Manny Santos was watching J.T. pace his room while throwing things every once in a while, crying the whole. She felt guilt bury itself in her heart she knew it would be there until he was finally happy, she also knew that it could take years. She didn't want to sound like his whole world revolved around her but they had gotten close, and she could see in her, the love that was directed towards her it was rather easy to see because she knew it shone back just as brightly from her eyes. She had loved him with her whole heart and she didn't think it was fair what she was putting him though true she was starting to forget about what happened but she knew that J.T. while not knowing who did it, would always harbor that hate for them. That's why she thought it was time to let him go on with his life so he didn't have to worry about her. She was happy from the first moment he took her in his arms till the day she slit her wrist. She knew he loved her so much, but she also knew that she didn't deserve him, he deserved someone so much better. He deserved someone who wasn't tainted. Some one who was pure as he was. Some who could give herself to him fully. But she didn't have anything to give him. So she thought she should leave him tohave a happy life , that she knew she couldn't give him.

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