Bed sheets were flung off, leaving only two bodies, naked and entwined on the bed. On the floor around the bed lay clothes that had been to eagerly discarded. A lacy black bra graced the nightstand, while shirts and boxers were strewn haphazardly over the carpeted floor.

The girl was no older than nineteen, her auburn hair splayed over the pillowcase as she gently explored her lover's body with her turgid lips. The adolescent male lay over her, caressing her body slowly with curious fingers. Moaning ensued from the brunette's lips. "Don't stop, don't stop," she whispered, running a hand through his mane of silver blonde hair. For a good half of the night, they made love, and still embraced in each other's arms, the teenage lovers fell asleep. That was the night little Heidi was conceived.

The girl woke first, a smile flitted across her face as she remembered their fiery love making from the night before.

With her lover ontop, eyes flashing with pleasure everytime he reentered her warm body, she writhed with delight.

"Uh..uh..uh.." She moaned as she rocked her body slowly, in sync with his steady rhythm. She shivered and bit her lip as she reached her peak, screaming out his name. "I love you.." He had whispered in her ear before slowly easing himself out.

She sat up to realize that the bed sheet had been ripped off the bed, and the only things keeping her warm were the boy's muscular arms. Ever so slightly, she left his grasp momentarily, just to retrieve the bed sheet, and once again snuggled between her lover's arms. She lay there, facing the huge window that faced the forbidden forest, unable to fall asleep. She watched the snow fall lightly, layering the school grounds with a powdery layer of snow. Beside her, the boy stirred. He stretched and leaned over to check if she was awake.

"Hey, are you alright?" He questioned, finding her staring out the windows. He rubbed her back in a circular motion.

"Mmhm." She murmured.

"Come on, talk to me. Was it that bad?" He frowned slightly, although she couldn't see it.

The girl turned around to face him. "No, no, it was great." She flashed a weary smile. "I'm just tired, that's all." She kissed him lightly on the lips and pulled away. Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, she wrapped his wrinkled shirt around her and headed to the bathroom. A second later, running water informed the boy that she had turned on the shower spigot and was about to take a shower.

The girl stood stark inside the shower chamber, allowing the warm water to wash away the smell of sex. She was just about to dunk her head underneath the flowing water when she felt a pair of strong arms around her waist and the hardness of a well toned body pressed up against her. She was turned around and backed up against the chamber walls as he trailed kisses along her neck.

She laughed as he kissed her behind the ears, the place where she was the most ticklish. "You're lucky its winter break, or everyone will be missing us already." When he showed no indication of stopping, she placed a hand on his firm chest. "Ah...ah...ah...naughty boy." She smiled as shook her index finger in his face. "Not in the shower." She turned off the water and stepped out on to a luxuriously soft bearskin rug. Grabbing a towel to cover herself with, she headed off to the opposite side of the bathroom where a door led to her room. Rummaging through her closet, she pulled out a tank top and baggy sweat pants, which she threw on underneath her robes. Dressed, she ran back to the other room, where the boy had just slipped out of his towel. She blushed and turned away.

"What? You've seen this. I've seen that." He pointed at her breasts. "We just made love for gods sake."

"I'll see you tonight, yeah?" she stood glancing up as if she was enticed by a spider, which was scurrying across the ceiling.

"Of course." His breath tingling down her neck. Once again, she felt herself wrapped in a pair of strong arms, only this time, there was an extra hardness.

"Whoa there, 'keep the snake in the cage'!" she laughed as her hand crept across his thigh and squeezed his package. She turned, planted a kiss on his lips and waltzed out of his room.

The adolescent pulled on his boxers and seated himself on the corner of the bed. He ran his right had through his hair and sighed. Who ever knew that he would fall in love with her one day? But damn, he had fallen hard. Sure, he had the reputation for sleeping around, but he never actually did. He may have come close a few times, but he had saved himself for the special person, and that he had found her, he had lost his virginity to her, just as she had lost it to him.

"Hermione! We've been worried sick!" Harry waved frantically at her from their spots at the Gryffindor table.

"We missed you at breakfast. What were you doing?" Ron was turning the shade of red he always turned when he was anxious.

Hermione rubbed her eyes. "I slept in. Forgot to set my alarm clock."

"The Hermione, sleeping in?! Is there something you aren't telling us?" Harry demanded.

"I was tired!" Hermione sat down and started shoveling food into her plate.

Ron eyed Harry, jabbing him in the ribs. "ASK HER!" he whispered loudly.

"Why don't YOU ask her?" Harry whispered back just as strongly.

"'Cause she's PMSing." Ron whispered so softly even Harry could barely hear him.

Harry snickered. 'Pfbbt. PMSing! Of all things,' he thought to himself.

"Oh bloody hell, just ask me." The two boys looked as if they had been caught setting up a prank.

"How about a game of Quidditch? Just the three of us, like it used to be."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "You blubbering nitwits. How does it take two of you to ask a question like that?!"

Harry glanced sheepishly at Ron.

"Okay, come on, I'm done anyways." Flanked by her two best friends, Herimone left the Great Hall and out to the Quidditch field.
"Hey man." Blaise snickered. "Where have you been all morning??" He stood up and elbowed Draco in the ribs.

"Yea, you promised us a game of quidditch before lunch, remember?" Ruven added from across the table.

The look on Draco's face immediately answered Blaise's question.

"You've been getting it on, eh? Heh heh heh." He thrusted his pelvis back and forth, to the disgust of the entire slytherin table. "So who's the lucky girl?" Blaise scanned the slytherin table for any girl who had just arrived.

"Some sixth year Ravenclaw." Draco waved it off as if it was unimportant. He knew he shouldn't lie, but it was for her safety. If his friends knew who he was shagging...

"A Ravenclaw, eh? A bit out of ordinary, no?" Blaise eyed Draco suspiciously.

"She has the biggest-" Draco cupped his hands in front of his chest.

The Slytherin boys who had dropped in on the conversation all nodded in agreement.

"Nice shag, eh?" Blaise looked satisfied.

"Damn straight." Draco was relieved to no longer being on the receiving end of Blaise's string of questions. He scanned the Great Hall for the girl he had given everything to, and found her chatting animatedly with her friends. Her brown hair was secured in a ponytail and swept out of her face. She caught his gaze and looked away unsmiling. He knew the reason why, yet it still hurt him.

He lay there in her bed, cradling her in his arms.

"Why cant we just let people know about us?" Draco stared into her warm chocolate eyes.

"Think of the trouble it will cause. My friends, your friends, they'll never agree."

"Shouldn't we share our happiness with them?"

"Draco, just promise me you wont tell a single soul." She gazed up into his eyes.

"I promise. Do you?" He kissed her forehead.

"Uh huh. Promise." She snuggled back into his arms and fell asleep.

"So are you still up for a game of Quidditch?" Ruven asked hopefully.

"Sure." Draco sat composed and proper, not willing to betray any of his feelings for the brown-haired girl.

"Can you play in that outfit?" Ruven questioned.

"Sure." Draco answered curtly.

"Okay, then let's go." With that, the three of them left for the Quidditch field, trailing behind a group of small 1st years, who were also leaving the Great Hall.

Upon reaching the Quidditch field, the Slytherin trio met the Gryffindor trio trekking through the snow up from the dressing rooms.

"Well, well, what have we got here? Mudblood, Potty, and Weasel." Blaise taunted. "Where you going? To visit your beloved ogre in the cottage of his?"

"For your information, we are here to play Quidditch." Ron glared at the Slytherin boys.

"Oh really? Well we were here first, so why don't you just run off and play with your little toys?" Blaise countered.

"Malfoy, you good-for-nothing ferret, take your pudgy friends back to where you came from." Hermione snarled.

"I-I..." Draco was at a loss for words. Her harsh words plunged into his heart like a gleaming dagger.

"You're not going to let a mudblood get in our way are you?" Blaise prodded Draco's back with his broom.

"We-we were here first," started Draco. "Leave now, or I will make sure you are all given detention, but what is it to you? --Mudblood" he added pointing at his Head's badge pinned on his chest. He gulped, never had he felt so vulnerable.

"Oh boohoo, Malfoy's going to give us all detention," Harry snickered. "You hear that Ron? Well for your information, Hermione is just as much a Head as you are, and she can CANCEL your bloody detention. Come on you guys." He barged right through the Slytherin boys, with Ron and Hermione behind him.

Draco stumbled back as Hermione rammed into him as she walked by. "Watch it, ferret boy," she growled.

"Do something!" Ruven watched helplessly as the Gryffindor trio took over the field.

Blaise grumbled. "Can't even stand up to a mudblood."

Draco stared blankly as Hermione walked by. Could this all be an act, or did she really feel that way? Was last night only a dream? He could only wait and find out.