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Rene liked to play outside, especially when it was raining. It was fun to watch the rain , it always looked like magic to her. Watching them as they shimmered while they fell. Dance about in the light. It reminded her of laughter, what it would look like if you could see it. That was the misty rain though. Then there was the angry rain, the rain that hurt if you went out in. The rain that howled while it was dark outside. Stormy rain.

It had rained like that last night, but by morning the clouds were gone, leaving behind large puddles to jump in.

As soon as she could, Rene had run outside in her jumper and boots, laughing as she watched the water ripple, then become still and smooth like a mirror that reflected the sky. Curiously she would watch the clouds drift past, only to violently disappear as , shrieking with laughter, Rene jumped in the middle of it again.

She knew not to wander too far, her mother always told her to keep close and not to get lost, so Rene never did. Not too far anyway.

Today was different though. Today her mother hadn't come out to play. Instead she was in bed with a headache, lying down.

Rene had gone outside so as not to bother her, like a good girl.

Inquisitive for her age, Rene had drifted along looking at things, jumping in all the puddles she could, and amusing herself as only young children can. She didn't know how far she had gone until she looked up and saw nothing she recognised.

For the briefest of moments fear filled her, and worry of what her mother would think if she knew.

It was soon replaced by curiosity as she spied a derelict building by the water, one that looked to be ready to fall apart . Pieces were dragging in the water, windows were broken . It looked like some haunted house from a movie. It was a wreck.

Rene squealed with delight at her new playground, running towards it eagerly.

She made it to the door, only to find it wouldn't open no matter how much she pushed or pulled. This didn't put Rene off any and she looked around for any other entrance. She found it underneath a mass of planks and other bits and pieces. It had fallen in such a way as to have a small hollow behind it, where a hole just big enough for her to squeeze through was. By shifting a few things Rene created a big enough entrance to get under the mass of wood.

She paused in the small cubby, hesitant to go through the hole that lead inside. It suddenly looked like a gaping maw of some kind, jagged edges taking on the form of sharp teeth.

Taking a breath Rene pushed the thoughts of being eaten by some monster aside and wriggled through, careful not to scratch herself on the jagged sides.

She looked around eagerly, blinking as she waited for her eyes to see in the gloom. Inside smelt of dust and dampness, reminding her of the attic at her grandmas house.

There was a strange noise coming from some ware. Rene couldn't tell from where, thought it seemed near. Faintly she could see the great bulk of a wooden crate of some sort in front of her, hiding the rest of the place from view.

Peeking around she saw a few other crates scattered around the room. What caught her interest though was a hunched figure in one corner. The noise was coming from him.

She hesitated, eyeing the person carefully. Her mother warned her about strangers. She wasn't meant to talk to them.

But this one seemed sad. He was crying. That was the noise she was hearing, though it seemed as if he was trying not to.

His face looked so lonely.

Rene wanted to help somehow but her mother's warning echoed in her head. She bit her lip, unsure of what to do. Her hand slipped on the crate she was using for support, causing her to land with a small 'whump'. She coughed on the dust that rose, noticing that the noise had stopped instantly.

A new sound came, a strange one she hadn't heard before.

Rene got to her hands and knees and peered around the crate again.

She froze at what she saw.

Four snake like things with triangular heads had appeared from behind the man. Didn't the man see them? Didn't he know they were there?

The heads changed. The mouth opened wider, wider, and something folded out from within, extending it into three long 'claws' waiving around on a snakes body. A red light glowed from within, an eye?

Rene didn't know. They looked dangerous, the way they seemed to be searching for something. Hunting for her. She shrank back, hiding behind the crate's large bulk.

The man still hadn't noticed them. She was about to call out and warn him when he moved, turning slightly. She quickly bit down so as not to make a sound. They were on his back! They were a part of him! Not a stranger, a monster. The boogieman come to life out of nightmares to scare little kids like her.

She scuttled backwards quickly, eyes widening as she saw the heads turn. The crate cut of their view but for the briefest of moments they saw her.

The noise the monsters made started to approach, fast, faster than anything she knew.

Rene dived back for the hole, screaming as the crate behind her exploded into a shower of splinters and packing material.

Her small frame scrambled through the gap, not caring about the splinters that scratched her as she past.

Almost there, Almost through! Please, don't let it get her.

Something grabbed at her foot. Raw panic flooded her as she screamed.

Don'tletiteatme don'tletiteatme!

She grabbed hold of the mass of junk and wood, hands grasping for something, anything!

The monster jerked hard, trying to drag her back as she clung to her precarious safety line. She screamed louder as she was dragged back, the jagged opening digging into her knee as her leg was slammed into it. Something had to give. It did.

There was a horrible stretched feeling, and suddenly her rain boot the monster had such a firm hold of slipped off.

Rene scrambled back out of there and, sobbing with fear, ran as fast as she could. Away from that horrible place.