Get off her!" She yelled, and kicked Naruto to the side.

"Och…Why'd ya do that!" Naruto bellowed, and let out a long belch that had Sakura holding her nose and her skin teetering between the colors red and green.

"That's GROSS man! And as a matter of fact, get out of the room. AND FOR KAMI'S SAKE, GET THE HELL OUTTA MY DRESS!" Sakura screeched in such a high tone that she feared any glass near by might break from the high velocity of the sound waves.

Naruto shrank back into a corner, and almost felt like he had to fear for his life. He knew Sakura could get mad, but he had never seen her this mad unless…

"Are you on your period?" Naruto barely squeaked before Sakura's face turned bright red. Miraculously, Sakura had managed to pick Naruto up and tossed him out of their little apartment complex.

"He shouldn't have said that…" Sasuke found himself muttering as Sakura leaned over the bed to get a shoe, and flung it at Naruto and it hits its target. A deep red mark formed on his forehead, and if you looked closely enough, you could even make out a little bump that had begun to bleed.

Then the door slammed, and he knew that Sakura was still angry over what had happened.

"So…what kind of horrendous tortures will I be put through today?" Sasuke asked, and smiled up at Sakura, who's nostrils seemed to flare, but not as badly as before.

This seemed to calm Sakura down. For she smiled deviously, which made Sasuke want to cringe. Maybe he shouldn't have tried to lighten up his female companion.

Tortures? And then a thought came to her, "Oh, you'll see, believe ME!" Sakura laughed as a look of pure terror crossed her crush's face.

- - - -

It didn't take long for them to reach their destination, the Powder Spa, for those in need of a good relaxation. Laying face down next to Sasuke with only a bare towel keeping her from being completely naked and exposed, gave Sakura a little shiver.

"Are you cold miss?" One of the massagers asked, pausing form her work on her back.

"Oh, no I'm not. I'm fine thank you."

"So, Satia, what do you think of this place?" Sakura asked as she moaned as the pressure on her back made her whole body relax even further.


"And just think, before you wouldn't have known the simple pleasures of a calming spa." She giggled and then one of the masseuse looked down on her.

"So you didn't have Spa at your town?" The one that had been oiling Sasuke's lower back asked and Sakura thought her accent was from somewhere over in China.

"Nope, not a one. But this place makes up for what our village didn't have.

After paying for the treatment, they both felt incredibly soothed and light, like nothing could harm them. Then someone running bumped into them.

And then Cobiki showed up. And Sakura fought off a growl that threatened to break lose from her throat.

"Well, well, well. Looks like my two newest members just came from the Spa. See you around, I'm kinda busy and oh, Satia, come look for me to talk about your new raise."

Sasuke and Sakura shared the same look. Where was he going and in such a hurry? And nodding their heads in agreement, the silently followed him past the outskirts of the city to a dingy looking town that looked like it suffered from poverty.

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