The sun's light lazily stretched its way across the room, grazing and warming the skin of the young Ucihia Sasuke as he continued to lie on the couch. He didn't feel like moving anytime soon so he stayed as his eyes searched the apartment in boredom.

He hadn't been able to sleep the entire night thanks to his wife's constant invasion of his thoughts. Sasuke moved his head up when he heard something in the next bedroom, wondering if Hinata had been able to sleep well last night. Stretching his legs, he moved off the couch in one silent movement and moved to where his wife was.

The knock on the door made him wince slightly at the sound, but Hinata had made no sound or movement to indicate that she had heard him so he tried again.

Still nothing.

Worried that something may be wrong he opened the door as quickly and quietly as he could and peered inside, instantly relieved at the sight of her sleeping form. Her nightgown hung loosely on her body while her hair spilled over the colorless pillows.

The arm that was currently hanging over the bed bothered him for some reason so he went to lift the arm and rest it on top of her stomach, but his hand was quickly pulled away when his skin made contact with hers.

She felt like ice.


His mind began thinking up reasons to why she felt like this. Maybe she was too lazy to pull up the blankets, or maybe she liked to be this cold. They were all stupid reasons but it was better than thought that had entered his mind the moment he touched her.

Sasuke moved his hand to grip onto her shoulder so he could shake her, but he had the same reaction as soon as he touched her; this time his fingers covered with a very familiar red.


He slipped an arm around the back of her shoulders, feeling the stickiness the second time he touched her drip down his arm and watched as her head fall back limply.

No. Not again.

"Hinata...Please wake up." He whispered to her slowly, touching her cheek with his fingers. To his horror the blood he touched earlier, streaked her pale cheek and Sasuke desperately tried to wipe it away.

"Please..." His throat began to hurt him horribly as his words strained the emotions back that came suddenly.

Holding what used to be his wife in his arms, Sasuke pressed the side of face into her neck and continued to whisper to her painfully.

"Please don' can't..."

"She really does make a lovely corpse, doesn't she?"

Sasuke's head moved up so fast that he had pulled a muscle, but he didn't turn to look back. He couldn't.

"She will make a very nice edition to our family grave, unless her father has a fit about it of course."

That Voice.


Ignoring the pain in the side of his neck he looked back down to Hinata before looking back at his brother slowly.

"You look well..." With that said Sasuke quickly got up to prepare himself, but as soon as he got up his legs had been tangled in something on the floor and he fell. Instead of the flip back to land on his feet, as he would have usually done, he fell ungracefully on to the hard ground.

His mothers hair had tangled his steps. Her head twisting to the side to face him when he fell.

Horror filled his body as he frantically scooted back away from the dead body staring at him quietly and in his panic bumped into something that had obviously lost its balance and fell on top of Sasuke.

His father.

Sasuke tried with all his might to push him off but he was much to heavy for him. He was a child again. Small. Weak. Useless.

From underneath the body Sasuke could see his brother walking closer, repeating his name over and over. And like all scared children...Sasuke screamed.

Screamed in rage, sadness, fear.


No! He shut his eyes and again tried to push away the body again but it held firm.


Go away!

"SASUKE!" The surprise that Sasuke felt at hearing this obvious female voice caused him to open his eyes.

She was alive.

Hinata was on top of him, holding his face firmly between her hands as his gripped her arms so tightly that it was beginning to cause her pain. She had woken up to her husbands sudden screaming and Hinata had to do the uneasy task of pinning him to the floor before he hurt himself from his wild thrashing. Her irregular breathing equaled that of her husband but she still managed to speak soothingly to him, telling him that it was ok, that she was here.

He sat up slowly touching her face and shoulders in a way that relaxed Hinata but worried her greatly. When Sasuke was satisfied that his wife was fine he crushed her to him. His face in her hair and his arms locked securely around the small body sitting in his lap. Sasuke ignored the pain in his throat as he spoke to her and he ignored the fact that he had lost all composure in front of her.

What if the dream was real?

What if he had lost her?

"I won't let you…" Sasuke's hand slid up her back and into her hair to hold her head closer to his lips. She had wanted to look at him but he wasn't giving her the room to do it, so all she could do was listen to his voice. For now this is all she could do for him.

"Even if you don't want me anymore…" Her body stiffened, "I won't let you die…not like that…"

Sasuke's grip loosened on his wife and she moved back to look at him. The look on his face was just…

He looked defeated.


"Just go to bed. I'm fine now." His arms dropped down onto the floor allowing her to leave, but she stayed in a confused daze. One minute he's depressed the next he seems like he's mad at her. Hinata gazed at him a little while longer; he had turned his face from her and looked down to the side.

He felt stupid. He had meant what he said… he just felt like an idiot for saying it out loud. Sasuke just hoped that she would just go back to bed and leave him alone. When she moved off of him though he felt more hurt then relieved. What the hell is wrong with him? Sasuke ran a hand through his hair before standing up, getting angrier by the second. He was pissed, hurt, and extremely exhausted and it was all because of her and his stupid dream and his damn bro-

"Let's go to bed then. It's late." He glanced up at her suddenly, watching the way she tilted her head slightly as she questioningly looked back at him.


"Let's go to bed." She boldly took his hand into her small one and led him from the living room to the bedroom. Hinata even pulled him into bed with her after she crawled in. Not like she had a choice since he just stood extremely still next to the bed, staring.

They sat in bed together in an awkward silence as they stared at each other. If Hinata had left him there alone…she figured that he would have shut her out again. Then they would have to work back to the understanding that they had now. Hinata didn't want that. Again Hinata decided to be the bold one and make the first move.

She slipped her thin arms around his neck and used her body to push him down into the bed, anchoring him there. Her husband, for lack of a better word, was utterly shocked. Here his shy wife was willingly lying on top of him. On top of which she was neither, depressed or sick. He touched her bare back, the warm skin bringing him back a step closer to the realization that she was really there with him.

Hinata wasn't moving but her warmth and her deep breathing calmed her husband greatly. Slowly turning over, Sasuke took over the position of being on top, feeling a bit uncertain about the whole situation. He moved to touch her cheek but he suddenly saw red drench his fingertips and he jerked away. Sasuke began mumbling about leaving but Hinata grabbed his arm, again serving as an anchor.


Her voice was soft yet firm, her fingers were trembling though. She had been ever since she took his hand. Glancing back at her uneasily, he brought his hand to push hers away but she proved to be more stubborn then he originally thought.

"Just lay down with me." She swallowed back her nervousness, realizing that this was not the time to be embarrassed. She needed to be strong right now for her husband. "I want you to stay with me." Her tone was commanding but the sound of her voice was far to gentle to be considered threatening.

Sasuke realized that she was offering him comfort, not pity.

He moved his hand from hers and touched her cheek tenderly. Red never entered his vision.

No longer able to hold back, her face flushed from the contact and the uncertain look that Sasuke had all evening turned into the pleasant one that she had quickly grown to admire. Her husband pushed her down onto their bed and watched as he quietly observed her. His eyes glancing at her neck before slowly moving back up her face.

Hinata suddenly felt VERY self-conscious and she couldn't turn away. She was pinned under his body, his chest pressing against hers and his hands rested on the sides of her head so that she couldn't move her head to the side.

Pushing all ill-favored thoughts aside, Sasuke admired his wife who lay willingly beneath him. He was certain that he had her full attention now. She was thinking of him. She wanted him. No one else. This was far more arousing to him then that small episode of lust that he had shared with her months before.

His head slowly moved down, pausing every now and then to gauge her response to him but she didn't move or seem like she wanted to. Sasuke's head moved down until his lips rested an inch above Hinatas. His eyes were still open as he searched hers for some sort of sign that told him to stop and his wife closed her eyes half way in answer.

The kiss was so light that Hinata questioned if he was really kissing her or not but the heat that was rising in her told her otherwise. Sasuke lifted his head back up to turn it slightly to the other side and brought his lips back to hers this time she felt very aware of his lips on hers. Sasuke pushed up higher on his elbows, leaning his head down closer to hers to deepen the kiss, which caused Hinata to make a small sound of surprise.

The warmth of the kiss had thrown both of them off balance at first but the quickly came to like it, they needed it.

Their first kiss was different.

Sasuke moved carefully to kneel between his wife's legs, his lips still claiming her own. His hand tangled in her hair as his other drifted down the side of her waist.

It was tasteless and unfeeling. Devoid of everything that should be in a kiss.

Hinata reached up and touched her husband's neck carefully before finally slipping them around and pressing herself closer to him, her embarrassment forgotten.

But this kiss was immediately addicting, causing Sasuke to curse himself for not having this sooner.

Slowly he pulled his head away from her to look down at his wife, Hinata's original embarrassment rushing back to her.

" Y-You don't have to d-" He immediately ignored her and cut her off.

"Marry me."

Her body jolted in surprise from his words. He was giving her a choice…truly become his wife…or just be apart of an arranged marriage.


The smile that came was slow but genuine, but Sasuke leaned in to kiss her before she could fully admire his smile. Not that she minded.

That night she became the wife of Sasuke Uchiha and He became her husband.

That morning, he was nowhere to be found.


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