I wish I owned DBZ, but I don't. I own DVD's and tapes, but it just isn't the same. I also don't own the right to Starcraft or any of the music pieces you see selected, just copies of merchandise, such a shame. The artists that created them are geniuses and we all must bow to them.

Dragonball V Series # 3: Preparations

A/U, if you haven't read my first two sagas, allow me to bring you up to date. Though it will be easier to understand if you have.

Series one: My character's name is Verto, a young Saiyan adopted by Vegeta and Bulma. But Verto is from an alternate timeline (our world), and was originally human, and was fully familiar with the Z fighters and the dragonballs thanks to the TV series. Thanks to the technology of Frieza in that universe, he is changed into a Saiyan very slowly and only becomes aware of it when Future Trunks and Future Bulma arrive. Once they intervene, they alter the process and make him a Saiyan child rather than an adult, to ensure stability and take Frieza's eye off Earth. Frieza is naturally furious and blows up the Earth just as the three escape. He attacks them in space and boards their ship to take them captive. Trunks sends Verto ahead into the DBZ universe that he had saved with his time machine, altering it again. There, Verto is adopted by the Briefs and is trained by Vegeta and Piccolo. Verto's transformed ape form is completely controlled and is a very small version of the giant ape form. This turns out to be a defect in the Saiyan's of Verto's universe, and Vegeta makes use of this by having sparring sessions with the transformed Saiyan and teaching him the fake moon technique. He is also a Super Saiyan, and the most powerful of the children soon after. After fighting in alternate universes along side Gohan and the young demi-saiyans after falling into a magical trap set by an old wizard, Verto finds himself as a leading protector of earth in the preparation for the battle with Buu. After meeting Videl and Chichi, he mistakenly becomes the most liked of the children, even though he attempts to act more like Vegeta and tries drive all of the pampering away, something he is unsuccessful in doing. Trunks and Goten get jealous of him pretty early on, but put up with him later when he saves them a few times. That doesn't stop them from pulling a good prank every now and then. When Trunks sees Verto and his father train together, his jealousy hits the roof and he demands on more training with his father as well when the tournament draws closer.

Series Two begins on the morning of the world tournament. Shin, the Supreme Kai, erases Verto's memory of his own world, making it impossible to predict what would happen next in the DBZ timeline. Events unfold closely similar to what they should, and soon after Vegeta, Verto sacrifices himself to give Goku the time to teach the boys fusion, as well as to save his newly found family. He fights Fat Buu more than evenly, nearly taking the monster down in his transformed state. Babidi interferes and destroys the fake moon in the sky, sealing Verto's fate. Afterwards he heads to Shin's planet with Goku to help Gohan attain his Mystic form. Shin also trains Verto for a time and he learns the Kaioken technique.

After Goku and Vegeta are granted life again, Buu rips a hole into Hell. This releases Frieza and Cell with newly enhanced powers, plus a huge army behind them. Shin goes to King Yemma for assistance, as Vegito has a tough enough time with part of the army reinforcing itself once he defeats it, on top of that he has to deal with Buu gathering power to destroy the universe. Other World sends Pikkon and Dabura to assist Vegito, but Cell and Frieza's armies overwhelm them. Shin's request is granted, and all the Saiyans that died in the past appear and wipe out Frieza's army in a spectacular battle. During the battle, the legendary Broly appears alive and well, and lands on Earth to help the Saiyans fight off Frieza and Cell. Shin seals the hole in hell, leaving all of the Saiyans to fight Buu.

After a battle involving the ultimate powered up state of Super Buu and Super Saiyan 3 Vegito, Buu barely wins, but Old Kai tricks him into releasing all of his captives. Buu destroys the earth once he assumes his kid form, Shin and Goku are able to teleport everyone away. Several battles later, on the Supreme Kai's planet, Verto is forced to use his transformed state backed by the Kaioken technique in order to hold off Buu while Goku gathers the spirit bomb. Eventually, the young Saiyan reverts, being put out cold, so Vegeta and the other fighters on the Kai planet are forced to jump in, despite their exhausted bodies.

When Buu puts all of the resistance down; Vegeta stubbornly hangs on as the Earth donates their energy to Goku, backed by Mr. Satan's words. Verto arises again to the tune of Super Saiyan plus Kaiokenx3 and saves Vegeta. Goku fires the bomb and runs of out power, only to be powered back up by the Namek dragon. After Buu is obliterated, the good Fat Buu reappears, and because he is pure hearted, the bomb couldn't hurt him while inside of Kid Buu. The Z fighters let him live, under Mr. Satan of course, and Broly returns to space in peace. In the end Verto and the demi-saiyans accompany Mr. Satan to a public thanking session in which Satan gives some of the credit to the gold fighters.

However it is revealed that a new enemy may be coming. One just as fearsome as Buu, except it is an entire race bent on consumption, they are called the Zerg. Dabura reveals that he has had altercations with them before and had supposedly lost his daughter to them as well. With this in mind, Verto and the Z fighters press onward in life, watching for the signs of invasion and prepare to meet them head on.

This saga is the filler up to the invasion of the Zerg, concluding with the start of the invasion itself. Most of the really important things to know about the Zerg will be in this series, but mostly towards the end when more Zerg show up. The early part of this will be a comical/romance outing, turning darker and action packed. Obviously if you've never played the game of Starcraft, you will be in trouble.

Again I do not own Db/Z/GT, but I am a huge fan of it who had nothing better to do at the time, like I always say, write ideas down before they consume you. That way you can get to the next thought without repeating yourself again and again. Peace out-D.T. aka Verto Briefs.

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