Although Zordon and Alpha had opened a contact frequency with Captain Logan of the Time Force the second news coverage of Ransik's attacks were available, the wise sage was very intrigued to learn about the future, his close contact with the Time Force agency over the years didn't entice his knowledge of the future due to dangerous reasons, but it warmed his hearts to be meeting a team of Rangers who were so far away from home. The Power Rangers lived on, and he happily agreed to let them use the Command Center's computer system to track down Ransik in Silver Hills, California. After Kimberly and Jason explained their situation to Zordon, the seven of them began searching Ransik so they could return to their respective times as soon as possible.

Jen, Trip, Lucas, and Katie were scattered all around the control panels as Alpha 5 instructed them to use the equipment which seemed ancient to them. With the Command Center's tracking system, they were sure to find a location spot on Ransik's evil aura. They'd managed to track down a news broadcast explaining the terror that had been caused from Ransik's rapture in downtown Silver Hills. Kimberly stood in front of the viewing globe patiently waiting for more information. Alpha 5 seemed fascinated with Circuit who had explained how his circuits functioned.

It had been decided that the Time Force Rangers would contact Captain Logan and explain Kimberly and Jason's situation. Hopefully, they would receive permission to accompany the fallen Power Rangers back to the year 1998 and stop Lord Zedd's takeover of Earth.

"Ayi yi," spoke Alpha 5. He recently remembered something from a discussion Zordon had with the captain of the Time Force. "Jennifer, we were foretold of your arrival by Captain Logan. He informed Zordon that your team would arrive an hour before Ransik's tampering with the time flow. What happened?"

Jen turned around to face Alpha. "That is correct Alpha, however it seems that Captain Logan's information was incorrect. Our arrival occurred an hour after Ransik's arrival in the year 1993. It's quite unfortunate that things turned out this way, because capturing Ransik as he landed would have been much easier. Hopefully we can find him in time before the opting of the Power Rangers," With that, both Jen and Alpha returned to the control panel continuing their search for Ransik's location.

Wes and Jason stood in another corner talking as if they'd been best friends forever. It was common for their to be a special bond between Red Power Rangers. Jason shared special bonds with both Tommy, and even Rocky during his days as the Gold Ranger. Wes could feel the connection between them as well, and felt like he could tell Jason anything.

Wes straightened up, and developed a serious look on his face. "Can I have your opinions on something?"

"Yeah bro," Jason replied. "What's up?"

Wes shrugged, hoping that his inquiry wouldn't make Jason laugh. "Well, you see I kind of have a thing for Jennifer…"he whispered, hoping Lucas and Trip weren't listening. It felt great telling someone, he knew Lucas and Trip would have laughed a him.

Jason didn't laugh, he smiled. "You know, it's perfectly natural for the Red Rangers to have a thing for the Pink Ranger… well, except when there's a White Ranger or a Green Ranger involved,"

Wes eyed Trip suspiciously, and turned back to Jason. "But the thing is, she doesn't know how I feel… and I don't know how to tell her. She's from the future, I'm from the present,"

Jason thought before giving a reply. He didn't want to send Wes the wrong advice and cause problems between Jen and him. Jason felt for Wes, because he felt the same way about Kimberly and lately even she'd been sending him weird signs. It seemed like at certain times she wanted to be with him, and at others she was unsure. The right words finally came to Jason. "Look Wes, I can only say to you what I've told myself recently. You just have to follow your heart, if you tell her how you feel then the worst possible outcome is rejection. I know that rejection hurts, but life will go on,"

Wes nodded, and patted Jason on the side. "You're right Jason, I really need to tell her and I will tell her. Now isn't the time though, we have to find Ransik and get you two back to your own time,"

"Right," Jason nodded.

Jen looked up from the control panel with a wide grin on her face. "We've found Ransik!". The others rushed over to the control panel at her deliverance. "It looks like he is hiding out in some kind of forested area in the Silver Hills National Reserve,"

"All right!" Lucas chimed. "Let's go get him!"

The crystal alarms placed respectfully around the Command Center started going haywire once again. Kimberly and Jason naturally looked towards the Viewing Globe, which would usually show a monster attack. A vicious looking monster with snakes protruding from its head proved their instincts. Kimberly and Jason jumped to action, as they tried to call their Power Morphers. They stepped back away, embarrassed as the reality returned to them. They were no longer Power Rangers.

"It's Medusaro, a mutant we captured for the use of the deadly snakes connected to her brain. She poisoned and murdered innocent victims with those bites, I should have known we'd face her someday," said Jen angrily

"Ayi yi yi! Zordon! If this mutant uses her evil powers upon a civilian in this time it could cause an Armageddon with future events! Power Rangers, you must do something,"

Jen looked at the others, signaling them to ready their morphers. "Don't worry Alpha, we'll handle this,"

"Wait, Zordon," said Kimberly stepping up, Jason followed behind her with a pretty good idea of what she was going to do. "Can't Jason and I help? We may not have our powers but we still have our fighting skills,"

"Yeah Zordon," seconded Jason. "I know you don't know me yet, but I hate standing on the sidelines. We may not prove to be much assistance without our powers but at least we could try to help,"

Zordon was silent for a moment as he considered their requests. "I cannot let you do that Kimberly and Jason. Without your powers to protect you from the venomous sting of Medusaro, and in the event of being murdered in this time period would be a catastrophe,"

"Hmm," Kimberly thought. She wasn't going to give up that easily, the facts hit her as she remembered what time period they were in. The two power coins which belonged to Jason and her were in that very Command Center awaiting their destined beholders. "Zordon, why can't you give us the power coins you have here. It was easily done when I was sent to the 1800's… it should work in this situation too,"

Zordon realized he'd been outsmarted. "That's a very good observation Kimberly, and you're right. I'd almost forgotten about the events that will occur later this evening when Rita Repulsa is released from her dumpster. I think it would only be proper to allow you to assist the Time Force Rangers, but you must return to the Command Center before Rita Repulsa is released from her imprisonment,"

"It's a risk I'm willing to take," replied Jason with a great smile, he turned to Kimberly and winked, and she returned the gesture with a smile.

"Ayi yi," said Alpha 5. "I don't know about this…what if something goes wrong, what if Kimberly and Jason don't make it back in time? Then we'll be two power coins short,"

Jen stepped forward and took Alpha's hand. "Don't worry Alpha, we'll succeed in capturing Ransik in time for Kimberly and Jason to return the power coins. We have to go though before something horrible happens,"

Alpha sighed and looked at Zordon.

"Alpha, the power coins please," Zordon said nobly at the little robot.

Alpha turned to the control panel and punched a few buttons. A dark green box with gold swirls inscribed on the outside instantly appeared in Alpha's hand. He opened the box carefully, and the five power coins shone brightly as the light from the Command Center hit them. The Time Force Rangers gathered around Alpha for a closer look, as he carefully handed Kimberly the pterodactyl power coin, and the tyrannosaurus power coin to Jason. Alpha closed the box again, and it disappeared as quickly as its appearance.

Kimberly and Jason could feel the mighty power flowing through their bodies once again, something they had not felt for a long time. The former Rangers were delighted to be holding their power coins once again, and logically, couldn't wait to call upon the power of their respective mythical dinosaurs.

"May the power protect you," spoke Zordon deeply. "Alpha, when the Rangers complete the meta-morphis stage, set the teleportation sequence to downtown Silver Hills,"

"I'm on it!" said Alpha 5 as he moved to a different set of controls.

"All right, is everyone prepared?" asked Jen.

The sound of six "We're readies" echoed throughout the vast ceiling of the Command Center as Jen and the other Time Force readied their morphers.

Jason and Kimberly looked at each other and smiled one last time before reaching behind their backs to feel the energy of the power morpher forming in their hand.

"It's Morphin Time!" yelled Jason and Kimberly simultaneously

"Tyrannosaurus!" Jason called.

"Pterodactyl" yelled Kimberly for the first time in a long time.

Jen, Wes, Katie, Trip, and Lucas began their morphing sequence. "Time For Time Force!"

"This is amazing!" Kimberly screamed. "It's like déjà vu all over again!" she stared down at her Pink power suit.

Jason agreed, he clenched his fists as he glared at his power suit from underneath his helmet. It felt great being a Power Ranger again.

"Whoa," exclaimed Trip. "Look at their suits!"

"It's better then the display in the museum!" Lucas joked, as and Jason gave each other high fives.

Katie smiled. "Definitely awesome,"

"Man," sighed Wes. "This definitely brings back memories for me… I grew up watching you guys on the television when they would broadcast one of your fights. Now I'm actually going to be fighting with you in action!"

Jen smiled, it was great to see the two teams getting together so long. She didn't want to ruin the party but they still had a mission to do. "All right everyone, prepare for teleportation sequence!"

The seven of them took proper stance, as Alpha punched in the codes for teleportation. Shades of red, blue, green, yellow and pink rose quickly into the air and up out of the Command Center as the little robot watched with excitement.

Deep within the forested area of the Silver Hills National Reserve, the stolen containment tower of the Funaro Maximum Security Prison sat undisturbed since absconding the year 2001.

Inside, Ransik watched pleasurably as Medusaro and a legion of Cyclobots erupted terror on the unsuspecting citizens of Silver Hills. The brilliance of his plan has taken away the need for his special serum with the thought of conquering the Earth once and for all. He wasn't even aware that he'd been followed by the Time Force Rangers once again. Ransik turned to Gluto and made a summoning motion. "Go out and fetch us some refreshments from the local convenient store, our victory calls for a celebration!"

Gluto snarled at Ransik. "Why do I have to do everything boss? Frax is the one who never does anything but tinker in his bolts and nuts, I should be held to higher standards!"

"Gluto, who do you think you are? Don Dorunero," laughed Ransik. Even Gluto's ranting wasn't going to upset him now.

Gluto flinched his eyes. "Who's that boss?" he asked stupidly.

"Just don't worry about it, and follow my orders. No go!" Ransik ordered once again, as Gluto waddled out of the control room.

Nadira had been flipping through the channels on the stolen television set from 2001, hoping to find something worth watching during her paranoia of being stuck in the past. She found a live news coverage which showed Power Rangers landing at the battle scene. "That's weird, how can this television station have reports from the year 2001?" she asked herself, but then came to her senses when she saw the extra pair of Red and Pink Rangers. "Daddy! Something is going on!"

The concern in Nadira's voice immediately brought Ransik's attention to the television set. His eyes grew large as soon as he caught sight of the seven colors of spandex. "Blast the Time Force Rangers!" he growled angrily. "Blast them all to he-,"

Ransik paused as Nadira interrupted him. "Daddy! We have to do something, they're going to destroy Medusaro and stop us from taking over the world, and then I won't get to go back to the year 2001 so I can watch my favorite shows! I will seriously die if I don't get to see the next episode of Friends,"

"You're absolutely right Nadira!" declared Ransik. "I'm not going to let the Power Rangers ruin it for me this time. I will personally assist Medusaro in her fight against the Power Rangers, and I will make them pay once and for all for their interference! Nadira, fetch Frax from his workshop and prepare for battle!"

In downtown Silver Hills, Jason, Kimberly, Jen, Wes, Lucas, Trip, and Katie took their fighting stance, as Jen stepped up towards Medusaro holding up her Time Force badge.

"Time Force! You're under arrest Medusaro, once again!" the Pink Ranger yelled, as a flash of white light emitted from her badge.

Medusaro delivered a high pitched laugh, she didn't care about Jen's threat. "Pink Ranger, you and your Time Force friends will never understand the power that we mutants possess! You may have captured me once, but you'll never do it again!"

"You're going to eat your words!" yelled Katie, charging towards Medusaro with her fists raised.

Medusaro unleashed one of the snakes from her head, charging towards Katie's chest. The snake bit fiercely, but Katie's Ranger suit produced sparks. The impact sent Katie flying backwards.

"Katie! Are you all right?" yelled Trip coming to the fallen Yellow Ranger's aide.

"I'm fine Trip," Katie replied. She stood up and brushed the dust from her power suit. "Let's get them!"

Jason and Wes charged towards the Cyclobots teaming up on a rowdy group with ease. Jason delivered a spinning kick which sent two of Ransik's metal henchmen flying through a pile of nearby boxes. Wes leaped into the air, thrusting his right foot into the chest of a nearby Cyclobot, sending the dumbfounded foot soldier to the ground.

Kimberly and Jen were holding their own on another group of Cyclobots who seemed confused by the appearance of two Pink Rangers. Kimberly sent an attacker down into a nearby trashcan with an impaling attack in the leg with her foot, she found the Cyclobots harder to fight then the henchmen she'd fought as a Power Ranger but she quickly caught on. Jen blasted an attacking Cyclobot into the wall with her fist, grunting happily with her successful blow.

Medusaro watched in the distance as Katie, Trip, and Lucas finished off Cyclobots one by one. She knew too well that her unnecessary accompanists served the purpose to fatigue the Rangers so they would be unsuccessful in their attempt to destroy her. Medusaro enjoyed watching their strive as they fought their way to her. As Jason took out the final Cyclobot, Medusaro applauded. "Very well done, Power Rangers. Your combat skills are sensational, but I think you'll find me a much greater opponent then the silly Cyclobots!"

"I wouldn't count on that!" Jason spoke, angered by Medusaro's gasconading. "Let's get her guys!" he yelled, taking command.

The seven Rangers charged towards Medusaro but were halted by flashes of blinding white light. Medusaro took the opportunity to hurl a snake, which struck Kimberly in her neck. Kimberly cried out in pain and fell lifelessly to the ground. Medusaro laughed evilly, as the flashing light revealed Ransik, Frax, and Nadira.

Ignoring Ransik's entrance, Jason quickly rushed to Kimberly and unlatched her helmet, after removing his own. He quickly pulled it off revealing Kimberly's face which was growing pale. "Kimberly, are you all right?" Jason asked, on the verge of tears.

Kimberly coughed weakly. She tried to speak but found that it caused her much pain, as the venomous poison from Medusaro's bite was fighting her strength. She frowned at Jason as tears protruded from the corner of her eyes.

Jason arose in a rage of angry, pointing his glove covered fist at Medusaro who had taken her position next to Ransik. "You monster! Look what you've done!" he growled angrily. "I thought our powers were supposed to protect us,"

Jen was trying to take in what was happening, trying to think fast. She couldn't explain it. "I don't know what's happening Jason, the bite didn't effect Katie… look you need to get her back to the Command Center away from the battle. We'll take care of the mutants."

Jason turned back to Kimberly, where Trip had knelt down feeling her pulse. He raised his wrist towards his mouth and spoke into his communicator. "Zordon, Kimberly has been injured, she's dying. She and I need immediate teleportation to the Command Center,"

"Right away Jason," answered Zordon in a very concerned tone.

As Jason looked at Kimberly her power suit disappeared as if she'd powered down. Trip's face grew very concerned, and then turned saddened . "I hate to say this… but I'm afraid she's already gone. I've lost a pulse,"

Jason knew he was going to loose it, the tears swelled in his eyes. He tried to hold back from crying but he began breaking down. "This can't be happening," he whispered to himself. "This can't be happening,"

It seemed like the Time Force Rangers had forgotten that their targets were standing meters away from them, as they gathered around Jason and Kimberly's lifeless body. Ransik watched on with a smug look on his face.

Jen touched Jason's shoulder knowing too well how he was feeling at that very moment. "Jason, take her back to the Command Center," she spoke softly. "Staying here, you'll only endanger yourself. We'll make sure to avenge her death,"

Jason nodded half-heartedly, and picked up Kimberly into his arms. Beams of bright red and pink intermixed encompassed Jason and Kimberly and they teleported off into the skies.

"Very well done Medusaro," spoke a boasting Ransik. "One down, and five more to go!"

Jen dashed up towards Ransik, putting her face right into his. "You're a monster! People were right to shun you, you're a hideous freak!" she spoke angrily. "Not only have you murdered Alex, but now you've caused the death of an innocent person whose done nothing to you!"

Ransik sneered at Jen, holding back the urge of punching her into the ground. "A Power Ranger is a Power Ranger! I would find pleasure in ending each and every one of you!" Ransik growled, hulking and spitting a glob of bodily fluid into Jen's face. "It's been a pleasure, I'm sure Pink Ranger!" he added before pushing her into Wes' arms.

"You're going to pay for this Ransik!" growled Jen as she dashed back towards him. She stopped in her tracks as Medusaro tore off her mutant DNA, taking on the form of a giant. Instead, Jen turned back to the other Rangers who seemed lost in sorrow over Kimberly's death. "This has gotten out of hand! Do you see what we've let happen by failing to capture Ransik. We can't let more innocent people die in this time period, we have to stop Medusaro, and we have to do it now!"

The other Time Force Rangers nodded in comparison as Jen raised her Time Force badge into the sky. "We need the Time Jets!" she yelled into the distance. The usual engine blare of the time fliers was absent, nothing was heard but Medusaro's blaring threats. Jen turned to Circuit who was hovering in the distance. "Circuit, why aren't they coming?"

"I'm on it Jen," replied the robotic owl. "I'm not getting a response from Captain Logan, and I'm having major difficulty accessing files from the future,"

Circuit's words brought a wide grin to Ransik's hideous face, as he threw his arms around Nadira. The signs were pointing to Ransik being victorious in his pursuit of capturing Earth for his own taking.

Jen begin pacing nervously throwing her hands wildly, and looking back and forth between her teammates. "Something is wrong here, something seriously is wrong. What are we going to do?"