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Chapter 25: Day of Destiny arrives

Unfortunately for the Earth, the next two days passed very quickly. Before I knew it, Vegeta and Goku had finished training the Saiyans and everyone was meeting up again. Gohan and I sparred lightly the second day just like before, then we went to the park when we felt some energy shift around that area. We spotted the red headed human Kerrigan again, she waved slightly before wondering off, vanishing before we could catch her.

"What is with that girl anyway?" Gohan asked.

"Beats me," I shrugged as we gave up the chase. Broly came back on time, informing us that Goku and Vegeta were going to keep the rest of the Saiyans in time chamber a bit longer than planned. He wouldn't say why, and I thought for sure it was because of Super Saiyan transformations, or lack of them. I wasn't sure how Fasha was going to greet me after being gone for two and a half years in her eye. I got my answer though, that look of determination in all of their eyes would frighten anyone. Goku wore his usual smile that didn't belong on a hardened Saiyan warrior, and Vegeta's scowl wasn't surprising either.

"So it worked out?" Gohan asked first.

"You could say that Gohan, wanna see?" Goku asked, pointing his finger out the door. The crew headed outside, I could feel their now much higher ki rising, just to show off.

"Okay guys, take it up as far as it goes!" Bardock ordered, starting to power up. A strong wind picked up around us as the five warriors powered up, ki lightning struck around them as well. Then the golden energy radiated off of them, a transformation I mastered a long time ago. Their hair turned gold and eyes teal green, tails still brown, signaling the first transformation to Super Saiyan. But their energy still shot up after that, and if anything it was faster than it did when they started. Lightning surrounded all of them and a huge aura went up. Well I didn't expect this, but then if you have Goku and Vegeta training you for two solid years, I suppose this could be done.

Their hair spiked up more as the lightning went through it, and their skin emitted a bit more light as the blue ki lightning cut through their bodies and their auras. They had ascended to the second level, and their tails had even turned gold now. The ki rising ended shortly after that, and I got a good grip on their powers now. Bardock was still the strongest of the group, his power was near Vegeta and Goku at Super Saiyan two, or at least what I was used to for it. Tora, not to be outdone, was right behind him. Shugesh and Borgos were below Tora, but pretty close to each other, Shugesh was a tad higher. Fasha, the lone female of the group, was still the lowest, but it would be hard to say that now. Her power was way above mine at my maximum, and probably above it even with the Kaioken technique. It was about at the level Goku was at Super Saiyan two when I first met him.

"Almost makes you wonder what those Zerg were thinking coming here, but then they don't think much do they?" Piccolo asked behind me. I hadn't even seen him land with Dende; I was too busy watching the light show. An army of Super Saiyans, literally. Goku gave a slight signal with his hand, and they all dropped power back to normal, well normal for them now.

"So what do you think, am I still weak now?" Fasha smirked as she and I sat on one of the lobby room couches.

"Yes," I laughed, catching a punch in the side that actually hurt a little.

"Your girlfriend had to spar with me for five months because she hadn't transformed yet. Bardock hit the first level about three weeks in, Tora about six weeks, Shugesh and Borgos on the same day two months after Tora. She didn't hit the level until month number five," Krillin explained.

"And she ripped you a new asshole when she did didn't she?"

"Damn right she did, it took just about everyone to calm her down after I was beaten up," he rubbed his head laughing.

"Well you did insult my mate, you think I was going to take that sitting down?" Fasha gave him a warning glare.

"Don't you know by now that we did that so you would transform? I didn't actually mean it!" Krillin begged off. I was a bit taken aback by Fasha's new tone. It wasn't that it was overly threatening like one would get from training with Vegeta all the time. It was more relaxed and more confident.

"So, proud of me now love?" she asked sweetly.

"Vegeta was right, I wouldn't have survived the night after training was done if I had been changed after, you're stronger than I am now!" I admitted. Krillin simply backed away and joined his wife, making me suspect that he was more than just beat down in there. His power was higher than it had ever been, so the trip had been good for him as well. Tien took his place a moment later.

"Vegeta and Goku kicked all of us out of the time chamber once two years were up. Even Piccolo, who threatened to seal them in there before Goku told him why. The only reason Broly left was because Vegeta told him too, but they must have ascended during that time. Goku and Vegeta probably kicked us out for our own safety," Tien explained, sitting down next to me. His power had gone up dramatically, but I really shouldn't have been surprised, look what happened to Bardock's crew. I saw Seventeen come back as well, looking like he had seen better days outside of the time chamber. He had trained as well, but a power increase couldn't be detected from him anyway.

"Attention everyone, we're going to go through final details now!" Mom called, rapping a stick against the side of the hologram projector. We then reviewed all of the Zerg types, though quickly as we had gone through this before. Just about everyone was handed a capsule, each containing armor and the new handguns for emergencies. The only real exceptions were of course Goten and Trunks, as they only got armor. Piccolo declined on both, he could regenerate if it was a problem. Buu was too big for armor, and he'd probably screw something up with the gun.

"Okay guys, this is the scanning system we set up while you guys were gone. This can track just about anything that lands on Earth. I had Gohan and Verto set up the deployable sensors that should remain hidden. With these we can track Zerg signals just about anywhere, and monitor battles as long as they are close enough to the sensor. The range of each one is about two hundred miles, and if any of you blow these out I'm gonna be pissed!" she yelled, making everyone flinch slightly.

"We're going to need to group up now, as Goku suggested into pairings of two's and three's," Piccolo stated. This started a bit of an argument, not because of fighting ability or power differences, but mostly because of Gohan and myself. No one wanted to pair us with someone weak, or together, because both would risk us being captured easier and the Zerg succeeding in what we believed they were aiming for. The argument was silenced the instant Chichi brought out the skillet because of the swear words going through the air.

"Next one who yells gets it!" Amazing how that works so well!

"I have a simple solution. There are fifteen of you guys, so we simply draw numbers for this like the martial arts tournament. Teams one through seven, the oddball goes to number seven. How's that sound?" Mom suggested. Everyone seemed to agree with that and chance it on fate. Mom wrote out the numbers on small pieces of paper, then shoved them in a small box and covered it with a lid.

She shook the box to shuffle the numbers, "Alright, who wants to go first?" Goku wanted to, the way he jumped up and down was hard to miss. Then, when he got the go ahead, he started stretching as if ready to fight right away. What a character. He drew team one, and for some reason was ecstatic. Vegeta rolled his eyes, muttering alien curses.

"Gohan, you go next," Mom said with a smile. Gohan drew team three, making everyone breathe a little easier. If there was going to be team competition, no one wanted Goku and Gohan together, but that also would may have been the Zerg's worst nightmare, or perhaps their best chance, they were both pacifistic at times. Tien went next, drawing team seven. Krillin went up and drew team seven as well, and then Piccolo drew seven, making us wonder if the entries were shuffled or not. But team seven was determined, Tien, Krillin and Piccolo, I could already hear Tora and Shugesh chuckling at the weakling team. Bardock shut his heckling crew up, before drawing himself, he drew Team four. I went next, slipping my hand in the box and seeing what fate had decided. The paper was hard to hold on to, and I dropped the first few, but finally grabbed one and pulled it out. Team two was written nice and large on the paper. Several sighs of relief could be heard, I guess a few of them thought it would be three for sure. Vegeta went next, and its funny how fate works out, he drew number one. The scowl on his face would crack mountains; it only deepened when Goku started celebrating.

"Yeah, I got Vegeta on my team!" he jumped up and down a little bit. All of the non-earth Saiyans stared at him with confused looks, probably wondering just what the hell he was on.

This continued until Bardock leaned over, "Sit down and shut up Kakarot!"

Goku was down on the ground in a heartbeat, "Yes, Papa." Holy shit! All of the humans and earth Saiyans, Vegeta included, were shocked that someone, other than Chichi, could shut Goku up and make him sit down just by an order.

"What?" Bardock asked in the same tone though no one answered.

Team 1 was set, Goku and Vegeta, if Gohan and Goku wasn't happening, this would be the next worst case scenario for the Zerg, even if one of them was an idiot at heart. Fasha drew next, and drew team two, mine. My heart did a slight flip, as hers did as well. I felt relieved as this way I would be able to keep an eye on her.

"Bulma, make her redraw!" Vegeta barked.

"Yeah, it isn't a good idea to pair those two up," Goku said from his seat on the ground.

"They fight better when they have no distractions, and that is exactly what that would provide," Vegeta said, eyes closed.

Fasha turned her glare to him, but softened it quickly, "Fine." I felt a bit crushed, but I knew Vegeta was right, constant worrying was a distraction, and those tended to beat me more than any enemy. She drew team four, putting her with Bardock, which was fine by me. Shugesh and Borgos both drew team six. Seventeen and Buu both drew number five. That left Tora and Broly between Gohan and me. I was fine about being teamed with Tora, but neither of us were very familiar with Broly, at least as a friend or teammate. Tora drew number two, pairing him with me, leaving Broly with Gohan. Then I thought about that, damn that was one team the Zerg wouldn't want to mess with either, both were insanely strong. Strongest of the group come to think of it, at least physically. So the teams had been decided, Team one would be Goku and Vegeta. Team two consisted of Tora and myself. Team three was Gohan and Broly. Team four was Bardock and Fasha. Team five: Seventeen and the Fat version of Majin Buu. Team six, no surprise either, Shugesh and Borgos. The final team was Tien, Krillin and Piccolo.

"So kid, me and you stuck together again, and for once I actually am stronger aren't I?" Tora laughed and slugged my back a bit.

"I still have an ace or two up my sleeve, youth or not," I smirked at him.

"Good, cause me and you are gonna tear it up out there, the Zerg won't know what hit em!" Now he's giving me that attitude that most adult men give to young boys, especially in competitive sports. Oh well I suppose I should expect a change in attitude towards me. The respective teams got together for planning; I honestly thought that me and the other Saiyans were going to keep a kill count the way Tora and Shugesh were talking. Seventeen and Buu could barely communicate, but they really didn't need to. Everyone knew Buu could fight, strange tactics sometimes, but he could fight. Krillin, Tien and Piccolo probably had the most planning to do, their plan would have to be more strategic, but they had probably the smartest fighter in the galaxy on their side. The only ones that could equal Piccolo in the planning department were Vegeta, Gohan and Mom, and only two of them would fight. But they also didn't have two other Nameks fused with them either, giving the Super Namek the edge. Our plan were kept pretty simple, wipe out any Zerg we came across. While most would think that is obvious, but I heard Piccolo talking about battle movements and Vegeta talking divide and conquer, so I wasn't sure how this was going to play out. Of course no one's plan was going to work without communications, and to know the terrain we were going to be fighting in. But unfortunately the terrain wouldn't be able to be mastered; we frankly didn't know where and how the Zerg were going to come at us.

"Okay guys, let's get suited up. Mr. Satan and I are going to broadcast to the world about the Zerg, we might as well warn the people about the Zerg so they can take the correct measures, and our guest should be arriving shortly," Mom announced, leaving the room with a Capsule in hand. Guest? Everyone else left to his or her assigned rooms as well, to change. Fasha and I of course used our room to change. She took off her rather tattered combat suit, the one she trained in, which smelled rather bad at this point. I opened up my capsule, to find a large dresser with Capsule Corp written all over it. Fasha's was the same. Our bodysuits lay inside, I noticed though instead of blue they were silver in color, very odd for a suit color, I had never seen one like that.

Fasha seemed to know though, "These were colors that only Frieza's ultra elites could wear. Teams like the Ginyu force were allowed such colors, but it was rarely worn. At that level everyone got a preference anyway," she explained.

"She probably got the idea from Vegeta, or maybe it's a new fabric, let's see," I said, running my finger down the side of the material. It felt like steel almost, except it was flexible. Whatever this stuff was, it was tough. I slipped on the suit, poking my tail through right away. The fabric seemed to bend around slowly and fit my form perfectly and held me firm. It was tight like it should be, but not strangling tight, and it was very easy to move with it. I noted that the armor was still colored gold, though it still looked good. Putting on the gloves and boots, I noticed an extra drawer that was filled up. Inside that was a small gold belt, with a golden holster on one end of it and some kind of pocket on the other. I put that on as well, turning to see Fasha doing the same. She really did look amazing in a combat suit, just the way her tail swished in the air made me shudder in excitement, kid or teenager. I rummaged through the last drawers, finding a familiar looking gun in the side one. It was also colored gold, thus showing off Mom's thing for matching colors, and gold did go good with silver. I saw the note left on it, mostly warnings and how to turn it on, but Mom had already shown me that. I slipped the gun into the holster, noticing that it was just the right fit and snapped in tightly. Also in the last drawer was a scouter, the new type that Mom had made for Zerg finding and communication. I slipped it on, the green screen filling my left field of vision, something that I probably wouldn't be happy about. With my outfit complete, I turned to see Fasha the same way, except for a pink colored scouter. I pressed the small button that Mom had installed new, and the green screen slid back into the scouter and made it easier to see fully. We nodded to each other, heading out the door and downstairs.

A few horns sounded out in the hall, and a tiny man came through the door, a red carpet rolling after him. Everyone was decked out in Saiyan style combat suits, even Mr. Satan and Chichi were. Not everyone's was silver though, Mom wore teal green armor, and it matched her hair very well. Eighteen, Chichi and Videl were also wearing green. Satan wore red, and honestly I don't know why, unless he was to look just like the leader or something. Seventeen and Tien were squirming around in their armor a bit, not used to the feeling. Goku and Vegeta had apparently opted to wear blue instead of silver, though it really didn't matter to us anyway. Roshi looked quite odd in armor, and Eighteen, well, there again I was slightly jealous of Krillin. To be honest, all of the women looked radiant in combat suits, mostly because it fit to every curve. Goten and Trunks were having a whispering argument over whose armor looked the best, even though theirs were the same. Just about everyone had a belt and holster for the special laser guns, armor or not. That of course didn't happen for the kids, Piccolo, Buu, Oolong, Puar and the turtle.

Mom had us all stand on a podium she had set up in the conference room that had been rebuilt, lined up like some corny group of pros or something. She and Mr. Satan stood in front of our little group, waiting for someone or something. Once the red carpet rolled in, the press started to file in, much to my dismay. I was relieved to see it was mostly just camera crews; the reporter number was almost nil. Then some kind of dog looking person came walking through, wearing a military uniform with a few medals dangling. He had blue skin with a white mustache and sideburns, and he seemed to smile when he saw Goku and Mom. His smile faded to fear when he looked my way, more specifically Piccolo's way, who was behind me.

"Who's that?" Fasha asked me.

"No clue," I said truthfully.

"That is the King of the world. Don't get the title wrong, it's not much of a rule over everything," Piccolo rasped behind us in a very low voice. Guess that answers that.

"Must be a constitutional monarchy huh?" I asked.

Piccolo grunted slightly, "Big words for you kid."

"Humph, I'll remember that if I have to save you from the hen clucking again!" I rasped back at him. Piccolo paled at that remark, it's aim was revolving around any female in the room who felt they had a bone to pick with him at any given time.

"Miss Bulma, Mr. Satan, good evening. Is everything prepared?"

"Yes, the scanners were placed around the lands of the world, except for Antarctica, but these creatures seem to be cold blooded so I doubt they'd set up there. And all of Earth's special forces have been gathered, we are ready to help in the fight against the Zerg. Conventional weapons are not going to be much against them, so I designed some special weapons for this that have proven effective against the smaller weaker types of Zerg. But I do not know how well they work against the larger types, and I don't have very many produced. I had my father start up the factory making only those a few days ago, so your troops will have a little bit to fight with," Mom explained.

"Thank you Miss Bulma, it is greatly appreciated. Give my thanks to the good doctor as well. Mr. Satan, would you like to go first or last?"

"I'll go last," Satan said quickly, re-reading the speech he had in front of him. Satan sure did look weird in combat armor, looked like he would just burst out of it any second, something I hoped didn't happen. That and I just now noticed his huge afro was trimmed down a bit, it didn't poof out a hundred yards anymore. A crowd of people started filing in, all of them decked out in army gear, a commanding officer here and there as well. The king stood in front of the podium, watching the cameraman's hand count down from five to one.


"Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the planet Earth. I stand before you not as the king, but as a civilian and proud member of this planet. A terrible event is about to occur, the Earth is about to be invaded by a hostile alien force. The aliens are called Zerg, an insect type race that destroys worlds in its own mad quest for power. As I speak they get closer to Earth, preparing its invasion forces. I have mobilized the entire world army to combat these Zerg, wherever they may appear. Some of you may have already seen these Zerg, as their smallest types resemble dogs. Since conventional weapons may not work on these beasts, I have also asked Mr. Satan and the Earth's Special Forces, also known as the Gold Fighters, to assist in this matter. They are all present and accounted for here, and will strike at these Zerg once they land and it is decided their help is needed. With any luck this invasion will be defeated swiftly, however there is a very real chance we may not succeed in this battle, making what I say next very important. I am initiating the world draft, all men and women twenty years and older that are willing and able, will take up arms to combat these fiends. Those who have children are excused from this however, as well as anyone over the age of fifty. There are draft centers set up around the clock in every main city on the planet. For those who want to evacuate, there are safe zones being set up in West city, Satan City, North city, and South City. We are expecting most of the Zerg to show up in the eastern continent due to the lower population, but that does not mean they couldn't show up anywhere else. As I said before, this is a race of conquest and no true preference. I am standing with Miss Bulma Briefs, who has more details on these vile Zerg," the king stepped out of the way, allowing Mom to step up to the podium with a huge stack of papers.

Her speech was much longer than the king's, mostly covering safety issues, and then what to do when encountering Zerg and details on evacuation. Then it was Satan's turn, who took a deep breath, rubbed his barely shaven face and stepped up to the plate.

"People of Earth, my fans, humans all around! I'm afraid this is an evil that even I can't defeat alone. So I have gathered Earth's special forces to help in the fight, they will be dressed in combat suits similar to the ones you see before you. Do not fear them, they are here to help, but also do not get in their way. Since we do not know how long this will last, those drafted into the army will have two options: You can join the regular troops and fight the Zerg directly, or you can come to my new training camp located at Capsule Corp compound in West city. There you will learn how to fight like I do, and may be able to learn little tricks like this!" That's when Satan's ki shot way up, a lot stronger. He held up his palm and a ki ball popped out. My eyes shot open, as well as about half the room as he held it above his hand.

"I thought he was a basic human weakling that couldn't use ki?" Fasha whispered.

"Yeah so did I!" I replied in amazement.

"You missed a lot while you were away kid. I couldn't believe it myself when he came to me for lessons, but he was a good student, and his power increased a lot, compared to what it was anyway," Piccolo smirked slightly.

"You trained him?" I asked in shock.

"Gohan helped a bit in that department, but for the most part yes. He is about equal to the Saiyan Nappa when he was here. It only took a half a day in the time chamber to pull that off, and he's been masking his power ever since. That is probably why you didn't notice it before," Piccolo explained.

"I'll be damned, the noisy fool actually had potential after all, or he was extremely motivated," Vegeta muttered as Satan ranted on the mic.

"It was the latter. He didn't want to be caught off guard in his own home again, not with Videl pregnant and all," Gohan whispered from beside Piccolo.

"We will not be pushed around by some pack of aliens that thinks they're better than us! We will show them they can't just come down here and watch us give up and beg, they will be DEFEATED!" Satan raised his hands up in victory. A huge roar went up from the troops in the room, as our little group clapped a bit for Satan's little speech. The noise got rather deafening then, much to the pain of all the Saiyan and Namek ears in the room, but we ignored it. After everything went off the air, the troops left shortly before the king did, I suspected they were his escort or something.

"I'll be transmitting my signal around the clock to your office," Mom said to the king at the door.

"Thank you Bulma, we will send all of our troops to attack the Zerg once they arrive. I'll give you the call when we need the backup," the king said.

"That will be pretty obvious, my scanners will pick that up. Good luck sir," Mom said, shutting the door as he left with his guards around him.


Fasha and I woke up early, as we barely slept at all, and had to pet each other's tails just to get any sleep. Of course she had more of a noisy reaction then I did. The promise of heated battle just couldn't leave our system, and that got us up and ready to go the instant our eyes opened. After a very quick and light breakfast, we all gathered in the lobby, watching the holographic display. Mom had left it on the long-range scanner, showing the large purple dot in orbit now. And the land over the Eastern continent was showing up purple on the earth's display.

"They arrived late last night about two in the morning or so. The only forces that were deployed went straight to the East continent and started establishing bases. I've counted at least seven hive clusters that took form, and about a half a million troops or so of various types. Odd though, the rest of the force stayed in orbit, around something massive and alive. I actually got ki readings from it!" Mom explained as she switched through the views. One of the camera sensors showed a fight between a farmer armed with a pitchfork, and a Zergling. The farmer was able to stab the thing in the back, downing it. He thought he had won and wiped his brow. Another Zergling came up behind him and jumped at his head, taking it clean off his shoulders. The rest of the cameras showed a few structures of Zerg bases, with all kinds of ground troops running around, and several flyers around, mostly Overlords. They seemed to be running around randomly as the drones collected materials and goods, mostly trees and other useful things, though I saw a few dead animals and people in the mix.

"Why aren't they attacking?" Krillin asked as the phone rang, Mom picked it up next to the screen.

"I suspect they are preparing to, they aren't all mindless, and I have a gut feeling that the Overmind is the large object in orbit over the east continent. It may not stay there, it may land and take up residence and that's why they are building up right now. It makes since to prep a base with backup before letting a king step into it right?" Piccolo asked the former monk.

"Good point Piccolo," Krillin said, starring in wonder. Then all of the Zerg troops started spreading out, and soon the map grid showed flashes of red in-between the occupied and non-occupied areas.

"It's begun," I whispered, Vegeta nodded.

"What's going on?" Tien asked. Mom slammed down the phone from where it had been, a grim look on her face.

"What is it Bulma?" Goku asked, adjusting his gloves.

"That was the King, the troops have just engaged the Zerg!"

Final Power levels: These will be the set levels as we get the invasion underway, and they will remain relatively the same through out the Series until things start happening that requires a change:

Mystic Verto: 200,000,000(max), Kaioken: 300,000,000

Mystic Gohan: 550,000,000(max)

Vegeta: 95,000,000, SS1: 218,000,000, SS2: 430,000,000, SS3: 535,000,000

Goku: 98,000,000, SS1: 220,000,000, SS2: 430,000,000, SS3: 540,000,000

Piccolo: 250,000,000(max)

Goten: 36,000,000, SS1: 98,000,000

Trunks: 39,000,000, SS1: 100,000,000

Bardock: 85,000,000, SS1: 215,000,000, SS2: 420,000,000

Tora: 78,000,000, SS1: 200,000,000, SS2: 410,000,000

Shugesh: 75,000,000, SS1: 190,000,000, SS2: 390,000,000

Borgos: 74,000,000, SS1: 190,000,000, SS2: 388,000,000

Fasha: 65,000,000, SS1: 170,000,000, SS2: 360,000,000

Broly: 105,000,000, SS1: 330,000,000, Ultra Super Saiyan: 540,000,000

17: 100,000,000

18: 60,000,000

Tien: 75,000,000

Krillin: 40,000,000

Mr. Satan: 5,000

Buu: 400,000,000

I love ending things with a big cliffhanger, sorry guys I said to the start of the invasion, and bam, there it is. To know what happens, you'll have to read DBV 4: Zerg Wars 1: Invasion. I'd leave a preview, but I don't want to spoil anything.