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Clack walked up the driveway towards Lex's house. His friend had been away in New York on business and was dew back today. He entered the front door and headed towards Lex's office where he found his friend going over some paperwork.

"Hello Clark I thought you might come over today."

"I wanted to know how your trip was. Get your work done?"

"Yes. I don't mean to be rude but I have a package arriving in a minute that I have to collect will you join me downstairs?"

Lex stood and the two walked out into the front yard where a truck was pulling up.

"Where do you want it?" the driver asked as he exited the truck.

"Put it in the back room." Lex said. "So what's been happening in the last few weeks?" he asked Clark.

"Nothing much, the Talon has been a bit quieter then normal but not by much, Lana is still running around after more people then she can handle. Chloe has been reduced forced to talk about the weather in the Touch. Nothing has been happening for her to write about."

"Oh I'm sure she'll find something." 

"I hope so she'll start on us again if not."

"Yes that would be a disaster." Lex said sarcastically

"Oh well I'll see you later, Lex." Clark said as he climbed into his truck and drove off.

When he was gone Lex walked back into the house to where the men had just placed the box and were leaving.

Lex approached the box and opened it to reveal the cage in which he had placed Spiderman. Except there was no Spiderman inside, only a puddle of blood and some broken shackles.

"I'm home." Clark called when he entered the house.

"Good, Clark, Chloe and Pete are in the barn waiting for you." His mum told him.

"OK thanks." He turned and went back outside and walked over to the barn.

He climbed the stairs and found his two close friends talking while they waited for him.

"Hey Clark, How was Lex?" Chloe asked.

"He's fine, acting a bit strange, but fine."

"Strange? In what way?"

"Well he seemed to really want me to leave. Like, he was hiding something. Then this box arrived, it looked like one of those live animal crates." Clark shrugged. "It's probably something he bought in New York."

"Yeah, I mean what else could it be." Pete said.

They sat in silence for a while.

"Hey did you hear that?" Chloe asked her friends.

"No." Pete said.

"It came from over here." She said as she walked over to a corner of the room and moved some boxes that were in the way.

She looked behind then gave a shriek and ran back over to the boys.

"There's someone behind there." She said into Clark's jacket.

Clark looked at Pete then passed Chloe to his other friend and went over to the boxes.

Behind in a crumpled heap was a man in a blue and red suit. He wore a mask so Clark couldn't see his face but he could see that the person was bleeding heavily.

"Pete, go find my Dad!" Clark said then knelt next to the man and checked his pulse. When he did this however the apparently unconscious man grabbed his wrist with lightning fast reflexes.

"It's ok we want to help you." Clark then reached up to remove the mask but was again stopped by the man's overly strong grip.

"NO. Leave the mask."

"Alright. Can you tell me what happened to you?"

"I was shot."

"Ok we need to get you to a hospital."

"NO. I can't risk the press finding my identity." The man said.

"You need medical attention you can't stay here." Chloe insisted.

"Find then I will leave." The man pushed himself to his feet before they could stop him and walked towards the stairs.

"You aren't in any state to be wandering around." Chloe insisted.

"I can agree with that." Jonathan Kent said as he came up the stairs stopping Peter. "Sit down and we will help you."

"I can't go to the hospital." Peter insisted.

"Alright, let's just go to the house and see if we can stop the bleeding." Jonathan suggested.

Peter nodded and allowed Clark to help him down the stairs and into the house.