Age 13: Had a surprisingly good year considering the teen hormones that were running rampant. Only came to my office once and it was for counseling. Apparently the poor lad had nightmares about his Master being a Sith. Consoled him that it wasn't a premonition or anything to do with him and sent him back to sleep. Poor thing.

Age 14: Perhaps the most unusual occurrence in my years studying the healing arts. The boy apparently was on the roof doing the mighty-Force-knows-what, and fell through one of the glass sky-light windows. Incidentally, the room below was the High Council meeting room. It was actually quite fortunate for Qui-Gon that his fall was broken by landing on Master Dooku, who, ironically, was in the Council room giving a report at the time. Picked glass out of Qui-Gon whilst he stammered unlikely excuses to explain his position atop a Temple tower. Gave Master Dooku a sedative.

Age 14: Broken toes, some form of stair accident.

Age 14: Today, Padawan Jinn learned why we do not "hurl" lightsabers as if they were a javelin or spear. Bacta tank, and then more tranquilizers for Dooku.

Age 14: Some kind of battle on a wooden deck. Pulled roughly fifteen individual splinters out of Qui-Gon's hands and then gave him a poultice to help ease the pain. Made a mental note that Dooku was filling some prescription. Bad feeling about that.

Age 14: Apparently Qui-Gon was bitten by some form of a slug. Was unaware that slugs could bite, but am a Healer, not a Zoologist, so remained silent on the matter and treated the wound on his arm. Dooku was completely covered in the slime, must have been one large slug.

Age 14: Saw Qui-Gon today at my office, but for once, the boy didn't appear to be bleeding. He was stopping by, it seems Dooku has been hospitalized in the Ward for a massive allergic reaction to the slug slime.

Age 15: Updated on vaccines and miscellaneous shots. Gave him an adorable 'good behavior' sticker for not kicking anyone or crying. That kid is growing up so quickly. Dooku looking blotchy and shaky.

Age 15: More trauma. Dooku snapped on all the tranquilizers, went briefly insane, and held the boy hostage on a balcony for three hours while Yoda and myself tried to talk him down. Qui-Gon fared well, all things considered, only passed out once they were down. Hospitalized the poor thing, and fed him cookies and blue milk until he calmed down. Rehab. for Dooku.

Age 15: 6 week counseling session.

Age 15: Dooku and Qui-Gon both unleashed once again on the galaxy. Not gone four blocks from the Temple, and already Qui-Gon's back in my Ward, poisoned at a Senator's banquet. Up throwing up all night. Poor kiddo.

Age 15: From what I can piece together from Dooku's panicked murmurings, Qui-Gon and him were baking holiday cookies, and the boy attempted to lick the beaters while they were still running. Unsure whether to laugh or cry and resign.