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WARNING: This will eventually end up as Roy/Ed.

Our Past

Author: Atthla

Prologue: The Memory

Thunder and rain.

It was one of the nights which made Roy felt uneasy, like the weight of the world had been put upon his shoulders. Endless splattering of raindrops on his office window also worsened his mood. His clothed fingers were continuously tapping the paper-filled surface of his desk, filling the room with a soft monotonous sound. The last time he felt this off-balance was when he spent his night on a train and the morning after, when he arrived at the Central City, he was greeted by the news that Maes Hughes had been killed.

Hughes. He could not deny that the late man was probably the person he held closest to his heart, the one he trusted more than himself. And something that awful was perhaps about to happen again… Roy shuddered at the thought.

"Have you finished signing the paper, Colonel?" Hawkeye's stern voice pierced through the silence surrounding him.

The man looked up, letting his eyes to roam at every line the first lieutenant had in her brow. He knew just how much the female officer hated him slacking off. There were few –very few, in fact– who were valiant enough to disobey the blonde woman and Roy was currently teetering between his anxiety of how easy the first lieutenant shot her gun and his conceit of being superior.

After a moment, he settled on the latter and gave her a flat look, voice echoing his authority. "Not now."

Hawkeye hardly moved a muscle but Roy could see her lips tightening. "We will need the Fuhrer to approve those documents tomorrow morning. The quicker you sign them, the faster we can forward those donations to the Ishbar refugees."

If there was something which could force the Colonel to work in his foul mood, it was the word 'Ishbar'. He might look unconcerned, even apathetic toward the matter but the guilt was still there, plaguing him day and night. Silently he regarded the woman standing before him. She undoubtedly knew about the remorse he silently bore. It was unbelievably difficult to let anybody come as close as Hughes once did and he was not sure if he could trust Hawkeye as much. She was loyal to him, it was doubtless, but would it remain true in the future?

Nevertheless, whichever he chose would not matter much to the people of Ishbar and he still had to sign the documents as quickly as possible. He was searching for his pen, which was buried under the mountains of paper when a commotion rose behind his office door.

"Stop right there! You can't go in without permission!"

"Let me see the Colonel! Please!"

The said colonel raised his eyebrows, recognizing the anxious voice as Alphonse Elric's. Yet before he could say anything, Hawkeye had walked to the door and opened it.

"What is happening?"

From his desk Roy could see two guards, each at Al's sides, helplessly trying to stop the youngest Elric from storming into his office. Their expression switched from desperation to horror when they noticed the first lieutenant standing behind the threshold, her face displaying an obvious displeasure. Both of them were still stuttering in a pathetic attempt to explain the tumult when Al finally managed to free his arms and march in, passing Hawkeye before the blonde officer could blockade his way.

"Colonel! Please help Nii-san!"

Right after he said it, the armor opened his wet chest plate, revealing his smaller brother curling inside. Roy was ready to burst out laughing when he noticed that the blonde alchemist was not moving while in front of him, Al was waving his hands in panic, telling him to help his brother out, which he finally complied. Then carefully he laid the unconscious boy on his couch.

Following him, the younger brother was still ranting nervously, "His fever is very high and I can't do any-"

"You mean," Roy cut him, voice dangerous and clearly annoyed, "you have the courage to bother me at this hour simply because your brother has a very high fever?"

"It's not that!" Al said desperately, leaving more damp tracks on the carpet as he paced around. "Nii-san said that this guy-"

"Colonel, he's awake."

At Hawkeye's calm notification, the colonel felt both victorious and angry. He was about to raise his hand and burn the two alive when a gasp was heard coming from the older Elric. He turned around and was greeted by a pair of golden eyes burnt by rage and, implausibly, fright. They were looking directly at him, ignoring the rest of occupants in the room. By some means, the stare froze Roy to his place; he had seen it only too often during the most dreadful stage of his life, the Ishbar war. It was the look countless innocent children and women gave him, a rebellious look piteously marred with fear.

The others might have noticed it too since no one moved when all of a sudden the Fullmetal clasped both of his hands together. Fortunately, unlike his duel with the Elric before, the colonel reacted fast this time and instantly recognized the method Edward habitually used when he was about to perform a transmutation. Impulsively he pulled one of his gloves off and tossed it to the floor, creating a massive stone wall between the Fullmetal and himself along with his crews.

His spontaneous decision proved to be invaluable when sharp tips of many lances burst through the wall, scratching his face in process. For a moment, the colonel felt unable to move. The lethal attack was clearly aimed at him, but despite his constant jokes about the height of the blonde boy, he could not find a sensible motive of why the Fullmetal would wish to kill him. It was ridiculous to think that he deserved to be killed just because he –no matter how frequent– had confirmed a fact that the young alchemist suffered a serious lacking in the height division.

The sound of Hawkeye behind him pulling out her pistol snapped him out of his thought, as Al ran to the other side of the wall. After a while judging the possibility of him receiving a deathblow once he showed his face, Roy decided to see the boy anyway. Besides, he really needed to see how bad the destruction Edward had actually inflicted on his beloved office.

Any thought considering the budget of any necessary reconstruction fled out of his mind when once again, his eyes met them of the Elric. If the stare had stunned him before, he hardly could describe his shock when Edward, upon seeing his face, screamed desperately.

"Don't get near me, you rapist!"

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Notes: Another attempt of an FMA's fic! I simply can't miss this pairing! XD As for the story, basically Ed has his memory replaced with a new one and now what he remembers is that Roy has raped him in the past. I will explain more in the next chapter, so please review! Thanks for reading, folks!

Second Note: I think I need a beta-reader since grammar is not my strong point. Anyone?