Knock on the Sky

What's up with the current innuendo
Buzz around into a fevery crescendo
You'll never
You can't
Why does everybody fear
What they don't understand

Stand up and listen to the sister, mister
Been around here long enough
We're strong enough
We're gonna sing the song enough
To shake this institution
It's a SHE-volution

Can't (can't) just flyby
Gotta knock, knock on the sky
We can't (can't) just flyby
Gotta knock, knock on the sky

Who cares about the popular affliction
The dull-headed, brain-dead corny contradiction
Well you know we're gonna say
Just what we're gonna say

Hey now before you do or die us
Try us
So what if we wear parachutes or jacket boots
At least we're fully resolute
To use imagination
To try and move a generation

Can't (can't) just flyby
Gotta knock, knock on the sky
We can't (can't) just flyby
Gotta knock, knock on the sky

Sane or erratic
Mundane or dramatic
Just do what you do what you do me and you
To thine ownself be true

Can't (can't) just flyby
Gotta knock, knock on the sky
We can't (can't) just flyby
Gotta knock, knock on the sky

Draco rubbed his hands up and down Ginny's chilled goose bumped flesh as she curled her arms around his bent knees. She shivered slightly, relishing in the way she sat with Draco behind her, his face resting in her neck as he whispered to her sweet words.

"I love you," he kissed the side of her neck.

Ginny sighed as she watched the sun fade into the multi-colored sky. The ocean waves crashed against the shore, a chilling breeze zipping through her hair.

"Say it again," she whispered turning her head so her cheek rested against his.

He chuckled, the warm rumble sending jolts through her skin. "I love you!"

She sighed and fell back into him further. Resting her head against his shoulder, her back cradled by his masculine chest. The salty ocean air filled Ginny's nostrils as she took a deep breath. She dipped her bare feet into the gritty sand slightly gasping as the crumbs tickled between her toes.

"Thank you for bringing me here, I love it!"

"I knew you would!"

Draco fiddled with the ring he had gotten this morning when Ginny had been sleeping. He had sat there for hours watching her, her chest lifting up and down with every breath, the way she curled her hand underneath her chin, the slight parting of her lips. He'd sat there sweating, lusting; wanting to keep her forever with in three hours he knew what he was going to do. So, giving her a kiss on the forehead he'd sized her ring finger and dashed out.

He inhaled the sweet scent of her neck, pulled out the ring, gripped her hand and slowly slid the platinum engagement ring with a 2.89 carat oval shaped green diamond and two .68 carat diamonds siding it. Around the inside of the band was the engraving 'Red & Draco'.

"Whatcha doin'?" she smiled as she glanced down at her hand.

As soon as she saw the huge rock on her hand, she gasped for breath. Her hand jerked to her eyes. The ring glistened as the sun drooped into the background.

"Well, what do you say?" Draco whispered in her ear.

She giggled and turned in his arms, looking deep into his eyes. "Is this a proposal Mr. Malfoy?"

"Can't you tell?" he said, his voice singed with nervousness.

She turned fully around this time, wrapping her legs around his was, slightly lifting her butt up so she could rest on his thighs. She pushed her forehead into his and grinned. "I'm guessing this is your first time asking someone to marry you!"

Draco rolled his eyes. "Obviously or I'd be married now!"

"I'm just kidding!" she grinned cupping his face in her hands, bringing his lips to hers.

She kissed him gently.



The rest of this Epilogue is sex, and I couldn't put that up here. I figured that was a good place to end it! I'll be working on revising the sequel A Day Without Rain very soon. Thanks for reading! Aya