"Can I have that?"

"No Rene…"

"Oooh…how bout that"


"Can I have that, please please please"

"No!" Her mother snapped, stressed. Rene quietened instantly. She knew she shouldn't keep asking for stuff, it annoyed her mother, but she couldn't help herself. A lot of it was really colourful and looked interesting. She tried to keep quiet, wanting to please her mother. Unfortunately it was too much to bear for the little girl surrounded by so much packaging.

"Could I have…"

"Rene" Her mother said warningly. Normally a patient woman, Rene's mother found that even a sweet child like her daughter could test anyone's patience long enough. Especially when in the newly built Megaplex mall that had so many eye catching things. Though it was amusing for all concerned when she had pointed at a clown handing out balloons and proclaimed she wanted his clothes. That had earned her a free balloon, yellow of course, which she held to proudly.

Right now the two were hovering outside the shops, looking at the items displayed in the window as Rene held onto her mothers sleeve.

"Hello Katie" They turned to see a tall man with a mop of black hair smiling at them, a pair of sunglasses on his head.

"It's Kathleen" Rene's mother answered back frostily. Rene cocked her head to the side, trying to guess who this person was and why her mother didn't seem to like him.

"Kathleen, right." his attention turned to Rene. "Why Rene, I haven't seen you in two, nearly three years" He smiled cheerfully at her, to which she smiled politely back. He seemed familiar somehow, but from where?

"Rene, why don't you go and play by the fountain?" Her mother suggested, pointing her in the direction. Rene hesitated, noticing the slight frown on her mothers face.

"Go on.." she smiled encouragingly "There's some grown up stuff we have to discuss"

"Okay" Rene nodded, giving the stranger another look as she left. He gave her a small wave before turning to her mother.

"Cute Kid"

"Margery said you were looking for me…" the rest trailed off as Rene walked out of hearing distance. She hopped up on the edge of the fountain, holding a hand out as the small cascade of water fell onto it. She smiled at the feeling of water washing over her hand.

Briefly she looked up back at her mother. The two seemed to be deep in discussion, her mother not looking pleased. Rene wondered what they were discussing that was so important. Sighing, she returned to the water, guessing it was going to be a while.

A familiar colour caught her eye. Puzzled she turned to see it. Her eyes widened in recognition. She knew that trench coat! She hesitated though, confused. Wasn't it suppose to have four snaky looking things coming from it?

Determined to investigate this strange phenomenon Rene hopped off and approached the person, her yellow balloon trailing along behind her.

She stood behind him for a few moments, puzzled. It certainly looked like the same shape. His head was covered by a wide brimmed hat, one that reminded her very much of those Indiana Jones movies, so she couldn't see his hair and the collar of the trench coat kept his face hidden from the sides.

She reached out and tugged slightly at the coat, nearly jumping as she swore she saw something under it move. It got what Rene wanted though, the person's attention.

He whirled around, fixing Rene with a glare behind his sunglasses. A look that quickly changed to outright surprise.

"What in the blazes!?"

Rene smiled shyly.


"I just can't seem to get away from you for one day can I?"

Rene didn't reply, just looking over in surprise at the change, use to seeing him move about with four extra limbs. Something occurred to the man.

"Aren't you meant to be in school?"

Rene shook her head.

"Nu-uh. Mother had to get a…a…per-scwip…a pirsquip…medicine from the doctors. She couldn't pick me up from school so I came to!" Rene stated brightly.

"Just my luck" he groaned half heartedly, looking around.

"Where is your mother? Shouldn't you be with her?"

Rene pointed her out.

"She's talking with that man, grown up stuff, very important" The complete serious expression on her face as she said this amused the man somewhat.

"You should be over there then"

"Mother said to wait by the fountain while they talked". The man rose an eyebrow at this, watching the two talk, Rene's mother looking upset over something.

"What about your father?"

"Where are they?" Rene asked, looking around to see if his arms were perhaps waiting somewhere. The man looked at Rene as she ignored his question completely, refusing to meet his eye. Interesting…perhaps her father is not in the picture? Is that what she was after, a father figure? A thought he would have to ponder later, Rene was trying to look under his coat.

He quickly half stepped away, twisting the coat easily out of her grasp.

Rene looked up guiltily as he tisked, wagging a finger at her.

"Naughty, shouldn't peek"

Rene attempted to look abashed, hanging her head, but she looked up quickly with a half grin.

"They're there, aren't they?"

"Best to keep quiet about it, wouldn't want to cause a panic"

Rene nodded agreeably, holding a finger to her lips to show she wouldn't say a word.

The man stiffened as he saw a security guard talking into his walkie talkie, glancing at him. He looked around quickly and saw on the upper level a guard moving through the crowd trying to get above him without notice, talking into his own.

He hissed a curse under his breath, noticing out of the corner of his eye a third slowly making his way towards him too.

"Huh?" Rene had apparently noted his agitation, or the sudden sound of hissing coming from beneath the trench coat.

"Go to your mother"



Rene stumbled back a bit, hurt. He sounded angry, staring at something past her. She saw the security man, that's who he obviously was staring at, but what was wrong?

A bad feeling started to form in her stomach, a feeling she only had once before. She scurried over to her mother and tugged at her arm urgently.

"Rene? What do you want.." annoyance was evident in her voice, not pleased at being interrupted. She noticed her daughters serious expression.

"What's the matter?" she repeated, concerned now.

Rene didn't answer, only holding onto her mothers arm tight as the bad feeling inside her grew.

"Rene? "Rene still didn't answer , ignoring the strange man that did not seem happy at being interrupted. He opened his mouth to say something obviously not at all nice but froze, noticing what Rene had seen and jumping to a conclusion. One he wasn't happy to stay around and see. Other shoppers were beginning to take notice too, beginning to turn and look, some starting to point.

"I think we'd better get…"

"Otto Octavious! Put your hands up!" Too late.


Otto barely glanced as Rene hurried over to her mother, more intent on the mall cops. He had counted three so far, with a fourth coming in from the food hall and probably more arriving any moment.

He had hoped to go unnoticed, not wanting to cause a scene and possible chance of being tracked, but circumstances proved otherwise. Oh well, he was nothing short of adaptable if needed.

"I was planning on coming back later tonight but doesn't matter, now is a good as time as any" he shrugged to himself mentally.

The security man closest acted first, drawing his gun and sending shoppers scattering out of the way quickly.

"Otto Octavious! Put your hands up!" the guard demanded, weapon trained on him.

Otto smirked.

"Very well"

His arms shot out from beneath the coat in different directions. One went strait up, grabbing hold of the guard above him and wrenching him into the air, throwing him bodily into a second. His second arm lashed out and swept the one from the food court off his feet, the man sailing back into a few chairs and tables before crashing into a wall. He wasn't going to be up again for a while yet.

The third arm flicked the firearm out of the Security guards hands, sending it spinning into the fountain. The head of the claw stared at the now defenceless guard, opening slightly and hissing as it swayed from side to side. The man watched it in abject terror, unable to tear his eyes away from it. The fourth arm came at him from behind, throwing him into the wall then following through to slam his face into it again, hard. It hovered over the prone man's body, hissing at the watching crowd before withdrawing back to Otto.

The man himself looked over at the panic he had caused with a strange sense of elation.

It had barely taken a few moments to effectively eliminate any threats, and in that time the mall had cleared out admirably. Most everyone had either run for the nearest exit or hidden under the closest thing that could possibly be considered shelter. Those that couldn't had dropped where they stood, trying to play dead. As fun as it was though, he had come there for a reason.

"Best get what I came for then"

He turned to face the door that he had been examining before being interrupted.

'Authorised access only, Do not keep open, do not obstruct' was written across it in bold red letters. The door was quickly wrenched off its frame and tossed aside.

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