Gawd knows why I have chosen to post a Christmas story now…must be the steaming Japanese heat I am currently experiencing. This is the first piece of Harry Potter fan fiction I ever wrote. I refrained from posting it because it's fluffy, and I tend to be bad at fluff.

Of course, all characters and places are temporarily on loan from J.K.Rowling.

Seasonal Snogging

Minerva turned her cheek to Albus with a grimace.

"Oh come now, it can't be that bad!" cried Professor Sprout across the staff room.

Albus placed a peck on Professor McGonagall's cheek and she moved away quickly as a ruby plopped into the jar in his hand.

"Next!" the Headmaster cried.

It was the day before Christmas eve and the penultimate day of the now infamous Crimbo Contest where, in the run up to Christmas day, Aberforth and Albus Dumbledore competed to see who could kiss the most women under the mistletoe. With each kiss, they were rewarded with a jewel in their jar, a bit like the house points system at the school. One point for a peck on the cheek, two for one on the lips, three for a snog, and so on. The loser would make a donation to the charity of the winner's choice, and Albus was determined to win for St Mungo's this year. It was getting ridiculous. In the past four years, he had donated over a thousand galleons to Juniper Biscestor's Home for Retired Goats, and people were starting to think the infatuation ran in the family. His run of losses was due to Aberforth's acquisition of a girlfriend, not fiver summers ago, although he was frankly amazed that it had lasted this long. They usually refused to share him with his four-legged friends. The girlfriend had ensured Aberforth a head start each year that Albus struggled to match. This year would be different, however. This year he was definitely going to win.

Albus moved to the next female professor in the line, the mistletoe floating magically above his head. His eyes lingered for a moment on the witch whose cheek he had just kissed as she walked away, then he quickly kissed Professor Sprout and another ruby fell into his jar.

He was doing very well, so far. Despite Aberforth's twenty point lead, Albus had managed to get himself to twelve on the first day by having a night out at the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. Of course, he had had to kiss a few hags, but it had been worth it to see his jar fill with twelve glittering rubies. Since that night, however, things had gone a bit cold, and he had had to resort to threatening a certain reluctant female member of staff with remedial transfiguration classes with the Creevey brothers if she didn't relent and let him kiss her on the cheek.

Minerva sniffed disdainfully as another ruby fell into Albus's jar. She looked up at him and saw his eyes twinkling at her in amusement.

"It's just a bit of fun, my dear." he said.

She gave him a scowl.

"Just as long as you don't start kissing the students!" she growled, making her exit with a swish of robes.

The remaining staff members in the room flinched as the door slammed.

"What she needs is a good, hard…"

"Madam Hooch!" cried Professor Sprout in shock.

"…SNOG, I was going to say, Pomona."

Professor Sprout had to concede that her colleague was indeed on the right track.

"Yes, she does seem more uptight that usual…" she said. "Perhaps you can sort her out with your mistletoe, Headmaster?" She cast a quick glance at Madam Hooch, but Albus started and a look of horror entered his eyes.

"Good heavens!" He cried. "Do you know what I had to threaten her with to get her to let me kiss her on the cheek?! The woman would skin me alive!"

"Whatever happened to that famous Gryffindor courage?" asked the head of Hufflepuff with a smile.

Albus gave her a sideways glance.

"I shouldn't be telling you this but…" he lowered his voice to a whisper "this lion cowers before the wrath of that lioness."

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