"I'll make you a deal. You give me this Spiderman that is casing so much trouble and I will stop trying to buy out you company." Lex Luther offered.

"Why do you want him?" Harry Osborn asked him.

"In Smallville, where I live, there have been a lot of mutated characters appearing. I think that this Spiderman in one of them I just want to preform some tests on him."

"So I catch him for you and you'll take him off my hands?"

"Exactly." Lex said, holding out his hand to the other man.

"Find, you have a deal," Harry said taking the offered hand.

Mary Jane Parker sat in her living room watching the television. She was waiting for her husband to return home. They had been talking about Peter's aunt when he had sensed trouble and had to leave.

Now she sat repairing one of her husbands Spiderman suits that he had managed to destroy in one of his daily high speed chases. He had ripped a hole in the rear end of the suit, which gave her a laugh when he had come in that evening.

When she finished to repairs she took the item of clothing into the bedroom and put it behind all the other clothing. She then returned to the living room and found that a news update was on.

"… Bystanders say that the men shot Spiderman in the stomach before loading him into a van and driving off. The police tried to pursue the vehicle but were cut of by traffic with is suspected to have been strategically placed to stop the police from following. They are now attempting an air pursuit but have been unsuccessful so far."  

MJ didn't catch the rest of the report as she was out cold on the floor.