Title: Ouchie

Author: electricgurl


Disclaimer:Don't own I-Man wish I did but I don't please don't sue me:)

Summary: A five miunte challenge that begins with this line....Just close your eyes and let me.... Enjoy:)


"Just close your eyes and let me remove this last piece of glass." Claire said as she bit the side of her mouth. Her eyes were twisted in consentration. She pulled at the glass and Darien let out a yelp of pain.

"HEY! That hurt!" He screamed at her. She rolled her eyes.

"I imagnie that it did. God know how you got glass stuck there." He moved and the tender area touched the table below him.

"It was you know open." She snorted in laughter.

"Darien just please get ready for the rubbing achcoal." He moaned as he shifted again.

"Claire, Please...Just send me out on another mission." He pleaded. She shook her head.

"It has to happen some time...Either you can let me do this know or wait until later when it's infected." He pouted and offered up the area.

I hate this part of the job." He said as she walked closer to him.

"I don't really like it either." She said. He gasped as the achocol hit his flesh.

"Yeah, right you love tourting me." She held back a smile.

"That is a lie." She said as she rubbed the area clean then reached over for a bandaid. She quickly finished up. "There all better she said as he looked down at his arm.

"Next time I'm going to a real doctors." He snapped as he walked out of the Keep.

"Your Welcome!" Claire called after him as the doors closed behind him. She tossed her arms up. "I'm just not appreatied around here."


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